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Jul 12, 2020
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The sound of blissful music quietly echoes throughout the building and its pathways in the Aellen Kingdom. The subtle, moderate clanking of glass bottles, amongst the gentle speaking of numerous townsfolk. Inside the building gives off a layer of warmth within the fireplace that lies inside, and a pleasant aroma of fresh baked and brewed goods. New, sturdy, and clean furniture brings you the tavern building, The Golden Light.


In the Aellen Kingdom, awaits The Golden Light Tavern & Inn. Whether you are here for a drink or a meal, to experience our most high-quality brews and baked goods. Or perhaps to stay for a night in one of our finest Inns. Let yourself experience a visit you deserve!

The Golden Light looks forward to your arrival!

The Golden Light Menu



Rique-Manger … 2 Silver
A bready dish made from a mixture of apple flesh, fried eggs, butter, and cream. Healthy and filling.

Cinnamon Soup ... 3 Silver
A sweet stew made from chicken, butter, almonds, cinnamon, cocoa beans, and herbal seasoning. Delicious, but probably unhealthy.

Wild Geens ... 8 Silver
Made of leafy greens forages from both earth and sea, this salad is a wonderful starter meal, with an aromatic taste from various herbs included in the dish.

Beetroot Soup ... 1 Silver

Garlic Bread ... 2 Silver

A delicious appetizer that’d consist of bread, topped with fresh roasted garlic, olive oil, butter, and herbal seasonings of oregano and chives. A fresh aroma of organic garlic to satisfy your bite.

Fruit Salad ... 4 Silver
A fruit salad dish consisting of various types of delicious, savory fruits.

Heathen Cake ... 3 Silver
A thick meat pie made from a cornucopia of different ingredients, including beef, bacon, onions, carrots, celery, apples, eggs, pepper, and seasoning. Each batch produces half a dozen cakes.

Veal Tart With Cream ... 4 Silver
A sweet meat pie, made from veal, eggs, cream, sugar, and cinnamon. Delicious and filling, the recipes save time by combining dinner and dessert.

Ember Day Tart ... 3 Silver
A curiously crimson vegetable pie, made from beetroots, eggs, butter, sugar, and herbal seasonings. Tastes very sweet.

Tart of Beets … 2 Silver
A lightly flavored vegetable pie, made from beetroots, eggs, and cheese.

Baked Meat Royale … 5 Silver
A rich meat pie, made from ham cuts, sugar, marrow, and herbal seasoning. Warm and filling.

Mylates of Pork ... 5 Silver
A spicy meat pie, made from pork, eggs, pine nuts, cheese, and seasoning. Simple and satisfying.

Capon Pie … 4 Silver
A meat pie made from chicken, currants, prunes, quickgrass, and herbal seasoning. Popular among elven nobility.

Baked Mallard ... 3 Silver
A meat pie made from duck, onions, verjuice, and seasoning. Very tart.

Fish Waffle ... 4 Silver
Faux-waffles made from fish meat, cheese, flour, sugar, egg whites, fresh milk, and vegetable oil. Tastes just like the real thing.

Salmon Pie ... 3 Silver
A fish pie made from salmon meat, comfrey, and herbal seasoning. Simple and lightly flavored.

Mushroom Tart … 3 Silver
A simple pie made from mushrooms and cheese. Very filling.

Alosed Beef ... 5 Silver
Sliced and roasted cuts of beef, lathered in a sauce made of onions, marrow, and herbal seasonings. Easy to share.

Filets in Galyntine ... 6 Silver
Sliced cuts of pork tenderloin lathered in a sweet and spicy sauce, made from cocoa bean, flour, and chopped onions.

Cormarye ... 6 Silver
Roasted pork with a strongly flavored sauce made from garlic, wine, salt, pepper, and comfrey. A dish this exquisite fortifies the body against the elements.

Fish Sausage … 3 Silver
A faux-sausage made from salmon meat, currants, and celandine. Tastes just like the real thing.

Meat Skewer … 4 Silver
Cubes of meat skewered on a thin, shaven stick grilled and charred to perfection. When consumed, it is slightly dry though it can be quickly amended with the inclusion of various sauces.

Bukkenade ... 4 Silver
A stew made from cubic cuts of beef, eggs, and verjuice, with quickgrass and other mundane herbs added for seasoning. Energizing.

Mawmeny ... 3 Silver
A thick, gravy-like stew made from chicken, egg yolks, almond milk, rice flour, sugar, cinnamon, and herbal seasonings. Pairs well with bread or toast.

Vegetable Stew ... 3 Silver
A medley stew made from beetroots, carrots, apples, cinnamon, sugar, pears, dates, cabbages, quickgrass, and herbal seasoning. Pleases every palette.

Shroomite’s Delight ... 4 Silver
A bright and colorful dish, made from fresh mushrooms of varying types, lightly sauteed in a hot pan and tossed. The origin of these mushrooms is mysterious.

Noodles of Longevity ... 4 Silver
A warm, golden yellow dish, it is most often consumed on birthdays, in wishing one a long and fruitful life. The noodles are slightly chewy, its texture slightly spongy while still remaining elasticity and stretchiness.

