The Starlit Tavern


Aug 19, 2020
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The Starlit Tavern
Resurrection of Elven Culinary


The Starlit Tavern, the first of Elven taverns in pursuit of reviving the glory and quality of Elven Culinary. Be it a drink, a rest, a dinner or a snack, it is essential such is spent with upmost comfort and quality at any time, in any weather. The Tavern and it's employee's will be waiting for you to enjoy the finest dishes, drink and delicacies Enarion can serve to you.


The Starlit Tavern and the Elva of the South value quality above all, and thus, served with only handpicked Glarynnari recipes and drinks of upmost quality and taste.

Night Wine
Dark, sweet, blackberry mixed red wine. Rich in taste and texture.

Pearl Wine
Wine of sweet. Rich with vanilla and the purest of white grapes.

Vanilla Flower Tea
Tea to enjoy, packed with a strong sweet taste of vanilla and leaves of citrus trees. Lack of tastes of Herbal Teas.

Herb packed, alcoholic and a strong concoction, reminiscent that of medical drinks, lacking the unpleasantness which usually comes with those.

Stargazer's Bounty
Sea-food stew of the highest quality. Packed with the freshest fish, crustaceans and spices.

Crew Pizza
A large pie of crispy dough, dressed with tomato paste and special cheese, coated with sea-food. Excellent for a group of people.

Glarynnari Butter Tarts
Elven Dessert packed with a gooey sweet taste, excellent for any ages and after every dish

Eastern Strawberry Danish
Strawberry added dessert. Packed with finest fruits and syrup. Excellent with a warm drink.

Smoked Maple Brisket
Fatty and robust cuts of brisket, coated with a honey based, spicy sauce. Served with the freshest of garlic flatbread.

Morning's Elegance
Creamy, soft and a custard like porridge. Served with fruits and honey to enrichen it's taste. Perfect for all ages and state.

Alyree Pinion's
Wings of best chicken of Enarion, coated with a sweet, spicy sauce. Served on a large tray for a group to enjoy.

Candied Silk Moth Pupae
Gently toasted silkworm pupae with their shells reinforced by a sticky coating of molten sugar. Protein packed and delicious.

Fried Silk Moth Pupae
A serving of crispy, salted, butter-toasted silk moth pupae. Excellent as a snack, high in protein and nutrients.

Judgement Fish
Bowl of vegetables and a special fish. Made by the best of the best chef's of all Enarion. It be prepared poorly, the eater may suffer grave consequences.

Drinks more known to Enarion are served as well along with some pies and desserts.
Customer's Rules
Safety of all within the Tavern is in the interest of all, to make sure none fall in harm's way or do what they are ought to regret, maintaining the Tavern as a hub for all seeking a proper time with their friends and alike, or simply for themselves. These rules are as followed:

- Laws of Glarenydd apply within the Tavern, as such must be not broken.

- All Children are strictly prohibited to consume alcoholic beverages and the Fish of Judgement.

- Masks and Headgear are considered as unethical and worrisome to the customers, thus not typically allowed to be worn.

- Usage of weaponry in the Tavern is prohibited.

- Disturbing the peace of the tavern's patrons will result in a warning or removal from the Tavern

- Causing damage to the tavern and it's furniture will result in a monetary fee depending on the damage done

- Throwing food is highly annoying for those taking their time cleaning after you, as such - not allowed and may result in getting kicked out.


Employment Introduction
It is expected at the Starlit Tavern that the workers of the tavern follow up to the quality that is maintained with the environment, dishes and drinks. It is important that you serve anyone of any race with respect, as to also grant the customers more entertainment while waiting for their order, it is advised to cook the dish in front of it's customers if that is asked for. Payment is handled by a split of gains, half going to the ingredients necessary for the dishes and drinks served at the Tavern.

Depending on the mood, you advised to ask the customer if they prefer cooking rp with their order. It is highly advised such roleplay is of decent quality.

- It is required for the Tavern's employee's to put in effort into their emotes to make sure the roleplay remains at a decent quality.

- More details can be found out by contacting Mezameta#0303 on discord
Future edits are possible, as such, help with post will be credited.
- rekodile [For helping with the menu and most of the images on the post]



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