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Dec 6, 2020
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Aethris Tar-Anadûnê, Aearion Tawarenion

Two Years


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Events are the biggest draw of Fantasy Roleplay’s environment; You can combat the environment, other people, and even hordes of creatures like goblins, undead, or wolves. However, because of the nature of these events, along with how time-consuming or overall painful it can be to acquire an Event Team member SOLELY to hunt a boar in the forest or track a wolf in the woods - Player Events exist as a means to allow players to host for other players and provide enjoyment amongst one another without requiring the input of Staff Members.

Although Event Team will always strive to host grand, fun events for all, they cannot split themselves into thousands to host ten different hunting events or minuscule interactions between Players and mundane creatures; This way, Players can do the hosting themselves. There are, however, rules to this, and they are written below in the post linked, detailing which creatures may be played and when.

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Community Skin Showcase

Made by @Stale

The Apostle
Made by @HellsBelles

Majestic But Intimidating
Made by @Jot_19

Community Interview

The community interview highlights few chosen member’s experience on FantasyRP through a series of questions to get to know them better! We have chosen Odium, Bearshark and STBNL .

What made you come to FRP? What Made you stay?

Odium: I had a friend who invited me to frp, and I have a long history of d&d and Minecraft, so it seemed the best way to combine them.

Bearshark: I spent a lot of time on other roleplay servers that were similar in style. I've always been fond of them, so I thought I'd give this one a try. It looked interesting and I had a fine idea for a character.

STBNL: I heard it becoming hyped since friends of mine were connected to the RPHUB discord and so FRP was this new medieval full on roleplay that I've never dedicated myself on experiencing yet. Even though I was the last to apply the more they spoke about it, the more I was inclined to partake. Monkey see monkey do. We've spent weeks to make characters when the questionnaire was listed and all scrambled to fill them until the release. This is my first actual rp server and so it gives that breath of fresh air, looking back where I came from was a dumpster fire.

What Made you stay?

Odium: I found the community welcoming and the lore intriguing, and made a few friends that bring me to keep playing, beyond just the immersive roleplay experience.

Bearshark: I stayed because the group that I joined was friendly and made the transition easy. They've been helping me along- to the point that I really appreciate their effort.

STBNL: The more I played, gathering the unique niches around certain aspects and communities. I felt like I was in a new playground. I'm familiar with the groups I've encountered. Made me attached to the server and I feel relieved whenever I get the chance to hop on again but that's only my opinion. FRP's custom plugins are amazing and whenever I grind out hours I'd be rewarded with goods (lumberjacking is a prison) satisfied with my work. If I were to leave with the same friends initially it would never be the same of all the knowledge I've collected. I've learned a lot through different people who came and went and it just stuck to me ever since.

Favorite memory?

Odium: The coolest experience I've had on the server was my first interaction, run by the magic lead, at the balance rune. A close runner up, however, was the duel between Orlan and Irandyus.

Bearshark: On the server? I'd probably have to say when my boy Ha-da got his food cart. It was a fun little opening and most of the people from the group came out to support it. Very happy for him and I thought it was fun.

STBNL: That's difficult but within the two year span of the server I'd say the golden age of Rheynland, every corner you walk there'd be at least be some form of interaction. The kingdom bustling with people far and out. The Artisan guild would compete with merchants on their goods, army seeking recruits and every communal type of roleplay you can get. That's when the server was brewing, but now that's hard to find.

Favorite event?

Odium: I've only been in two events, but out of them t9p's spider pve event was p fun.

Bearshark: I have actually yet to take part in an event, but I do hope to soon. Given my work schedule, I tend to take roleplay where I can get it. That said, I'd love to participate in one in the fairly near future.

STBNL: The first major undead eventline, the one that caused harm for all. Unlike undead/wraiths nowadays everyone back then wasn't well equipped and these were devastating attacks that could've impacted destruction. Silver weapons were sought out and whatever conflict was placed to a halt. Every nation had a truce pact in order to go against the dead. Wraiths were scary and intimidating that would effortlessly walk in a city to cause damage. Good times.