Ocean’s Bounty ... 7 Silver
A colorful assortment of sea creatures, cooked, seasoned and stewed to perfection. The bowl is nearly overflowing with seafood, its warm vibrant orange huge inviting one to eat. Best served with a loaf of bread on the side.

Honey Glazed Pork ... 2 Silver
A fine pork chop baked with a coating of honey, olive oil and herbal seasoning. Has a golden appearance and tastes sweet.

Stuffed Potato … 1 Silver
A baked potato with a chicken, marrow, and egg filling.

Herbal Seasoned Chicken ... 1 Silver
Seasoned chicken with a herb of choice, either roasted or baked. Deliciously filling.

Herbal Seasoned Fish … 1 Silver
Seasoned fish with a herb of choice, either roasted or baked. Deliciously filling.

Apple Tart … 3 Silver
A fruit pie made from apples, cream, sugar, and herbal seasoning. Very sweet.

Strawberry Toast … 2 Silver
A slice of hard bread coated with fresh strawberry jam. Perfect for a morning meal.

Grape and Brie Flatbread … 2 Silver
A cheesy cut of flatbread studded with grapes and sprinkled with fresh herbs. Has a tangy taste.

Strawberry Pie … 2 Silver
A thick and bready pie with a strawberry filling. Tastes very sweet.

Egg Custard Tart ... 5 Silver
A tasty, bite-size treat consisting of a golden pastry crust filled with a sweet and smooth egg custard.

Custard ... 5 Silver
A classic dessert made from cream, eggs, cocoa beans, sugar, and seasoning.

Cookie … 3 Silver

Grape Pie ... 3 Silver

The sweetness of the pie is excellently balanced alongside the tartness by the grapes. With a warm and fulfilling savor to each bite.

Banana Bread ... 1 Silver
A delicate bread made from mashed bananas. It consists of a moist texture and a tint of sweetness. Great for slicing and toasting.

Chocolate Cake ... 5 Silver
A delicious, mouth-watering cake. Finely mixed with cocoa powder, and topped off with a slim amount of liquid chocolate.

-=Regular Beverages=-
Mountain Water ... 1 Silver
A glass bottle filled with fresh mountain water from the highest mountains. A refreshing taste to clench the thirst of many.

Coconut Water ... 1 Silver
This organic coconut water is extracted from the coconuts grown exclusively in the lush coconut groves of Valora. Young coconut water is bottled within minutes of harvesting. Over time, the coconut water may take on a rosy hue.

Coconut Smoothie ... 1 Silver
This organic coconut smoothie is extracted from the coconuts grown exclusively in the lush coconut groves of Valora. Young coconut meat is blended with fresh coconut water to create a luscious creamy beverage.

Sugar Cane Juice … 1 Silver
This sugar cane beverage is extracted from the finest pressed sugar canes. The delicate refreshment gives a mildly-sweet taste.

Orange Juice ... 3 Silver
A deliciously flavored golden-hued drink. The taste would take on a perfect amount of the exquisitely sweet juice, as made from freshly squeezed oranges.

-=Tea Beverages=-

Rue Tea … 2 Silver
Tea made from the rue herb. Can be used as an antidote, to enhance eyesight, and to cure worms. Tastes terrible.

Yarrow Tea … 2 Silver
Tea made from the yarrow herb. Can be used to treat coughs, headaches, fevers, and stomach aches. Tastes bitter but has a sweet aftertaste.

Comfrey Tea … 2 Silver
Tea made from the comfrey herb. Can be used to harden and protect the body against the elements. Tastes terrible.

Maidenhair Tea … 2 Silver
Tea made from the maidenhair leaf herb. Can be used to increase focus soothe coughs, and stimulate blood flow. Tastes bland.

Celandine Tea … 2 Silver
Tea made from the celandine herb. Can be used to treat stomach aches. Tastes hot and bitter.

Agropyrum Tea … 2 Silver
Tea made from the agropyrum herb. Can be used to treat poison, quicken the body, treat stomach aches, and treat bladder diseases. Tastes bitter with an earthy aftertaste.

-=Alcoholic Beverages=-
Cider … 3 Silver
A sweet, yellow-hued alcoholic beverage with a strong taste of fresh apples.

Absinthe … 3 Silver
A striking green beverage that tastes of very strong liquorice and herbs.

Wine … 3 Silver
A rich alcoholic beverage with a sweet and sour taste.

Vodka … 2 Silver
A clear and near tasteless beverage. Very alcoholic.

Mead … 5 Silver
Also referred to as honey-wine, this alcoholic beverage is thick, sweet and full of flavour.

Ale … 3 Silver
A golden hued beverage with a sweet, full-bodied, and fruity alcoholic taste.

Cranberry Vodka … 5 Silver
A strong mix of vodka, cranberry, and orange juice to make a delicious combination. This drink will wake your taste buds as it gives off a tart-sweet taste.

Caelum Family Wine … 5 Silver
An exquisite glass bottle of Caelum family wine. Aged for years in a barrel for a quintessential amount of taste, with a delicate flavor of alcohol, and a savoring, pleasant fruity aroma.

Caelum Family Beer … 5 Silver
A sturdy glass bottle that would hold the finest Caelum family beer.
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