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Upon a dainty hill, an Annumara would grow - its roots sturdy, a Kingdom will follow.
The waters around will continue to flow - defenders of Aellen, glory they must bestow.


History of Lothelia
Ways of Lothelia
The Ailuil
Ranks of Lothelia
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History of Lothelia

The Order of Lothelia officially began with the enrollment of the 101st Cadets. The 101st Cadets were a large group of initiate soldiers, who undertook the Elven boot camp from 0 A.C. until their graduation in 1 A.C. During this time, the Marshal was an elf named Nardual Aeleth, who operated the 101st Cadet’s boot camp alongside Commanders Virion, Alayris, Haduin, and Vaegon. Over the course of the year long boot camp, the 101st Cadets transformed from the bumbling citizens they joined as, to become quick to act, attentive soldiers. A graduation was held within the courtyard of the Tower of Ascara, the Ascari palace, to commemorate each of the 101st Cadets that had garnered enough points to pass.

From the year 1 A.C. to 2 A.C., the 102nd Cadets had been recruited and fulfilled their boot camp. It was the year 2 A.C. when the Order of Lothelia had carried out their first military operation. Joining forces with the Kingdom of Westholm , the two armies commenced a raid upon the Kingdom of Ordheim. The cause of this raid was reported as alleged banditry coming from the Dwarven Kingdom, pouring into the Elven and Human territories. The Dwarven King at this time, Thorsten Bronzebeard, refuted these claims. The city of Ordheim was nigh impenetrable, leaving both forces with minimal casualties.

War between the Elven and Human forces and the Dwarven forces had been avoided due to King Thorsten Bronzebeard’s sacrifices, however upon the year 3 A.C. tension had grown between the former allies of the Kingdom of Tor Ascara and the Kingdom of Westholm. The Elven Queen at the time, Niserie Lumithiel, had supposedly grown weary of waiting for the Kingdom of Westholm to sign an official defensive pact. Conspiracies began to brew within the Kingdom of Tor Ascara, and with the formation of the Kingdom of Helheim, the Order of Lothelia was called to aid in the raid of Westholm. The Ascari and the Helheimers had scaled the cobblestones wall of Westholm, decisively winning, beginning a year long conflict. Months after the raid on Westholm, the Order of Lothelia along with soldiers of the Kingdom of Helheim were tasked with the duty of defending Tor Ascara from Holmish raid. Despite having a significant infantry advantage, the Holmish Army of the Lion had held a superior angle upon the western side of Tor Ascara. The Order of Lothelia saw a decisive trade upon a charge by the Army of the Lion. Following the defeat within the walls of Tor Ascara, the Order of Lothelia was instructed to remove itself from the Holmish-Helheim conflict, and the Elven people saw peace for a time.

Come the year 5 A.C., the city of Tor Ascara saw conflict yet again. The Principality of Vlachia had shown aggression towards the Elven people, to them as revenge against alleged enslavement of their people many years ago. During the dead of night, the Order of the Golden Sun had rode into the Elven capital, surprising the Order of Lothelia. Outnumbered and outgeared, the Order of Lothelia held underneath the Tower of Ascara. Months later, a counter raid was held against the Vlachian city of Grozny. The Order of Lothelia stormed their way into the city, and kept the Vlachian soldiers within their fortress. Come morning, the Vlachians committed to a valiant charge, but the Order of Lothelia held and decisively won the raid.

Only a few short years after the decisive victory on Grozny, the people of Vlachia saw a large dwindle of numbers, their military injured beyond healing. No longer would bandits irk the citizenry of The Elven Kingdom, yet a larger, more organic threat awaited them in the dense Northern Forest. The year of 8 A.C. arrives, thickened roots of bark crawling its way to the former Tor Ascara - Elves, weaponed with axes and swords bash away at this seemingly unbeatable foe. Through many rough years the Order of Lothelia succeeds in removing this pestering infection from their homeland.

Yet peace was only a short-term solution for elves within their own ranks turned to Ordheim, not a dwarf sitting on its throne no more - a more vicious leader waiting on that seat. The spirit of Valrond was already known to the Humans of Westholm, many of its citizens struck by the same sickness that struck the elves for nearly a century ago. The plague spread further across Enarion and it needed to be fought not by one, but by all inhabitants of said continent. The sun rises, 14 A.C. and the nations of Valora, Aellen, Rheynland and Nordavik set aside their disagreements and establish a temporary alliance to defeat this mutual opponent.

Valiantly the Order of Lothelia fought, warcamps slowly creeping up towards the center of the plague - Ordheim. Together with the Alliance of the Living they pushed back the malicious threat, wraiths, dead knights and corpsman slain in their path. Such a long-lasting war was not without sacrifice, many soldiers fallen to the dread aura of the Great One. However their spirit kept strong, and so did their blades - after multiple battles the alliance reached the gate of Ordheim. 17 A.C. and the undead stronghold is faced by giants, spirits, siege-weapons and warriors of plenty. Bricks tumble from the cracking walls of the dwarven city, blood gushed upon the walls - body litter the ground as the everlasting sound of clashing silver echoes through the northern canyon. Countless Enari are lost in this battle, but not without reason. The beacon of the Great One, leeway to the underworld is destroyed, severing the malicious spirit’s connection to Enarion and banishing him to the said hell.

Another day of peace passes - the year of 18 A.C., The Kingdom of Aellen prospering as ever, no more fights to be fought, danger out of sight. Soldiers are rewarded with a medal for their loyalty and the Order of Lothelia grows stronger, awaiting yet another challenge.


