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Oct 1, 2020
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The Free Company

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“May the moon guide our steel into the hearts of any criminal scum! They will learn to fear those clad in black and white.”

[!] Underneath the eversoothing watch of the full moon, those clad in black and white began to formulate a plan once more. The wayfarer was no longer the fruitful home it had used to be, it was time for action, time for change. A meeting between Vranick Montrève and Meredith de Retford confirmed the movement, and change in mission. The Free Company was no longer locked to land, now linked to the Rheynland navy, the bandit scum of the world was no longer safe on land nor sea.

The company had forged their new home, Wiccan Way 3 & 4 now populated with those underneath the black and white banner, with various weapons, plate and chainmail, life was breathed into the halls once more. The building of the unbreakable company has only just now begun.

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Our Codes

“The strongest minds.” “The greatest enforcers.”

“Nothing is grey!” “Only black and white!”
“Luna est carcere.” “Ut ab omni nos.”

Our codes and values are simple in nature. This company of free men and woman are unified under one common goal: To protect the good people of Enarion, and to give those who would defile her swift justice for breaking her sovereign laws. For those who live in peace and law, there is naught to fear from us; but for those who would cloak their actions in shadow and commit crimes in the dark of night. Our steel will sing for vengeance for those unable to do so themselves.

Ranks & Structure

We are a company of free men and women, relying on one another to make it through each mission that we undertake. Those who join our ranks will need to respect the chain of command, execute orders when given, and place their full trust in their comrades in arms. The ranks of this Free Company are granted to those who wish to aid the company and assist in it’s progression forward in our goals and endeavors. When steel clashes against steel, drawing the blood of criminals across Enarion; We are equals. Brothers and sisters in combat.

Those who have just joined the company have not yet earned rank. They will be morphed into a leader, a hardened killer of brigands in time. Through physical training, verbal training, and experience.

Through time, one will earn the rank of Sentry. Though there are many positions within this rank, each allowing the individual access to more arms and armor as they’ve earned it. Until they’ve forged their way to a High Sentry, clad in plate with black and white cloth, battle hardened and to be feared by the scum of Enarion.

A temporary position. Those promoted to the ranks of Bannerman act as the morale officer of the company, the one who carries the signature black and white banner into battle. Though just as strong a fighter as the rest of the company, these men in particular focus on those of the company. Through their charisma, empathy and understanding, they will keep the gears of the company churning.

A temporary position that, through hard work and sacrifice to the cause can be made permanent. A role of leadership, a leader of men and the reaching hands of the Captain. They will train those underneath them, and guide them when company steel clashes against those who do harm to Enarion’s good folk. A great responsibility, in the end.

There is but one Captain. The leader and representative of the company. The one who organizes the missions the company shall undergo, and manages the people beneath him to keep the company in excellent condition. Deciding who becomes Bailiff and Bannerman in times of change, able to bestow permanent positions in each of they so desire. They maintain law within the company, and should be treated with nothing but respect by those beneath them.

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Ooc Information

In essence, we are a group that do large event chains amongst ourselves and friends of the company. Primarily our events are based around crime and bandits, though we hunt the occasional monster or beast. We will also be helping the Rheynland navy and doing seafaring events. If any of this interests you, you’re more than welcome to join.

If you’re interested in joining, seek us out at the docks, at Wiccan Way 3 & 4. Or, contact Reynald_ (Clegg_
_Gaelic_ (Gaelic#2009)

I'd like to thank Reynald_ and Fordragon for assistance with writing this post.


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