The Scavenger's Bout, 51 AC

Jun 7, 2020
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The Scavenger's Bout
To all skilled warriors of Enarion, once again will there be a test of skill and arms be hosted in the city of Tor Ascara. However, this will not follow the traditional format of a tournament. Instead, the rules will be switched up. Each combatant starts with no armor or weaponry, and they must find weaponry, armor and other supplies hidden throughout the city. The last one standing shall be the victor and take home a magnificent prize!

- The first 10 seconds are a grace period in which participants are not allowed to hit eachother.
- Fighters must leave their belongings in lockers provided by the organisation.
- Fighters will have nothing on their person when the competition begins.
- Weapons, armour and other supplies may be gathered throughout the city. Having outsiders smuggle in items is forbidden.
- Opponents must be knocked down, but may not be executed. Medical staff may attend to downed opponents. (aka rev ppl you down if you can, if not, they must call for an overseeing mod)
- Teaming is strictly forbidden. Participants seen making teams with other participants will be disqualified.

This event will take place at 6 PM EST, Saturday 26th of June. Show up beforehand to get your stuff situated!
Also, anyone can come, not just citizens. Spectating is allowed and will be proved with special viewing spots.


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