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Feb 15, 2022
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[!] An example of corruption pooled about that of the Balance Plane as things get closer unto The Flux

It has been more than 15 years since the original start of the Temporal Rebellion. 15 years of extra planar fighting, and beings of immense power going through to use their concepts of strength to try and employ a new state of being onto that of everyone who exists. 15 years have passed, and the only thing to show for such being the destruction of various gems, the deaths of Constructs and mortal life alike, and the slow creep of power which the enemies of The Balance are forced to face off against for the betterment of their lives.

People completely unrelated could begin to notice strange happenings, flickering anomalies in the environment’s reality. Things so overstretched that they seem to come across as if they’re legitimately not as they should be. Whether it be repeating stretches of land, places devoid or oversaturated in color, or structures which seem to go on and just float through the air above.

There's obviously something sinister dwelling within the lands of Enarion, something that’s attempting to expel its influence despite being within the hiding. What this thing could be is unknown, however what is known is that so far everything seems to be according to their plans. The Flux of this Plane gets closer, the question is whether or not it will lead to the result wanted for the folks of Enarion… or lead to The Dream.

The Wanderer’s Scripture: Volume 2
[!] The following scriptures would be plastered amongst that of the vast Enarion continent. All penned in what seems to be a pristine blue ink. Any and all could read from such with relative ease.
Greetings to the inhabitants of the Plane of Balance. I heavily apologize for the lack in my writings throughout the years, however up until quite recently I was stricken into a coma as a result of the beasts that we are all fighting against. I am grateful however to inform that the Dewi of this world seem to have done splendid in nursing me back onto health, and for that I want to sincerely thank the Dewi of Hazduun, as well as the other mortalkin who’ve been working alongside me to try and make a difference in this war. Nonetheless, this documentation is not for the sake of me going and listing my woes, it is for the sake of providing information so that you may all deal with the threats before you. As such, let me summarize some of my findings since my last entry.


[!] A diagram of Clothous (Mister Lockz)’s inner machinations. The once old Construct of The Past

These gems, this rebellion, appears to have been centrally spearheaded by that of the once overseeing Constructs of the Temporal. These 3 Constructs, responsible for the overseeing of the Past, Present, and Future, were once just mindless machines that followed the orders of ‘The Constructor’, the main preserving force of the Temporal Realm. The Constructor being a Primordial Spirit, a creature capable of outputting immense power that can force influence on even the other planes themselves. This ‘Constructor’, as he is referred to, was never truly seen by any other than myself once upon a time. He is the person who took me in, and titled me as the ‘Champion of Time’. One who’d be considered a worker alongside that of the main 3 Overseer Constructs, and the lessers that were scattered all about.

It is ‘The Constructor’ as well, who was the person who fueled my being with that of a simple gem. A gem containing a fraction of his power so that I may be able to carry out the duties in this mortal body. It substituted as a portion of my brain, and I was ordered to ensure the protection of this gem for the longest time. Needless to say by my sudden coma, I failed in this right. Mister Lockz achieved this by using his mortal subordinates to rip the gem out of my skull and force me into a useless 10 year slumber. As a result of achieving this gem, not only have the 3 Overseers been able to create their own Constructs within their own image… but they’ve also gotten an extreme boost within their power. Able to engage in spells and magics that are above their normal limits.

Despite achieving this power, ‘Mister Lockz’s tirade soon after came to an end due to the combined powers of others, coming forth and stripping him of the gem and breaking apart Lockz’s central core. This was fantastic in ridding our main foe there, however due to someone’s tampering with the Primordial Gem, it was not properly kept in the clutches of our grasp… and has once more returned to the whims of the enemies that we are so against. Evening our score.

A question which may be plaguing the reader though, is- ‘Why hasn’t this Constructor stepped in and dealt with the beasts he has so overseen’? - And to this, I do not have a good answer. ‘The Constructor’ is entirely missing, or seemingly gone from their duties. They’ve been seemingly rumored to linger somewhere in the regular planes… however not myself nor the other Constructs seem to be able to come across his general location. If he is alive, I do hope that these words can reach him and that he can come and get things back under control if they are as they once were.

[!] A simple illustration of Nowhere, the lands which The Spiral seems to craft, alongside his cyclone

This however, now brings us to the current moment. It seems as though half of the Conduits which needed to be broken have been shattered away, leaving us closer and closer to finally ridding of this unstable Temporal Flux. However, with the Primordial Gem still within the hands of the infernal creatures we’ve much to still worry about. ‘Blips’ from the different times coming through, Constructs going forth and acting as sleeper agents for the Overseers which remain, and other illusive beings within the background that appear to be gaining traction and power as time would move on. Nonetheless, all we can do is merely pray that these machinations will turn out within our favor.

