The Association of Westholm Health & Research Institute.


Mar 27, 2021
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The Association of Westholm Health & Research Institute

Motto: Non sibi sed omnibus
{Not for myself, but for all}


(William Simpson, 'One of the wards in the hospital at Scutari (Turkey)'. (Crimean War 1856))

The Association of Westholm Health & Research Institute is a governing medical council of Calendale, which oversees the Health Sector throughout the Calendale Region with Calendale Hospital being the main office region.

Mission Statement: To promote the art and science of medicine and the betterment of public health.

Vision Statement: We help to protect patients and improve medical education and practice in Calendale by setting standards for physicians and doctors.

Staff Roster:


Dr, Albrecht, Reylin, Cordelia, Uno, Lady Frieda, Floria , Aviva ,Azabeth ,Orulin , Chi-Chi , Samuel , Petro

Calendale Hospital will go under new renovation as a recommendation from Uno to transform the new building into a state-of-the-art hospital. Previous patient suggestion has reported that they would be happy with a new interior renovation to improve their patient experience, and thanks to the funds we have been able receive we are now in the process of upgrading our new Institution.

Out with the old and in with the new:
The Institution will also upgrade as a specialist Hospital, not just regular treatments however we will continue to push and discover new medical innovation and advancements to provide better treatment. The new upcoming installation of new clinical wards, and the research wing block. The Institution is inviting travelling physicians, alchemist and many more to join our prestigious team.

Discord Server:
The Association of Westholm Health & Research Institute
Released: Regal Law: Magistrate of Health
Magistrate of Health


Meet the team

“Doktor” or formally known as Dr. Albrecht [Head Chief Consultant and Research Director]
Calendale’s first practicing Medical Physician within the early years- which he established at the Calendale hospital treating patients in Westholm and around Enarion. [Speciality: Medicine and Research]


Art: Villainilla#0933

Reylin [Specialist Consultant]
One of the Residential Physician in Calendale.
[Specialty Medicine: General Medicine & Midwife]


Edagail [ Surgeon]
The Doktor’s personal Assistant, a clinician aiding in Doktor’s work.
[Specialty: Surgical Medicine]



Uno De La Gilroy[ Advanced Medical Deputy Officer/Residential Secretary]
A Combat Medic, serving as one of the medical officers within the Royal Army, Uno has over 5 years in aiding and treating military personnel. New Junior Medical Officer working at the Institute.
[Specialty: Acute Medicine]


  • Employment Roster
    • Medical Roles
  • Senior Medical Personnel
-Specialist Consultant
-General Practitioner
  • Junior Medical Personnel
-Specialist Registrar
-Senior Resident
  • Medical Student

{Surgeons (Advanced physician)}
Surgical physicians have the responsibility of performing operations on patients. Surgical operations examples include extirpative, wound treatment, and reconstructive surgery. Requirements are that they would have to be a registered physician in the institute and undergo training and another exam is required to be completed before being a registered surgeon.

{Doctors (Physicians)}
Practising physicians' sole task is to diagnose and treat those who are sick and injured. They are required to understand Herbology and Medicine within their practice. To join, they must pass a strenuous entrance exam, once passed they go through practical placement as a medical intern for a certain period. Then a final year exam is the last requirement before joining the institute as a registered physician. Any misconduct or incompetence will result in the immediate removal of the institute.

{Medical Deupty Officer (Medic)}
Medical Officers are specialist military personnel trained in basic first-aid and tasked with recovering injured/wounded soldiers from the battlefield. To enter, they must attend a military training and pass a clinical first-aid exam.

{Caregivers} (Nurse)
Are those who are in charge of providing care for patients who are staying longer periods. Duties will include mostly patient care and assisting in ward rounds.

{Medical Student}
Students under the Doktor are there only to observe and learn, under no circumstance they are forced to take part in performing treatments. They spend most of their time studying and attending the lessons of the Doktor himself. Once deemed a potential physician, they will go through the process of becoming a physician.

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  • {Non-Medical Roles}

{Alchemist (Clinical Researcher)}
One of the main sources in providing potions and antidotes used in clinical treatment. They work closely with the Apothecary aiding in the composition of medicines. They also work with the Head Research Director in aiding with new studies for the Doktor’s research. Any misuse will be removed and exiled from the institution. Any Alchemist wish to join with the Doktor’s studies will require an interview from himself.

Botanist are in charge of gathering and the storage of herbs that are used in clinical treatment- they work closely with farmers and ‘gatherers’. They are under the supervision of the Head Clinical Researcher in terms of Ethnobotanical research in the research wing. Any misuse will be removed and exiled from the institution. Any Herbalist joining the institute would require an understanding of bontany studies and an interview.

If any roles interest you, please speak to any team in person or either sending an aviary bird message or dropping it in the mailbox at the hospital. Please bring any evidence to prepare for interviews.

(OOC: Please Rply first before Sending the Application through DM’s or forum posts- the team will try work around the clock in organising an interview)

  • Upcoming update to our Institution
-Uploaded Staff Roster
-Currently Hiring Research Positions
-Updated Regal Law
-If you have any questions please do not hesitate to speak to


Dr. Albrecht ‘aof’ Stein
(Head Chief Consultant and Research Director)


Uno De La Gilroy
(Resident Secretary)
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