The Boat Back Home

Dec 19, 2020
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Art by David Lloyd Glover

Heidi Braun swiped the sweat from her brow as she pulled the final rope on a make-shift raft she had made out of the wreckage of her old boat. Heidi straightened her back out, looking at her handy work for but a moment before she snapped her fingers together and began to gather up coconuts and freshly caught fish in a basket she had managed to weave together after a few attempts. The woman grinned as she counted her rations, excitement building up in her chest like a balloon that was just about ready to burst. It was time, she was finally going to get off of this god-forsaken isle, and hopefully she'd find her way to civilization once more! Heidi raced to gather all of her things together, securing the basket to the shifty raft with a peppy haste, having spent far too much time looking at plants and eating coconuts. She was ready to get off of the deserted isle, by Mytra! Heidi only paused for a brief moment, wondering if her bottled message that she had sent out months prior had ever reached anyone... She didn't pause long, however, as she knew she needed to leave with haste. Heidi had calculated in her mind that she wouldn't last much longer just living off of coconuts, after all. With that, she pushed off into the sea, with not the faintest clue where she'd end up...



A bottle sat on a beach on the continent of Enarion, half buried in sand as the neck of the bottle stuck out precariously in a position for someone to perhaps step on it. It held a small note on the inside, seeming to be written with the ashes of a previous campfire. Despite this seeming inconvenience to the author of the odd note, the handwriting was quite neat. The note read as follows...

"I implore thee, finder of this note! I am Heidi Braun, and I seem to have gotten myself into quite the mess... If you find this, I beg of you, please send out a search party. A storm hd hit m boat, and crash nto a st ind. I afid I wn' but a cple of s here an I' uure if I ca a way of es on m own. Oh reader, I implore of you... please help me!"

The note itself had a bit of wear and tear on it, seeming to have been a bit water damaged... Words were missing letters, and the makeshift ink had smeared in places! There were still some readable bits to it, but it seemed like quite the jumbled mess to whoever might find it...


Isn't Fate Cruel?
Heidi Braun cursed the sky as another storm had hit her whilst she was sailing on her raft. The violent waves tossed and turned, flipped and slung the poor woman on her raft, as if telling her she was never to leave the dark and furious waters. Heidi cried out, praying desperately to the Five Divines as she held onto the raft for dear life, her coconuts and fish had long been taken by the ocean. Heidi wept, as she felt like this was the time that she would surely perish. The woman thought back to her life within Calendale, and the friends she had back home. She thought of Pip, her beloved pet, and how she'll never get to sleep on Heidi's shoulder ever again. The waves only got rougher, the poor quality raft creaking in distress as the twine bindings started to snap one by one, like a string symphony of Heidi's doom.

Again and again, the waves beat Heidi's raft back and forth like a drum. She screamed out, her eyes blown wide with fear as one wave was large enough to send her soaring through the air! Heidi winced, bracing for impact as her raft smashed to bits, save for one measly log. The Braun woman had blacked out at this point, the force of the impact knocking the breath from her lungs. What could've been hours, or days later, Heidi slowly cracked her eyes open to feel the sun blaring down at her. She felt sand around her, her ears picked up the sounds of a seagull off in the distance. Heidi tried to move, but she was far too weak to complete such a task... And so, she just lied there, blacking back out once more... Where had she landed, I wonder?


I've decided to slowly come back to the server, as I've found that my mental funk has started to clear up a bit for the better! I likely won't be on too terribly much, but I'll actually be on the server now. Sorry for anyone I may have worried, I honestly thought that I was going to be gone for a much longer time, and I knew I needed to take a break from some of the responsibilities I had, due to things happening irl with my mental health and other circumstances. The biggest thing was my mental health, so I'm going to slowly try easing back into the swing of things now that I'm in a bit of a better spot :)



Jun 7, 2020
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Vakre Bloodaxe
A woman, her skin engulfed in a layer of stone, peeled the womans hair from her face and the eyes hiding her pupils. Her knees laid on the sand below, and her mask obscured her voice, nearly clouding its true tone.

"Wake up." The genasi slapped the unconscious female on the head, her voice nearly demanding of her. The wrinkled piece of paper, addressed to any, glided down onto her head. "I have your letter." She announced, speaking in the Human tongue.

Let's roleplay together sometime, welcome back!


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