The Declaration of Divine Rule


Jun 17, 2020
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The gods guard us and the honourable
The Union Eternal.

To all men and women of the Seerdom, it is with mixed thoughts and emotions that I announce the king of Calendale no longer rules, as to pursue other means of occupation and shall be respected for his service with his actions unforgotten. The lands of the West are now ruled by a Theocratic commune. In such a state, the new leader shall be elected by the leaders of the regional ecclesial temples.

Each priest of high enough piety and virtue shall be invited to vote on the new leader whenever he or she comes to pass. The title of monarch of Calendale now falls upon the gods themselves, as no man left is worthy of it. In these times of war and strife, we are brought back to reconsider the ways in which our wiccan ancestors lived, their peasant’s commune of Barwic was prized as a thriving settlement where the people were happy. As a first hand witness of such prosperity, I wish to bring back such an age.

We encourage our protectorates and vassals to celebrate such announcements for they mean the arrival of prosperity and an end to strife. More announcements shall be made in regards to other facets of the nations sooner or later. The council has also decided to increase the wages of soldiers in order to encourage recruitment and the bolstering of forces. Please remain attentive for further information in regards to this prospect.

Xzavier Fultone
Gwyn Thorpe
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