The Order of Saint Alba


Nov 27, 2020
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Order of Saint Alba

"Into darkness, unafraid"

The present-day crusaders of Promdor carry a long past with the formal name of their order, the Holy Military Order of the Enarion House of Saint Alba of Promdor. In the age before the calamity, the story of Alba of Promdor's victory over the Elder Lich Markuh was known amongst many. The first crusaders of the Order of Saint Alba were elite servicemen in her army, founding the Order in her respect. They introduced a set of values, principles, and rules to their members, ensuring their livelihood for centuries of time. A crusader shouldn't expect praise for their actions as their holy war is done out of devotion, not out of greed. Saint Alba strongholds used to be scattered across the lands of Enarion, ensuring its protection against the undead. Though alas, the calamity brought the Order to its knees, leaving it at only a fragment of its power.

While anyone is able to begin their path to becoming a crusader they must first go through the process of attaining their own 'Mark of the Sun' through trials. No one is worthy of becoming a crusader more than another, no matter their previous merits or status. Each and every crusader is one because they themselves earned it through their initiation and beyond. To begin the first step of their initiation they are to go through a basic training from any initiated member going over things such as;

I. Combat Training
A set of duels in variating forms of combat, initiates are expected to be able to perform well in these duels.

II. History Overview
The History of the Order of Saint Alba, as well as Promdor

III. Enemy Synopsis
A brief explanation of the types of undead ranging from Corpsemen, Death Knights and Wraiths along with their weaknesses.

After the basic training has concluded the individual in question is to be bestowed the first part of their mark which is the beginning of the sun, a circle. As they attend more events as a crusader they will slowly but surely be given more of their mark until the full 'Mark of the Sun' has been completed. At that point, they will be recognized as full-fledged crusaders of the Order of Saint Alba.


The training of a crusader will aim to make sure that they are proficient with their select weapon and can use it to its upmost effectiveness. Trainings can range from a variety of exercises, such as hand-to-hand duels or friendly skirmishes. Brute force gets someone nowhere, another important factor in training being the research conduct on monsters in order to find the best ways to combat them on the field.
OOC: There are two types of combat ranging for the main focus in the crusaders being CRP though PVP is also done in order to keep people well versed.


Despite there being different ranks in the Order of Saint Alba, have members are entitled to the same treatment regardless of their time spent in service and what they have done. Each and every fully-fledged crusader is capable of conducting an initiation for those in need of the basic training for their initiation. When a crusader first becomes initiated in the Order of Saint Alba, they are branded with the sun. In order to advance in rank, one must be qualified to receive an additional Mark of the 'Mark of the Sun', which is placed next to primary branding or bage. Paladins, save for advancement from Patrol Leader to Paladin, are able to give additional Marks to those seeking promotion after they pass an 'exam'. These exams will be different for each rank.

Marshal V
A veteran Paladin tasked with the position of leading the crusaders, their years of experience are immense compared to the other members of the Order of Saint Alba. The Marshal’s responsibilities range from recruiting new crusaders to leading the defence of Promdor in times of war.

Paladin IV
Elite Crusaders with experience in all modes of combat, trusted with assisting in the leadership of the Promdor military. Paladins are promoted from Patrol Leader by the Marshal. Responsible for specifically overseeing the Patrol Leaders and assigning Initiates to other Crusaders.

Crusader Patrol Leader III
Experienced in most forms of combat, they have permission to lead patrols and trusted by the Paladins. This has to be something agreed upon among the Paladins. Responsible for helping Initiates learn and overseeing their squad of Crusaders and Initiates.

Crusader II
This rank is given to those that have proven their skill to be competent at combat, those that have showed up to trainings, and those that have provided service to the people of Promdor. Responsible for helping Initiates learn.

Crusader Initiate I
Those that pass the first initiation are given this rank. Generally, Initiates are new to Promdor and are not too experienced with the forms of combat yet. When an Initiate joins, they are assigned to a specific Crusader or Crusader Patrol Leader to help them learn the ropes.


I. Faith

I will believe the church's teachings and perform the duties expected of me by the church as long as they do not conflict with the code placed upon of me.

II. Humility
I will show bravery in the face of evil, safeguarding the weak and defenceless against all odds and submitting to the higher power of the church.

III. Chasity
I will remain pure for all my days as a crusader, abstaining from unorderly actions while actively performing duties and resisting temptation from the unholy.

IV. Charity
I will not question the act of charity to the church and the people of Enarion, Instead, I will do so willingly and offer up my life if it meant protecting them.

V. Valor
I will show honour and valour in service of my nation with my words remaining true and all promises being kept and not forsaken in the name of Saint Alba and her people.

VI. Patience
I will show forgiveness and mercy to those who have sinned, even if the person in question has accepted an unholy power into their heart. They will be shown the mercy of release and their soul will be cleansed before being sent onto their next life.

VII. Justice
I will remain the pinnacle of justice as a crusader by making sure the highest character and integrity are evident in order to inspire excellence in others. My word is not law as I am only a messenger for the will of the church.

I scrambled this together because practically, it should've been out when the Order of Saint Alba was first created back in 15 AC. Expect some grammar issues, spelling mistakes, repetition, grammar issues, etc.
@AdventureApollo - Shitty History + Organization
@IncognitoOtter - Branding consultation
@SaviourTehBear - Nearly all the writing/general ideas.
@Hercules - Cool format that I stole without asking for permission
@AlbinoFlyingRhino - Crusader Mark of the Sun (Might of confused them with Holly)


Oct 11, 2020
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Special thanks to
AdventureApollo. SUPER BASED always pumping out this stuff for the nation
FlyingAlbinoRhino. She did the mark images <3
SaviourTheBear for being the first paladin/crusader who helped with the marks meaning.
AGiantPie for helping me make and get Promdor Approved
Last but Not least
Thank you all :)


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