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Jul 23, 2020
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A feeling - That is what it was. Staring in the mirror, Bailor pressed her hands to her face with deep concern; She could feel something was wrong with it, for some reason. Something was wrong. She would fix her hair, curl her lashes with a comb smaller than a thimble, and powder her eyes with kohl,

.. but something felt wrong, yet still. A deep, unsettling sensation bubbled in her chest. It was then that Bailor heard a sound; A sound not unlike heavy breathing through fabric, drawn out and cold. Her vision grew spotty, and her chest heavy as the sound of scraping echoed on her door.

Turning about, Bailor came to a realization; oh, that’s what the bad feeling was for.



A magical feeling all mortals have - a feeling of ‘majesty’. Naturally, magic gathers in all places; In oneself, in the world, and in people, this much is known. Much like a splotch of color on a canvas, however, it is nothing alone. In a whole composition, the “painting” becomes grandiose and beautiful, a collective expression on a canvas. The same metaphor applies to magical essence, this idea of a composition being titled “Majesty”.

Sensing Majesty is a thing all creatures are capable of and is a facet of life often overlooked by those same creatures as simply something they are capable of; Just like how mortals taste, see, and hear. Some more capable than others, the Sixth Sense in Mortals is extremely subtle. Hardly ever does it show visibly or with any conscious recognition from the person feeling it; The feeling of amazement at seeing a divine creature, or a massive oak on a hill surrounded by sunflowers is never accompanied with an idea of specific acknowledgement of the sense, but instead the feeling itself.

Sensing Majesty

Staring down dark halls and feeling dread crawl into your skin as a wraith slowly stalks you from behind, or feeling a sense of awe looking upon a massive mountain valley, the sun washing it with warmth - All of this is an expression of the Mortal’s weak Sixth Sense, recognizing and feeling the massive presence of magic.

This sensing is done in different ways - Some creatures or peoples may naturally bear a connection to majesty, and are capable of seeing it with their very eyes as colors or waves of textures. Others may feel it in their heart, driven to crying from beauty or terror. Manifesting in people, as well, though far less accurately and far less powerfully considering the shortness of mortal lives, it changes shape by the person it inhabits.


  • All Mortals are born with a natural, weak Sixth Sense which grows duller with age, the exception to this being elves and other long-lived races.
    • Other forms of the Sixth Sense, such as Sacrosense or Witchsight, must be acquired through means of roleplay or events.
  • The Sixth Sense does not inform people of magical creatures, specific presences, effects, or otherwise, to any tangible or decipherable degree. A cursed artifact, for example - should an Event Team member say so, - may have a ‘bad feeling’ or otherwise, but no more; Even then, not all would have ‘bad feelings’.

  • The Sixth Sense is almost entirely inaccurate and can even be deceptive, and it will not ever have a definitive or predictably repetitive effect. One cannot make themselves predictably “feel” Majesty or ‘vibes’ at any constant rate, as it is entirely sporadic.

  • The Sixth Sense, in events, can be used by Event Team to tell players of ‘vibes’ or sensations they get from places or things. This is not, however, an ‘ability’ or ‘skill’ to be activated, more like a preternatural sense.
    • This includes things like feeling a “Divine cleanliness” around a shrine, or a “dread” around graves.
— Other Forms of the Sixth Sense —

The natural connection Dragons and Dragonkind bear to magic affords them a sight beyond sight; They can see magical auras, the colors, fields, and threads of magic made bare to see. Considered the most superior form of Sixth Sense, they can see things both visible, not, and moreover.

A blessed ability which allows a person to sense demonic or celestial creatures; Seeing even the invisible, they are gifted with the ability to see demons, holy entities, ghosts, phantoms, and more. This is often torturous to the sane, however, as they can not just hear, but also see tormented or undying souls forever.

A power titularly attributed to witches and warlocks, this, also called ‘Magesight’, is a catch-all term for the ability to see raw magic and its motion. It’s rare, incredibly so, and indiscernible in people, but manifests as waves, shapes or colors unique to the perception and sensation of the person it manifests in.

Divination [LINK]
The freakish power to understand and process feelings and emotions beyond a level of others - often unconsciously, noting patterns and disruptions therein, and feel it in a strange, abstract, extremely spiritual sense - Unexplainable to them, deviations in emotional patterns often attributed to magic.
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