The Festival of Beginnings


Jul 14, 2020
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The Festival of Beginnings

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The Festival of Beginnings pays homage to the Droa’Qahna, and more so about the journey that each follower takes within their lifetime. The festival of beginnings is a gathering of dark elves in celebration for the start of someone's newest journey, whether they are a newborn or setting foot upon Enarion from the refugee realms for the first time.

Depending on the size of those who are being welcomed into the world, the festivals scale will either grow in size or shrink. If it is merely a newborn being welcomed, only family and close friends may throw the festival, however, if a large group of elva were to come from the refugee realms, the festival would grow in size.

Although unique in purpose, the festival still shares many key attributes with others, with food and drink being served by the hosts, alongside music and allowing the chance for people to intermingle with one another.

Due to the unique nature of the festival, the majority of it is spent attempting to highlight the beauties of Enarion, and allow those being celebrated to feel welcomed and at ease. As such, the various events of the festival are focused on specific elements of Enarion, with the three main sections focusing on magic, culture, and creativity.



The first section of the festival is without doubt the most entertaining, focused upon the magical aspects of Enarion. Not to be confused with explaining the mechanics of sorcery, instead an experienced Enari will tell of the various unique and magical oddities scattered throughout the lands. Whether it is tales of the runestones, or stories of the many secrets that the ruins hold, this part of the festival is sure to help spark the flame of curiosity within many.



The second section of the festival is focused mores on the other peoples that inhabit Enarion, and the unique cultures surrounding the new arrivals. Culture can range from the religious practices of different nations, or the rich histories of Enarion. Whether it is of the three sects of Tor Ascara, or the adventurers guild and its inner workings, helping to show the depth of the land shall surely help fan the flames of wanderlust within many.



The arts are not something that is forgotten amongst the Enari, and the final section of the festival shall be explaining the various unique structures that are littered throughout Enarion, highlighting its beauties. The guidelines for showing off Enarion’s creativity. Feel free to bring your own creative goods!


Dance Competition

To dance away the struggles of everyday life or even to possibly find love, come dance with us to the sweet music. The best dancers have a chance to win five gold.


Join us on the Eclipse 37 A.C.

OOC Information:
Saturday, March 20 @ 3:00 pm EST
@ Dark Elven Cave

Credit to Ttsim and Somehippie_ for writing nearly the entirety of this piece!
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