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Jun 12, 2020
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Even in the darkest moments when all seems lost,
one can always look to the Stars to guide their path.



The Astral Faith of Lumerihl is a faith without a deity. The Stars that make up the foundation of the religion are not gods or spirits, but simply are. They exist as a guiding force for those who’ve chosen the path of Lumerihl.

Lumni, the souls that walk this road, are expected to be rigid in their trust in the Stars.


The Astral Prince is the elder of the Lumni, the leader and one that appoints the Eye of Lumerihl. They conduct politics and government related matters on the faith’s behalf within Aellen or whichever kingdom the Prince and their followers choose to reside in.

The Eye of Lumerihl works beside the Astral Prince as a spiritual leader. Like a high priest, they oversee the arrangements of religious rituals and events. They are appointed by the Astral Prince with approval of the council of Resolutes.

The Resolute are an exclusive group of adherents that have proven themselves faithful to the religion and its people, ready to serve its purposes and spread the word of Lumerihl. They are appointed by the Eye of Lumerihl and may work as priests under their watch.

The Illuminated are adherents that have displayed enough considerable dedication to the faith to be considered loyal followers of Lumerihl.

Acolytes are freshly initiated followers. They’ve just been assigned their patron constellation through the Rite of Illumination, and have yet to prove their loyalty.


The Rite of Illumination takes place under a clear, starry sky. The Eye or their Resolutes shall go through with a ritual to discover a major constellation that best resonates with the to-be Acolyte’s personality and ambitions.


For as long as the mortal realm has existed, the Stars have watched over us. Those before Lumerihl still ruminated on the Stars, their origins and purpose. Even without answers they could rely on them in navigating their travels and lighting the path when the Moon is in hiding.

Like a campfire is solace to a worn traveller, a Star is to a follower of Lumerihl. The adherents do their part in interpreting this network of sacred lights in various different ways; always staying faithful to them, reliant on their guidance. Some harness the trust they put in the Stars by reading them to influence every little decision in a day, while others would consult them only at one of life’s major crossroads, where no option seems good enough for one to fully tip to it.

All that is definitively known to a dedicated Lumni is that resolution resides in the Stars, even if the journey of seeking such only generates more questions.


LOTUS - Life and Death. The Lotus Constellation represents the rotation of Life, and that everything has a beginning, middle and end.
MOTH - Freedom. The Moth Constellation represents the adventures in life, and those unbound by concepts of the mortal realm.
GAVEL - Justice. The Gavel Constellation represents the ideals that for every action, there is a reaction that shall follow after. Every deed, good or bad, shall always receive justice.
HARE - Luck. The Hare Constellation represents the unpredictable nature of fate, in both good and bad.
NAGA - Mischief. The Naga Constellation represents the taking of risks, opportunism and the unorthodox in life, pushing to break the habit.
KEY - Knowledge. The Key Constellation represents the pursuit for wisdom and clarity — and the possession of endless curiosity for one's surroundings.
DOVE - Peace. The Dove Constellation represents equal amicable action, and the passion shared between living beings.

HOUND - Honor. The Hound Constellation represents allegiance and faith in another, in lineage, friendship and partnership.
CORNUCOPIA - Wealth. The Cornucopia Constellation represents riches and affluence, as a consequence of profession or arduous quest.
HORSE - Vigor. The Horse constellation represents the unyielding persistence within oneself, and the strength of passion in one's body, heart or soul.


A deck of 30 cards was crafted to further define the followers’ destinies. Beyond the major constellations that nudge Lumni in the right direction, a more defined path can be chiseled ahead through readings, all done through this deck or one like it. Each card represents a minor constellation and the unique meanings it’s been given.

The cards possess many uses, therefore interpretations vary from case to another and only have vague meanings listed here.

TORCH — Hope, dreams and prosperity.
SPHINX — Enigma. Riddles and mystery.
OCTOPUS — Isolation. The experience of being misunderstood and mistreated.
ARROW — Determination and ambition, particularly with a profession.
DUNG BEETLE — Diligence and eagerness.
FISHING HOOK — Deceit and swindling, particularly through promise.
SIX-FINGERED HAND — Intrusion. A meddlesome person or group.
FLY TRAP — Eloquence, stimulation, persuasion.
MANDRAKE — Vitriol and vengeance.
OYSTER — Reticence, unawareness of potential.
EEL — Shrouded chaos; unpredictable danger.
ANVIL — Inventiveness, an aptitude for profession.
GEM — Something unique, out of the ordinary.
PEACOCK — Vanity, boastfulness and arrogance.
BULL — Stubbornness and inability to differ in ideals.
QUILL — Scholarly ambitions and guidance.
MEERKAT — Caution and vigilance.
DAGGER — Sharp wit and cunning. Devious action.
CENTIPEDE — Crude, unrefined speech, thought or action.
LION — Bravery and valiance in regard to life and love.
WATER LILY — Fragility, sensitive to unprepared action.
EYE — Inquisition and understanding/acceptance and affirmation
SWAN — Grace and elegance.
BASKET — Altruism.
BEAVER — Practicality and quality of performance.
FOX — Malicious desires and wickedness.
ALTAR — Kindness and benevolence.
CLOCK — Patience. Simple regard of past, present and future.
SCORPION— Lack of mercy or forgiveness. Inability to see past faults.
LANTERN — Spirituality and overwatch of the Constellations.


Decorations of the body are common among Lumni. They’re not mandatory for a Lumni to have to be an equal follower, but an additional manner of showing appreciation to the Stars. The tattoos are a point of pride and Lumni may prefer garments that reveal them.

Most often, a tattoo an adherent carries is of their patron constellation and takes up a majority of the space upon their back.


The Astral Faith is not free of less amicable mythos. To a Lumni all that is certain are the Stars, thus beliefs and the weight of them vary from person to person.

Still, an old and ominous prophecy has persisted through generations. A promise of the End tells of the constellations shattering and raining unto the realm in showers of dimming light - a burst of action before an eternal silence. The sky shall be left dull in its pitch black depths, no more than a void to engulf any light left in the world.

Nights without solace of Starlight are to pass. An inconsolable anguish shall grip the forsaken souls and minds of the Lumni that remain, slowly chipping away at their sanity and stripping them of any compassion - ushering them onto a warpath.

Rwko - For writing this post, alongside creating the logo and spacer, and just generally being an incredible use to the sect.
Gross - For helping to write this post, edit it, and also being a hardworking member of the sect.
Phae - For helping with the sect, the post, and re-working of the lore.
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