The Arrival - A Journal Entry.


Jun 24, 2020
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The Arrival


It has been a week since my kith and I have arrived on the Rheynish plains on foot. The arduous trek made us all weary though most of the impact fell upon my valiant young brother, Karl, who bore the overwhelming majority of our belongings in a sack over his capable back. Vivianna loomed several paces ahead of us throughout the journey, observant as ever of the verdant greenery and thrashing streams that we encountered. So different they are, those two, and yet they bear the best traits of tată and mamă. I wonder if, on occasion, I - the oldest of my living siblings - even have any sort of affinity to them, still.

I digress, journal, for if I continue on this tangent I might very well occupy all the space I’d eventually require to write further - and our story together is far from concluded. The portcullis of Avengard heralded us after what seemed to be days, accompanied by highly-strewn and imposing walls of stone. I was hesitant at first to cross that threshold for fear of what would lay in store for my brood… But cowering, I remembered, was naught in the blood that coursed through my veins; what looms within in me was forged by resilient men who had escaped subversion in a bygone era.

The city’s bustling populace was the first sight which caught my eye, with merchants and maidens traversing the streets seeking exchanges. One in particular, by the name of Kalliope, sought to make Vivianna, Karl, and myself most welcome. They began speedy construction on an apartment for us with much commodity. It is no Caer Grozny but it is magnificent enough for three former transients.

I sit here, aside the hearth with a quill and inkwell in my vicinage, utterly thankful. May the Sun continue to guide us so as it has to the bastion of life and to further piety and prosperity.

Duly signed,
Nikoleta von Vlaculesti



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