The History of Westholm


Jun 17, 2020
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The History of Westholm
Historiography written by The Creed of the Holy Light

The Times of Return

In the days before the return of man to the continent, the ruined lands of the West were then occupied by scattered goblin and centaur tribes. This changed with our return to the continent in the year 0 of the calendar of return. The then warrior Edwyn Thorpe, assembled the different chiefs and leaders of the fractured returning humanity, convincing them to unite and settle the Ruins of Calan as one. Thus, was Westholm as a city born with Edwyn being dubbed The Progenitor King.
The first years of the west were turbulent, with our kind losing its first king within a few years of his coronation to a duel brought upon by the then dwarven king who’s court was assembled by bandits and pillagers. On his deathbed, the king entrusted his title to his friend and Marshall, Richard of Retford who reluctantly accepted the position.
The Heir of the Thorpes had allegedly fled along with princess Marjory, many over the years have formed theories as to what truly happened to them, many of which would be dispelled as time went on.
Richard’s wedding to the heathen queen of the Nordyr was befell by terrible omens which the Martyr and Prophet Raymond the Radical, friend of the merfolk and most blessed man to have ever walked the land, discussed with Richard, in response the heathen queen admitted to being a heathen which caused Raymond to annul the wedding. As a response, the now damned family of the heathen queen butchered the holy man along with his comrades, the “King” Richard watched on as his own men and vassals butchered his own Clergy, this inaction had Cursed the Retford line, dooming them to future tragedies and losses.
This incident pressured the Faithful Wiccan folk to head east in order to Settle by the great river, founding the settlement known as Barwic.

The Times of the First war

In the third year of the calendar of return, the elves of Tor-Ascara allied themselves with a group of bandits and cut-throats to launch a surprise raid on Westholm over their pathetic queen’s glory. The attack was responded to by a human raid upon the ivory city, marking the first of many times it would be sacked and plundered. This unholy act of treachery cemented within the minds of many humans that the elves were not to be trusted, and such the great grudge of eons past was re-ignited.
Military doctrine became taught in Holmish society, this began to slow but sure transformation of the foundation of Western society towards that of militarism.

The Times of the First Sin

In the year 5 of the calendar of return, an expedition into ancient human ruins revealed a holy seal. The Necromancer and wraith Flemius persuaded the group within the expedition to undo the seal as it would likely lead them to great treasure, the fools did as such and as a result unleashed the lich of Valrond.
The lich unleashed its hordes of wraiths upon the city of Westholm, but the faithfuls were strong, fighting back the lich and its armies using the Dawnbreaker and with the aid of countless human warriors, both wiccans and nornish. This victory was followed by a raid upon the lich’s crypt back in the south ruins. Upon being defeated, a dark aura left the corpse of the old king of Valrond, heading off towards the sky. Having assumed their foe defeated, the humans celebrated before moving on back home.
Over the following months and years, scouts would often report of seeing a group of undead moving north towards then abandoned dwarven hold, investigations would go on to reveal that the lich had somehow transported itself unto a new vessel and went on to settle such ruins.
Over the next decade or so, the armies of the west would often find itself clashing that of undeath near and around Barwic until its final destruction at the hands of the Lich. Soon after this, a great army was formed, one which would aid the other mortals of Enarion to put an end to the Lich once and for all.
The battle was great and many souls fell during the clashes, but ultimately thanks to the Mother’s Guidance, the faithful humans and their allies had won, casting the felled spirit back to its damnable plane from which it could no longer return.

The Times of the Fractures

Towards the start of the third decade, tensions between the Wiccans and the nornish were at an all time high, the coronation of Meredith the wretched had caused them to finally boil over as the wiccans did not recognize her authority as legitimate, much of the wiccans moved to Ynslee and joined the growing levies of the Duke of Myrfeld and Harold Thorpe, a proclaimed heir of Edwyn the Progenitor King.
The two sides would eventually clash over the throne of Westholm which the nornish had renamed to “Avengard” in order to dissociate its wiccan roots.
After many bloody clashes and raids, the armies of Harold would get a peace, however it was not to be complete as it entailed a half-wiccan be made king of the west. This half-wiccan boy would eventually take his own life, giving the throne wholly to Richard of Myrfeld who was then dubbed Richard II.
The sympathizers of the sorceress queen would follow her and move to Fyrmana, a land blighted by degenerates and unholy swine who occupied stolen dwarven lands.

