The Cochitlehualli Abyss: Atzi's beginning


Dec 7, 2020
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Cochitlehualli, or otherwise known in common-tongue as ‘Dream’ or ‘Dreams’. The pool which we as living beings dip our toes into to taste which could be, which was, and potentially our present. However, there are some chosen amongst us who are more attuned to the three possibilities and beyond. They dive head first into the Cochitlehualli Abyss rather than merely ripple the surface.

One of these chosen would be myself. For I am Atzi, Chieftess of the Atl. There is a reason which you can see my skin and hair lacks color, and my eyes cloud over in these hours we are awake. The Cochitlehualli Abyss mimics our deepest ocean and seas where no light reaches, where monsters and creatures lack coloration but also sight. For they do not need it, as their purpose is not within the light, but rather within that murky void.

For us, the Velnari, we know of these sea beasts because the knowledge was blessed to us by Iztac Coatl. In common-tongue, Iztac Coatl translates to: The White Serpent.

Iztac Coatl came to me as a child.
It was something which I’ve known would happen since the day I left the womb, before I knew what exactly this knowledge was, before I was made aware of the role which I was chosen for.

I was to die that day, or it was intended for me to die.
Though this choice was by deviants, paranoid fanatics, not by the Teomeh

Deep within the waters, tumbling and sinking. The currents pulling my wrists like chains upon a prisoner. My sense of direction eradicated as the cold and warm waters filled and burned my lungs, throat, and nostrils.

There was no up or down.
There was no left or right.

I fought for consciousness, I fought for my life, I fought for which I haven’t had yet.
I know not how much time had passed, or if any had passed at all, but it seemed the moment my eyes closed, I felt my body plummet. The ocean’s water grew thicker and warmer as I plummeted. For I had no breath, but was completely fine, I didn’t have the urge or need to breathe. Though, as my eyes opened, I was not greeted with the familiar void which I grew to accept from being blind. Instead, I was greeted by Iztac Coatl.
I could see Iztac Coatl.
I could see.

I felt my bare feet hit something; it was not solid, yet not liquid. I could easily contain my balance and see the ripples and ringlets around where I had touched down. The void would on occasion have a dull light twinkle upon which I suppose was the horizon if there was one.
My hair floated about my being, my clothes looking dry within the cloudy black abyss.
The details of my colorless skin, tail, and nails.

Then there was Iztac Coatl.
An endless, winding, and curving body which lacked color, white just like my own. The scales seemed to shift, if it were looked at one way it seemed matte, but another it would be iridescent. Iztac Coatl’s being seemed to coil around my presence, its head positioning itself in front of me.

“Tlacaztalli. . .”

It greeted me, in rumbles and waves. For It didn’t even need to speak outwardly, I heard it behind my eyes.

“Tiwithin in atl. Akahtli saniyo amo miak tlapia okatka achto.”
‘You are within the water. Water which only few have been before.’

It continued,

“Otikatkah tzicuehua nik ka ise in tlaihittalli. In Tlacaztalli. Se akin ualnenemi Cochitlehualli.”
‘You were born to be one of the chosen. The Albino. One who walks in dreams’

I opened my mouth to speak but no sound nor words slipped over my tongue. I stood there, feeling the water-like consistency around my body grow cold from my fear. Iztac Coatl’s coil grew tighter upon recognizing the fear coming from my being. For that of a normal living creature, the heavy-ness of the world around myself would possibly suffocate them, more so with Iztac Coatl’s coils. Yet, it was comforting. Almost like a familiar sensation which I wasn’t sure if I had truly felt before, but it released the tension within my core. With the release, it was almost unlocking that of a door, and with the cracks of the door opening, the whispers came with it. Whispers from our huecauhtata, our ancestors.

But, once more, Iztac Coatl’s encased my senses, its rumbles drowning out the voices of our huecauhtata.

“Yoli oksepa, iuan iza.”
‘Live again, and awaken.’

My hands reached out instinctively for Iztac Coatl, not wishing for this experience to be ripped from me, but once more the feeling of plummeting raked through my core. Just before losing consciousness, it spoke one last time.

“Tiuilkeh itta sese okse se iluitl okachi. Cochitlehualli ohuitia teuatl.”
‘We will see each other one day more. Dreams guide you.’

My eyes closed once more and I was pulled from The Cochitlehualli Abyss.
Once more I awoke in darkness. Though, the heat upon my face and the air whipping around indicated I was upon land and it was day. Blind once more, yet dry and sitting upon the sand of the beach. Within the wind I can faintly hear once more the whispers from our huecauhtata.

‘Dreams guide them… They come… The chosen come...’


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Mar 6, 2021
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Floria | Ruvora
awesome post :)


Nov 7, 2020
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Lugash Isilme
Very very cool! Excellent post and interesting idea for a new religion
May 11, 2021
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Aaron Thundereye
Yes yes very goodly


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