The Elyaric Order


May 14, 2020
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The Elyaric Order
The Auguria of the Five Divines

“Elyaric fanatics, dressed in the clerical colours of white and gold.”


The Elyaric Order, well known as the primary sect within the Cult of the Divines, is the foremost religious body of humanum. Its practitioners offering teachings, rituals, and ceremonies born from ancient tradition, as they have done from the light of Enarion’s races rebirth, up to the present day. Holding true to the ancestral ways so they may hear the Divine whispers and receive blessings of the Elyar, or Gods.


The Elyaric Order’s principal aim is guarding the mortal world from Divine retribution through service of the Gods. Being above Good and Evil, The Divines hold no reservations about enacting punishment when their truth is abandoned. Plague, famine, drought and flood, all wielded against us for our failings of faith. Holding to account not only heathen and heretic, but also the faithful who allow the seed of apostasy to take root. To avert calamity, the Gods must be appeased and their Divine Truth upheld. It is this compassionate quest which the Auguria of the Elyaric Order makes its own.


The Elyaric Order holds to few principles, yet those they do uphold are done so with zeal. Treating their traditions as a code of culture, the Augurs keep themselves from straying too far from their ancient ways. Through dedication and devotion to the almighty Elyar, the following traditions are kept:

Tradition of the Flame

A Divine Flame is held within each of the Cult’s temples from which smaller flames, such as candles, are lit to conduct various rituals and ceremonies. It is the place for any member of the Elyaric Order to guarantee the continued survival of this flame to the best of their ability. Should any Divine Flame be extinguished, or a new temple be dedicated to the Divines, the Elyaric Order will seek to light a new fire from any Divine Flame yet existing.

Tradition of Reclusion

All members of the Elyaric Order abstain from meddling in the affairs of mortal states and realms on behalf of the Elyar. That is unless the Elyar themselves dictate their involvement through omens. This, however, does not bar individual members of the Order from performing service to King and country, provided the former’s rule enjoys Divine investiture.

Tradition of Parity

Members of the Elyaric Order maintain themselves as the most fervent and religiously devout amongst the realms of Enarion, but do not assert themselves as any more blessed or divine than other mortals. The Auguria instead view themselves as scholars to the Divines, who amass knowledge and perform rituals for the Elyar. Any mortal proclaiming themselves any closer to the Gods than another, the Order righteously views with an heir of distrust.

The Echelons


The Auguria is made of three distinct, yet intrinsic social groupings known as the Echelons. Each performing its own charges and duties, none standing any greater or lesser to another. The Echelons are as follows:

Grand Augurs

The Grand Augurs of the Elyaric Order are those who concern themselves with the upkeep and maintenance of rituals, ceremonies, teachings, and readings within a Temple to the Divines. Often the founding members of new temples, inheritors of established temples, or co-curators of a single temple. The Grand Augurs establish themselves as beacons to the faithful in their communities for questions of faith or the organization of ritual and ceremony.


The Augurs of the Elyaric Order are those with sufficient wisdom and experience to conduct rituals and ceremonies befitting the Elyar. Often travelling whimsically across the face of Enarion to perform them. Some however prefer to remain in settlements where they can better offer their insights to its local populations.


The Acolytes of the Elyaric Order are those who have chosen to dedicate themselves to the advancement of their own knowledge in the Divines. They are often kept under study of an Augur who will pass his learned knowledge to them through oral teaching. Until they are capable, Acolytes will conduct rituals and ceremonies in unison with an elder Augur.

Rituals and Ceremony


Every faithful man, woman, and child beneath the Golden Goddess is affirmed in their devotion to the Divines in the ‘Baptism of Fire’. This simple ritual entails the scarring of the upper wrist by Divine flame at the hands of a member of the Auguria. Through this mark they are given insight into Mytra’s power, and are accepted into the formal society of the Sun.


The joining of hands of two of the faithful is done through the ‘Ceremony of the Unified Flame’. Which has the betrothed join together their mortal bodies and eternal soul. Should either pass before the other, their souls will eventually rejoin in the Burning Sky.


