The Lumerihl Library


Jun 12, 2020
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The Lumerihl Library
The Lumerihl Library is located within one of the tallest towers in Tor Ascara, refined with beautiful craftsmanship and filled with knowledge available to all whom seek it, regardless of their race or nationality. Separated into multiple floors, the Lumerihl Library serves as a place for all Enari to come and learn more about the world that surrounds them, whether they are an adventurer seeking to learn more about the great many beasts that lurk these lands, a historian seeking information on important events that have transpired after the calamity, or a craftsman seeking to hone and better their skills. All of this information, and more, can be found within the walls of the Lumerihl Library, whether it is ancient books of beasts, journals written by scholars struck with madness, or records of adventures past, the Lumerihl Library has a book for every mortal that enters its walls.

The Library itself is separated into Four floors, each with their own unique purpose to ensure that those who enter are never lost within the vast sea of knowledge that the Library contains, with each floor providing a form of knowledge unique to the others.

The First Floor
The First Floor of the Lumerihl library is where all books within the category of fiction are placed, containing poems of woe and stories of heroic deeds and might, creating an entirely new world from mere words upon paper. Books such as Raice Escariot's Dragon's Heart, a story of a group of mercenaries choosing to go and defeat a dragon in exchange for a hefty reward filled to the brim with action and suspense are located within the First Floor, pages brimming with excitement and adventure. Or, perhaps the Rune Chronicles would be more to your liking, an epic three part saga detailing the adventures of a young boy with a strange magical necklace's journey throughout a world much different to our own, spanning over 100 pages. There are many books contained on the first floor all with unique experiences awaiting the reader, making it perhaps the most magical wing of all others, a gateway for all to discover the beautiful imaginations creations of their fellow Mortals.


Perhaps you wish to bring a few books home for your own enjoyment? Look no further than the Lilac Library Bookstore that is also located upon the first floor. A wide variety of unique books with new additions being added every few years, alongside strange curios and objects that would otherwise be impossible to acquire elsewhere. From historical narratives about the siege of Westholm by the undead king Valrond, to fables of war and famine, the books contained within the Lilac Library are the perfect fit for any personal libraries empty shelf. Run by the head Librarian Gnorf, the stock of the store always refills by the end of the year, to ensure that everyone has a chance to enjoy the books for themselves without feeling a sudden need of urgency.

The Second Floor
The Second Floor of the Lumerihl library is where books that are non-fiction are held, with an displaying a multitude of knowledge about all aspects of Enarion, from history to craftsmanship, helping to illuminate the wonders of Enarion. The Beastiaries of Tauron, an aged series of books detailing strange creatures that lurk within the hidden areas of our lands can be read, for any who wishes to learn of what more there is to Enarion. At Deaths Door is a journal contained on the second floor, gifted by an unknown donor and describing the maddening transformation from a normal soldier, into a wraith that would soon gain the title of 'The Hateful One'. The second floor serves as a guiding light to any who come, helping to better allow its readers to see Enarion for what it truly is, a land of wonder and mystery that is eager to be better understood.


The Third Floor
The Third floor of the Lumerihl Library is unique from the first two, containing various artifacts collected over the course of The Aellen Kingdom and Tor Ascara's history, all with a unique story to tell. Each artifact is contained in a display case so that everyone has a chance to properly appreciate its value, with many Librarians trained to know the full stories of each artifact and how they were collected. The Third Floor also has depictions of various historical moments within Enarion's history lining its walls through paintings and murals, an Astral Sect tradition that has been carried on since the pre-calamity era. For any who wish to see history visualized into something tangible, the third floor is prepared to help grant that wish, to help better visualize and understand that all historical events are not just mere words on paper, but real events that occurred with real people just like themselves.


The Third Floor currently has three artifacts on display, but donations for new artifacts are being accepted for anyone generous enough to put their own items on display, and allow for the reservoir of knowledge to only grow further. Any who wish to donate may contact The Head Librarian, with all donors being credited and potentially receiving compensation for giving their items to the library.

The Fourth Floor
The Fourth Floor of the Lumerihl Library is the final floor, being restricted to only initiated members of the Astral Sect alongside librarians of the library itself, being an observatory that allows one to witness the true beauty of the stars. With a glass dome atop its roof, one can look upon the night sky regardless of weather, and enjoy the wonders of the stars, with an accurate starmap being located on the walls of the Observatory for any Aspiring Astral Sect Member to better study the patterns of the stars themselves, and memorize them for their future endeavors. The Observatory serves as a communal lounge area more than anything else, offering peace and quiet to any who wish to read, write, or study in peace. A quite sanctuary in an otherwise bustling city, the observatory is a place of rest and beauty.


Records Sheet
The Lumerihl Library and it's employees take pride in their respect of the books that are lain upon their shelves, having devised a system to ensure that any book shelved is recorded upon a records sheet that is available to the public, in case they are looking for a specific book. The Records Sheet can only be edited by Librarians when a new book is added, but as stated before, is available for all of the public to use, and can be found attached here.

Link to Doc

The Lumerihl Library is constantly hoping to expand its knowledge, with librarians constantly on the search for new books to be immortalized upon its shelves. If you wish to have a book added to its collection, do not hesitate to place it into the donations chest, as it will be handled with the upmost care and respect as it is placed into our records and soon onto our shelves. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask our Employees, or the Head Librarian, who's names can be found in the records sheet placed above. It is our sincerest hope that you visit the Lumerihl Library, and enjoy the many works that have been placed upon its shelves. Thank you for reading this, and we hope to see you at our library soon.


Oct 17, 2020
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Matt [Kotuhi]#4917
Wow The Foreman said stepping out of the Library on his first trip there... What amazing knowledge to be found within!


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