The Archon Campaign of Lillian I. Howard


Jun 7, 2020
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Greetings, fellow citizens of Aellen! I am Miss Lillian Isilros Howard. I will admit that I have been a tad bit tardy with my decision to run for Archon. However, I do believe myself fit and excited for the job, and all that it entails.

I will start with my beliefs, and values. I believe quite strongly in what is just, and right. I don't stand for injustice directed towards anybody. And one of the things I value above others is the ability to not only be able to speak up, but to have those words heard, and to have your suggestions taken into account. I wish to be somebody you can bring your problems to, and expect to have them heard, and resolved should you so wish. I've been working to be that kind of person, even before I heard about the election for Archon.

Now, I'm not just going to tell you my beliefs. I think it important for everybody to be able to know not just values of a potential Archon, but the skills. And to have promise of what they will do should they be elected. Such things, I shall write now.

I am more of a scholar type, and am capable of fully investing myself into a project. Not only that, but I can work on several projects at a time. I want to be Archon of Aellen because it is such an incredible opportunity to assist even more people. I take great joy from helping others, and being Archon would put me in a better position to do so.
I can promise you, that on the honor I hold, should I be elected Archon I will perform my duties to my fellow citizens well. I shall make sure your thoughts and voices are taken into account. I myself, of course, will be directly assisting in whatever I can to help all of you. And overall I will work to the very best of my capabilities to do my tasks as Archon, to the benefit for each citizen and the kingdom in general.

-There was a drawing here of Lillian-

To my fellow citizens, I wish you safety in these more difficult times. I give you a few words of advice; Please try to keep a level head. No matter how hard it seems, it is one of the first preparations you can make in harsher moments such as now. I have found thinking things through clearly to be a great help in various situations.
To those also running for Archon, I wish you your share of luck in the elections. I am elated to be running, not against you, but for myself alongside you. Really, all of this 'I'm on this side' or 'I'm on that side' thing can really divide people, don't you think?

May harmony come to you all - Miss Lillian Isilros Howard


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