The biggest proponent of power at the moment seems to be coming from that of ‘Knowher’, The Construct of the Present. A being whose weaknesses are even unknown to myself, and the Construct who seems to be holding onto the Primordial Gem at this moment in order to act as a nuisance to distract us all from the hidden Temporal Conduits that exist across the realm. What his plans could be at this moment are unknown to me, however he is a force to be reckoned with given his abuse of thoughts and memories in order to completely disable a mortal’s ability to properly exist. Not to mention the proficient skills in being able to contort and mold gravity into his liking.

Nonetheless, I do not intend to sit around and merely whine and speak in negatives, I wish to fight. As a result, to any who may require me, I am listening. Merely invoke my name, and I will show up to engage in dialog if I am not so busy with the other various blips in the world. I am assured that the people of Enarion and Zhul are confident and able to deal with these issues as they come up, so I want to be able to give back to you all.

That is all I believe I have room to write for now. Thanks to any whom intend to help with this, and for those of the most stalwart hearts I shall try to give back as much as I can. Be safe, and do not over extend yourself, for your very existence hangs within such a balance.

Temporal Rift Progress

Negative Rift Progress:
  • Passive Corruption: 6? Gems Still Exist
    • +32 Corruption
  • Minor Blips having Appeared:: 6
    • +12 Corruption
  • The Constructs of Temporal Achieving The Primordial Stone
    • +20 Corruption

Anti-Rift Progress:
  • The Defeat of Lockz
    • -20 Corruption
  • Minor Blips Dispatched: 4
    • -8 Corruption
  • The Assaults On Knowherr
    • -6 Corruption

Total Rift Progress:
  • 42/100 Temporal Flux
  • Next Rift Check: (( May 30th ))
  • Next Major Blip: (( May 21st*, 5pm EST ))

Hello. It’s been a while since I’ve made an update to the Convergence on the forums. Originally, these were supposed to come out more often. Then the exposition character had a portion of their brain ripped out and was put into a coma. That being said, I’m back into the swing of things and going to try and make sure that these posts come out on a semi-more frequent basis. There’s lots of exposition to the Convergence eventline, and there's been 3 months of events already that people tend to need to get through if they wanna invest themselves so it can cause a lot of players to get confused by what's happening. That's why these posts are to exist to give people an easier baseline understanding of what's happening.

The main ET involved in the eventline are the same, with a few extra helping hands. Emp__, Pyrias, TobiMagnus, and Dimitri_Pesk, however I am the main runner of what happens on a day to day basis. Please do message me directly at Mystery#1104 with all scheduling for events. I will get around to getting something set up. I may not respond immediately, but I read all of my messages. As a few notes:

  • Ever since this Eventline originally started, obviously I have become an admin on this server. That means that I am marginally more busy than I was prior, as well we’re gearing into Finals Week. Do understand that I may have more obligations and this may make events take slightly longer to schedule.
  • If you are doing a very small interaction, rather than me getting online I may just ask you to DM me your emotes through discord or just tell you what happens! This is to save us both time and try to get you responses quickly.
  • At any time, anyone can summon The Wanderer by invoking her name (assuming that she is not in another coma, she’s busy with something else, or you’re in a place where she cannot hear you). Just reach out to myself for interactions or discussion involving such. You do not need to meet her in any place.
  • If you ask for loot, you don’t get loot. Generally, I do not use singular event instances as a way to determine when people get loot. If I think you do a good job in an event with lots of character development, I tend to give you loot afterwards.
    • This is entirely subjective to me, so just keep such in mind. As well, I favor giving newer players and less powerful characters loot in comparison to pre-established powerful characters. This is not because I dislike powerful characters, it is because I like to make the power scaling for this server not so intense for new players.
  • I’ve seen some criticism about the Convergence eventline in general, people wanting it to be more intensive and have much harsher global consequences. To quickly address these words: I intend to do more of such during Summer.
    • Attempting to do such during the backend of school (March, April, early May) for most generally leads to lots of scheduling conflict, and tends to punish people for having IRL schedules. That is why the dynamic as of late has been much more lax.
    • If you have criticism for the Convergence eventline, feel free to DM me directly about it. Any ideas, theories, or other such I don’t mind hearing either. While there may be some things I cannot confirm or deny (most likely because they’d be spoilers), I love to get feedback.

Will see you all on the live server. See ya then!

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