The Times of The Great Trial

The years before the great war were relatively tranquil, heretical sects would appear here and there before fading into obscurity. Richard II would come to form the Kingdom of Calendale and bring back the name of Westholm for its capital. He then decided during these years to create a human meeting which would see the various human nations discuss the future of the race as one, this however did not succeed as the Fyrmani attempted to sway the Calendale delegates to declare some sort of hostile intentions towards the Elven empire, the cunning Richard II saw through heathen trickery and declined such intentions whenever they were witnessed.
The vetri and their leader also attempted trickery, hoping to profit off of Richard II’s wealth by asking for reparation for raids which none could prove had truly happened safe for a few village fools.
These arguments and bickerings would result in Veldenz, Fyrmana and Vetroy to betray their own kind in order to become client states of the Elven Empire and receive their protection. This blatant act of betrayal would cause the King of Calendale to dissolve the meetings and push Calendale towards Cautious isolationism.
Peace and quiet was however not to be, two Calendale nobles were sent to investigate Vetroy’s reasons for not arriving at a festival which they had been directly invited, as a result. The cursed leader of the Vetri who’s damned name escapes me, burned them alive. This grave act of injustice was responded to by King Richard II who like his namesake, raised his levies to avenge aggression, during the raid, almost all of the vetri soldiers were slaughtered and their ruler captured. He would spend the next year in a Westholm Cell, awaiting his ultimate fate.
As a result of the act of revenge, the elves and their human vassals would raise their levies and march on the lands of the West. And thus the great war started, it would last two years during which over a dozen battles and raids would occur, one after the other ending up as a Calendale victory. The fields were doused in the blood of the invaders, a great trial for the existence of the Holmish people was fought during this time. The armies of the coalition were crushed one after the other and they were eventually forced to sue for peace.
The fort near the capital of the elven empire was taken from them, it was turned into Elfmarch along with the road which lead to it, this war cemented the Wiccan as the masters of the continent and unchallenged warriors. Due to the great odds being overturned, many had assumed the Goddess to have directly guided the Wiccan warriors in their trial.
Three years after the greatest of the clashes, the elven delegates met with Richard II’s Heir Godfrey the Great in order to cement the newfound peace, the treaty was one humiliating for the elven empire, it saw great reparations be given to the human kingdom along with a great many guarantees and such signed. The Elven empire was forbade to ever mingle or interfere with human politics ever again.
After this treaty, the junior members of the coalition would come one after the other in order to sign their own, which saw them too, pay reparations.

The Times of the Great Wiccan Peace

Following the supreme victory during the great trial, the wiccans would secure themselves a peace which would last for almost two decades, or until the beginning of the war against Fyrmana. During this time, a great many celebrations were held, military parades and honors. It was truly an era of Peace.

The Times of Heathenry

Towards the end of the fifth decade, the Tsardom of Fyrmana would see its queen be found often criticizing and insulting the Kingdom of Calendale, however when confronted about such they would often lie or hide behind gates. As a result of such, Godfrey the Great challenged the queen herself to a duel, putting his own blessed life on the line, she however declined, offering to send a champion in her stead before finally ignoring the challenge entirely. This blatant dishonor was met by the hatchet of Usyl being delivered to the gates of Fyrmana. This war unlike the previous one, would not see many raids, merely one during which the dwarves which saw an opportunity to get rid of trespassers, allied themselves with the human king in order to rid the north of the Fyrmani Heathens.
Facing ultimate defeat, the Tsarina chose to abandon her own city and her own people in order to flee off continent, likely to drown in the seas. The allied forces put the city to the torch, razing it back to the ground. Shortly after this, a great struggle was fought against voidal horrors in the ruins of Lothelia, during which the wiccan legions aided in fighting off hordes of abominations which had spawned from violet rifts.

The Times of The Final Trial

Towards the beginning of the sixth decade, the king Godfrey the Great, aided his troops in assailing the lair of a strong lich, the struggle which spawned of this was lengthy and bloody. Many of the kingdom’s troops and their allies saw themselves be killed, but ultimately the lich was defeated at the end of this struggle. The lich was destroyed using the king’s final moments.
As a result of the king’s death, a funeral was organized, during which one of his sons Eadwulf of Myrfeld, was proclaimed to be the new king, his coronation would soon follow during which he would be made aware of growing Wolfwalker attacks upon the people of the West, it had been said that the numbers of the accursed kept growing day after day.
The scouts of the kingdom would pinpoint Aellen to have the greatest concentration of such creatures, and as such numerous overtures were sent in order to assess the treat. During such times, an elf of Aellen marched upon the fort of Elfmarch and kidnapped a child before goring them infront of the gates of Westholm, the elf was followed from afar by troops before he finally vanished into thin air, the troops suspected witchery.
During the trial of some elven bandits, the queen of Aellen attended such, she was asked about the incidents which had transpired to which she denied any responsibility. King Eadwulf saw the opportunity of putting an end to a decades long threat and so forced the queen to proclaim her kingdom’s loyalty to himself, knowing full well she would never accept, and as predicted she refused. This began the second war against the people of the East.
This war, unlike the previous one was much less brutal, though it is mainly because the elven numbers were a lot less numerous as before, they no longer had human vassals to bolster their ranks and were forced to stand on their own two feet. Their only ally, Glarenydd, was approached by King Eadwulf and had agreed to not interfere in Aellen’s destruction. The King pointed out the fact that it was not a war against Glarenydd and that they were better off without Aellen.
The war was swift, lasting only three years, during which only a few raids were fought. Though “Fought” is a strong word as the Aellenite levies had been exhausted by the second raid, and as such they had stopped rallying to defend their own city. The city would eventually fall to Wiccan steel by the third year. The queen had long since fled, leaving her husband to rule. Her husband accepted the defeat and as such became a vassal of Calendale.
The second half of the war was fought by a different king of Calendale, one Jonas I, a bastard of Richard II and one said to have been blessed with lasting youth.

The Dark times

Some years after the final victory against Aellen, the Kingdom of Calendale would find itself dissolving and splitting into various successor states, the city of Westholm became independent once more and was then headed by the Elyaric Order as a theocracy. During this time, many struggles occurred, some against foreign foes, some against vampires and some against degradation itself. The Seerdom as it was called, attempted to maintain some semblance of rule of law and order as the population of the continent continued to decline. During this time, one final war was fought against the Blood elves and their vampire queen, them and their thrall allies were crushed and the remnants of which were forced to flee to some forgotten corner of Zhul. The Seerdom lasted almost three decades before finally being dissolved, the people of the West would opt to move their belongings and lives to the city of Promdor in order to consolidate the population of humanity.
The city was left to the shroomites of Syra’s grove, the guardians of the Solar gate, of the beating heart of the Herald and of the Holy blade Dawnbreaker.

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