Ways of Lothelia

The customs of The Order of Lothelia could be described as strict and uncompromising, not unlike any other military regime - yet elven soldiers describe the order unequivocally the harshest army upon Enarion. Formation-trainings are a perfect example of such strict guidelines, armour-clad Elves standing side by side - straight as a razor’s edge. Many sweaty hours go into the proper alignment and footing of these soldiers, not only improving battle infrastructure but sketching an intimidating show of force for those that might face them. Elves may not be as anatomically efficient or have bouldering muscles for fighting, therefore simply charging into battle would be unimaginable and naive. Instead, the forces are divided into squadrons - melee, ranged and support. These clusters of elves delicately move across the battlefield with care like an orchestrated dance of warfare.

Other than formation training, elves gather most of their experience by having friendly skirmishes with currently allied nations such as the Human Kingdom of Rheynland. These battles mirror a close to exact replica of what would await them in vicious warfare. Arrows sling through the air, shields bash against shields, not a training for a faint heart. Outnumbered fights or large-scale retreats are other precedent skill sets within these skirmishes. Fall behind, you will be tackled - overextend and you will be bashed to the soil.

Falling out of line, mismatched or poor timing and you will kindly be prompted by what it takes to take up the responsibility of guarding the Kingdom - a beating stick, a fist or any solid object can and most likely will be used to remind you of your duty. Rarely trainings are abandoned without scratch or bruise, perfection is an everlasting goal that hasn’t even been achieved by Lothelia’s most decorated veterans.

You would imagine that a duty with such responsibility and incredible weight would be accompanied by a handsome reward and salary - however it is quite the opposite. The Order of Lothelia consists entirely of volunteers, unpaid soldiers and loyal citizenry. It is perhaps an elven tradition to serve your homeland either through scientific or military ways. Reading a book isn’t your thing - I suppose a trip to the army reserve will be. It is for the reasons stated above that recruitment won’t be as intrusive and assertive as other nations might be.


The Ailuil

The right to rule the Kingdom of Aellen comes with a burden, the hands of jealousy constantly grasping at the power of such a role. Envious men are blinded by hatred - the chance of wearing the crown pulling them astray, capable of anything. A nation is as stable as its leader, and when the queen ant dies the entire colony crumbles - therefore the King must be protected, at all times. What better protection against daggers than a legion of gold enveloping it. A coat of gold, or mithril alike - such an armour is only suitable for the finest servicemen within the elven walls. A rank looked up to, not only by soldiers but by children and parents, a responsibility so honourable men are consumed by the sole thought of bearing such sigil.

The magnificent skill of the Ailuil is visibly mirrored by its astounding looks. A mithril broadsword as long as dwarves, a suit of armour as thick as a wall and numerous other decorations of plenty decorate the Elf who shall protect the leader of kin. The Ailuil’s head is adorned with a headpiece as royal as its historical significance suggests, long feathers of gemstone curling up the sides towards the top, where they merge as a single entity. Only the most esteemed veteran will be granted the role of King’s Guard, and this is a task not taken for granted. It takes the average Ailuil over fifty years of loyal servitude within the Order of Lothelia to even be qualified for its training course.

This paramount squadron made to protect the king is believed to stem all the way back before the calamity. The Aenlorthier bloodline itself is memorised as protected by a branch of counseling solely directed towards the ruler’s protection. Kingdoms from Glarenydd to Aellen have invariably had such a soldier guarding the gates to the palace and the children of the king. During battles of races, conquering of territory, the Ailuil stood idly aside its ruler, atop a horse or upon the soil. They shielded piercing arrows with their flesh - halted stabbing blades with their blood. Wars never stop coming and conflict is always awaiting beyond the horizon. It seems only reasonable that the dynasties to come will have such a guardian protect its kin too.


Ranks of Lothelia

Marshal: The highest attainable rank in the Royal Army. Their job is to ensure that all branches of the Army function as needed, and at appropriate strength. They are the military voice of the King himself.

Lord Commander: The Marshal’s right hand, and commander of the Order of the Lothelia. They are in charge in the event of the Marshal’s absence, and their word is final. They will be expected to organize and lead different missions, patrols, and training, all while protecting the city during attacks. This is the highest tier of leadership for the main branch, and they will act as an example to all. They shall ensure that the active number of the Ascari does not fall below acceptable

Bannerman: A Bannerman’s duty revolves around assisting their Lord Commander, acting as their right hand man. They will assist in commanding their Gwaithors, and will do as their Commander instructs, directly taking orders from him and the Marshal.

Gwaithor: A Gwaithor is an example of what happens when an Ascari has taken their duty above and beyond for their people. They will be put in charge of their own men and expected to begin learning to lead appropriately, bestowing their wisdom and experience on them.

Valthor: Upon reaching veteran rank in the military, being a clear role model both for recruits, and for battle hardened brethren. These troops will be first at the charge. If in times of peace, any Council member needs protection, they are the chosen. In the midst of battle they shall boost army morale and hope. Disciplined, masters in combat, they are the Vanguard and the Veteran core of the Ascari army.

Malthor: The bulk of the Ascari Military, the trained men ready to defend the city when called upon. Their loyalty is not undoubtful enough for a sufficient rank within the army, therefore they are labeled Malthor and will be called upon in times of dire need.

Initiate: This is a freshman, having not yet been sworn in. Their armor fresh and shiny, and their experience limited, these recruits will be tried the hardest, learning to handle and overcome the toughest of challenges in an Ascari way.


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