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Nov 6, 2020
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Nickname: The Junk Collector
Appearance: A 4'4 tall dwarf with almost silver like hair. Clothed in old and rusty armor. His nose was constantly red - despite being sober.
Occupation: Junk Collector

Backstory: Crazim was raised inside an within the refuge realms orphanage. His ancestry is unknown to him, hence his lack of a last name. Crazim was a healthy child that enjoyed the care of the orphanage he was raised in. His favorite past time was drawing pictures of the nature around him, however soon he was abandoned at the young age of 15 years, as the orphanage closed due to financial problems.

His confusion and youthful vigor took Crazim down a road of gambling and banditry. During that time, he has formed deep and loving relationships with his fellow comrades. Specifically, Ranka, a female hybrid with elvish-human roots, who taught Crazim various skills related to plundering the innocent, gambling and art, especially the works of Robert Moss.

Soon enough though, both grew to an age where their youthful vigor and confusion slowly grew into bitter clarity of their immoral deeds. Their bodies also slowly decayed from age, making them less effective in looting their victims and conflict in general. As those criminals became less and less effective, the guards of the innocent grew more aware of the growing weakness of the "Sword Artists". Slowly but surely, Crazim had to experience those close to him crying and screaming in pain, which they usually enacted on others. First, Ragnar, then Layla. As Crazim and Ranka were the only ones left from that small group, Ranka asked Crazim to abandon the life of immorality together and settle down. So they did.

Crazim and Ranka left the kingdom they have been formerly terrorizing and settled down somewhere far away. Crazim began to work as a Junk Collector in his town, earning a small yet fulfilling salary. His passion for drawing paintings akin to Robert Moss produced several works which grew so much in popularity, that Crazim's signature was recognized by his former victims. Soon after, Crazim and Ranka got malevolent visitors, a small enraged mob. It came to a confrontation which caused the hardly worked for house burning down with the screams of a burning Ranka echoing over the incoherent sobs of Crazim.

Crazim then left even that kingdom and wandered around, collecting junk to clean the nature solely because of money, some day ending up in Enarion. Merely the sight of drawing utensils makes him think of his deceased comrades and the haunting screams of his dear Ranka. Crazim has grown very antisocial over the years, nowadays camping at various ruins across Enarion, the cities and villages scaring him since someone may recognize him again, even though no one on Enarion has ever heard of him and his deeds. He only talks to other Junk Collectors or Fishers selling him Junk especially valuing the paintings of Robert Moss, Ranka's and his own favorite artist.

This adds nothing in the grand scheme of things. However, it never hurts to detail even the most insignificant of characters. Surely the argument can be made that this NPC is not even supposed to have any lore - merely for fishermen to gain a decent salary. I may suggest though that this simple yet effective method of making the world alive - giving the insignificant a small stage to present themselves on, how they are somehow significant in some way - does not hurt any of the grand schemes that are planned. A small sad story that makes you think about when you go to the Junk Collector and give him your junk.

Having a backstory like this can give future E.T and events a conception of how to roleplay the Junk Collector - in the unlikely case such would happen! - can help have a central idea about what the Junk Collector is about rather than each Event emoting him to be different. It does not have to be this story, nor do I find it likely for E.T to do such a mistake, I am merely trying to give my part in any capacity I can.
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