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May 24, 2020
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The Royal Household
22nd of Midyear, 17 AC
The Royal House of de Retford with the constant ongoings of the palace requires the hard work of servants and laborers to keep the household going. While most who live in the palace are constantly dealing with matters regarding Rheynland, it is the duty taken up by the servants and other members of the Household that keep the day-to-day functions running smoothly.​
The staffers and attendees of the palace receive a lump sum of 75 silver per year for their work. Those who work in the Royal Household are also able to receive room and board within the palace, with their meals taken care of. Uniforms are also given to servants if requested. If serving in the Royal Household interests you, reach out to Meredith de Retford! (Cepheid#9520)​

Lord King
The Lord King Richard Luc de Retford is responsible for overseeing the Kingdom as a whole. It is he who handles both domestic and foriegn affairs and has final say over everything. He is the one to choose either the Chamberlain or Lady Queen to oversee the affairs of the Royal Household beneath him. The Lord King is seen as generous to his subjects, equipping them with whatever needed to make their lives easier.​
The Chamberlain Lady Meredith de Retford, along with the other duties of Chamberlain, is responsible for managing the Royal Household for the Lord King. She is responsible for appointing members of the Royal Household as staffers and servants, finding what job fits best with each person. Lady Meredithโ€™s duty is to ensure all is organized and moving smoothly within the household.​
The Attendees are responsible for managing their respective areas of the household and reporting back to the Chamberlain with their needs. They are also responsible for training and upkeep the staffers of the Royal Household. The Attendees are there to ensure that the rest of the servants are kept happy while working and are well compensated for their work.​
The Ladies-In-Waiting are meant to assist the Lady Queen and Princesses with whatever they need. More often than not, they are close friends to the Queen and Princesses rather than servants. While they can be servants, most of the time they simply offer companionship to the females of the house.​


The Pages are tasked with learning from the nobles and acting as assistants to their jobs, whether it be writing notes, delivering letters, or training to take over a job. Pages are oftentimes younger and are in training to take over the job of being an Attendee.​

The job of cooks is to work in the kitchens and prepare meals for the Royal Household, it is also their responsibility to cook for feasts and other festivities. They prepare all sorts of meals from baked pastries to roasts.​

The servants of the palace handle the general duties of cleaning and organization. They keep the rooms and offices of the palace tidy. The servants also serve food and drinks during festivities or mealtimes. Some servants tend to fireplaces, others act as bookkeepers for the archives, it truly depends on what the person specializes in and is best at.


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