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Jul 7, 2020
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The Clerics of Magi
-- The Runic Pantheon of Enarion --



It had been long since the Dewi had known their faith. The portal’s wastes of purgatory lost almost all written knowledge, and the Dewi had lost the tongue of Runes which held the ancient and universal truths. Yet, as persistent as they were, the Dewi pushed on into the void of knowledge, determined to find the truth.

It was the Balzar Dewi, the dark dwarves who led the charge. Through thorough investigation of oral histories, intense compilation of accounts and many sleepless nights and many greying beards, a consensus was formed and the truth, at least what they could discern of it, was asserted. It would now be the job of the Dewi to never lose their truth again to the attrition of time. So, the Clerics of Magi were formed.


The High Prelate of Magi serves as the spiritual leader of the faith and preserver of Dewi culture and international accord. It is custom for the High Prelate to crown all new Kings of Dewi holds, and if there were to be another Underking, a union of all the old Karaz, it would be by the High Prelates’s blessing.

In all government responsibilities, it is the High Prelate who superintends and nominates representatives to enact his and the Clerics’ will. As the spiritual leader of the Dewi, he often takes hold as the senior most judicial official of the Holds, well versed in their laws.

Upon his death, one from the College of Magisters is nominated to take his stead by a majority.


The Five Magisters are the representatives of the five Greater Gods of Enarion. To be accepted, one must be an established Prelate of their respective cult and receive both the vouching of one established Magister as well as the nomination of the majority of their Cult.

The Magisters serve as the chief executive and judicial figure within their Cult, and serve for life unless expelled by a majority vote of the Magisters with the approval of the High Prelate.


The Cult of the Five serves as the main clerical body of the Pantheon. A cult for each of the Greater Gods, each focuses on the veneration of their corresponding Paragons and Lesser Gods, such as Haldorth, Paragon of Ferro and God of Fire. Each cult consists of two classes: Prelates, established members, and Acolytes, students of the cult and the clerics as a whole. Each Prelate is tasked with the proselytization of their respective cult, and the teaching of an acolyte. When they are ready, the Cult performs a ritual of induction on a class of acolytes, who then in turn become the newest class of Prelates.


High Prelate: Urban Balzar

Cult of Ferro
Virtues: Courage, Battle, War & Strength
Patron Gods: Haldorth
Paragons: Haldorth
Current Magister: Ulric Balzar

Cult of Auren
Virtues: Ambition, Light, Archery & Enterprise
Patron Gods: N.A
Paragons: N.A
Current Magister: N.A.

Cult of Gemin
Virtues: Merriment, Chance, Luxury, Art, Ale & Adventure
Patron Gods: N.A
Paragons: N.A
Current Magister: N.A

Cult of Granin
Virtues: Stewardship, Stonework, Engineering & Construction
Patron Gods: N.A
Paragons: N.A
Current Magister: N.A

Cult of Magi
Virtues: Magic & Runes, Mysticism, Learning, Law & Temperance
Patron Gods: N.A
Paragons: N.A.
Current Magister: Baldur Balzar
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