The faithful who wish to be granted boons, or blessings must, with the help of an Augur, perform the ‘Ritual of Libation’ before the God, or Gods they seek to please. Taken as a task to be completed by the faithful, they are held to completion or death.


Those that seek glimpses into the future will perform the Ritual of Perception, whereby an Augur will extract meaning from the omens that present themselves. Should the Divines be graceful, the faithful will leave with fewer questions than when they entered.


The Auguria and Faithful alike partake in periodic travels to sights of temporal or spiritual significance. Across the world they travel with intent to heighten their closeness- and broaden their understanding of the Divines. Often Pilgrimages are said to bring the faithful that partake on them closer to one another through a shared experience, and Omens of importance.

Spreading of the Flame

The Elyaric Order engages in many trials of faith, from physical to social. The Order wishes to bring all into Mytra’s Light and the grace of the Gods. To this end, the Order engages in a plethora of efforts to bolster truth and devotion across the world:


The Elyric Order receives and bestows gifts of coins, labour, and resources from and to the faithful, to the best of their ability. Should any across Enarion suffer from want, they may speak out in need of aid. The Elyaric Order will answer with what they are able to provide.

Establishment of Temples

The Elyaric Order recognises the need for ritual and ceremonial spaces in Enarion’s settlements. It is with this understanding that the Elyaric Order provides the resources to build and maintain Temples to the Divines, foregoing the necessity of local efforts.

Training of Acolytes

For the continued worship of the Elyar and propagation of the Cult of the Divines, the Elyaric Order accepts all faithful regardless of race, gender and origin. Any who are willing to take up the great task of venerating the Gods are welcomed into their ranks. With this in mind, a letter may be sent to any Temple or Augur expressing the desire to join them in their study of the Gods.

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Jul 1, 2020
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From the day of his birth, Humfrey was told he was promised a life of the robe... a life of service to the Gods. “Ain’t no two ways about it Humfreh, you’s a blessed boy!” His mother would state as she ran her worn hands through his curly ginger hair “Ye bear Mytra’s kiss, the whole village attests to that. Means the Gods chose ye for something special! When you’re of age you’ll join the Augurs of Westholm, become a wise man yerself!” She’d echo a Wiccan peasant belief in the ‘blessed’ nature of those with sun-kissed hair.

And so it was that when the the war for the throne of Rheyn was loose, Humfrey’s mother, hard-pressed to feed her many children, sent Humfrey on his way to Westholm, to join the Elyaric Order.

Pulling up to the Great Temple, he would be greeted by the wise Engarant of Corseilles, of whom it was said he had still known Raymond the Martyr in his day. Welcomed into the temple by him, Humfrey was awe-struck at the strange colours and alien forms of the temple’s stonework. It’s checkered floor still crimson-stained from recent animal sacrifice, made to perform ritual Augury, Humfrey knew. The faces of the Elyar: Tyth, Syra, Usyl and Rema, looking down on him from arched heights.
He felt a pressing feeling on his chest, he was intimidated, yet also amazed. “This... This is my home now” he’d state on a melancholic note. ... Just before a ray of light, falling through the fiery stained glass, touched his freckled face. It filled him with SPIRIT and ZEAL and set his ginger locks alight, as if it were the Eternal fire itself. Looking up, he returned the Sun’s smile with one of his own. And it was from that day he’d allow Mytra’s warmth to comfort him on all his trials ahead: Those of an acolyte, and light-willing, those of an Augur of the Elyaric Order.
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May 21, 2020
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One figure in dirtied robes stared hard within the confines of those flames. Higher they mounted, rose and burst as he murmured to them. Jerome sat secluded within the temple's hall, eyes lost - blinded by that ever hungering flame. His very neck was made unsightly by the dark, burn-like tumours that twisted like roots about it. His very left hand was made shaking and weak, burnt as it were. Though forever he gave his very body to the gods, and to the forever watchful Sun.


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