Favorite Character?

Odium: For my own I love the development my main character, Anson, has undergone. He's a father and working towards magic. But Mel's Aion has been entertaining to watch in all the scenes I've been in with him.

Bearshark: Probably my own, thus far. I haven't gotten to know any other characters too deeply, but I've been having a blast writing both of mine. Ha-da's probably my favorite between the two since he's the original- not to mention that I empathize with his love for cooking.

STBNL: My old main Siegfried! I spent a lot of time on that character and he's been through a lot. Most major wars, eventlines, and the history of Enarion. Most importantly being there since the early iternation of Westholm>Rheynland>Calendale. A loyalist soldier who witnessed his great kingdom fall in the revolt by the might of Wiccans. His home was brought to ruin and lost many friends but eventually he bared through. With a heart of steel he reforms himself within the new set of society and died peacefully by age complications many decades later. A grave alongside his wife could be seen near the ruins of Westholm.

What do you like most about FRP?

Odium: I love the community, but I think I have to say the lore (which I've gotten the privilege to contribute to!) is my favorite part. 🙂

Bearshark: The differentiation between the builds and kingdoms. I get a unique vibe from each of them, and I appreciate having a place to go when I've a particular itch to scratch. People might not always be at the places that I like to go, but at least I have the sights to look at while I'm there.

STBNL: I really like the custom texture pack brought to frp after the first content update if I remember correctly, it's aesthetically pleasing. Rather than looking at the same plain vanilla mc items over the years I can somewhat change a variant of how it looks and it brings myself some sort of satisfaction whenever another person on the server gets to witness it as well. Doesn't give it an over the top look of how weapons/materials appear but you're able to tell them apart. I hope someday we'll be able to get more texture updates in the future.

If you could change one thing on FRP what would it be?

Odium: I wish we had more players.

Bearshark: I had to think about it for a moment, but probably some of the resource gathering. I tried for the longest time to get a lore team member so that my character could inspect some iron moss and, after standing there afk for a few days, I never did get a chance to look at or even harvest it.

STBNL: Mechanically if a large group were to appear and be introduced in the server staff shouldn't offer them a nation/race that's what I would change. These new bozos getting better treatment rather than the long term players already on the server kinda brings us down. I can see it working out later when they're well versed with the community and grind out the requirements like the rest of us did. :J

What are you hoping to see in the server rework?

Odium: I hope it resets the economy, and I am looking forward to exploring the new map.

Bearshark: I'm actually not sure. In all likelihood, I'd like to see something that I've never seen before. Maybe a system for nation interaction on a larger scale or just some more quest-styled updates. Who knows.

STBNL: Conflict. I'm sure many people have already expressed their concerns, but this connects to about everything. Surely not multiple campaigns but hopefully once here and there. Without a sense of war to prepare everything just stacks up until you have too much. What I'm trying to say is the downfall of economy. Of course you'll have things to face against but it covers but a fraction of what you're supposed to purchase and grind for. Majority the 'goons' are wiped from the server, what use is with the pvp and custom pots besides events? If you looked only at the Calendale had a lot of roleplay there was so much. Unfortunately, some didn't see it that way. Always the same player vs unnatural forces lately, and to face against mortals is but a rarity.

A staff or player who helped you out a lot?

Odium: TheNerdocalypse has been a great friend both OOCly and ICly, but Sukitoru was a huge help in reworking and finalizing necromancy

Bearshark: Artoria, definitely. Got me set up and took care of all my questions. Very friendly and super helpful.

STBNL: I'd say Artoria, wouldn't be able to reach my current level on lumberjack if she didn't offer me enhancing tools far from my reach when I was but a newbie. If I had anything missing, knock knock there she was providing missing ingredients whenever I needed something.

This goes to Simba, you were a horrible admin back in the day. How are you going to look away from a split second from me chasing a guy in the water, look back and the dude is magically 50 blocks away from me. "Looks like he swam from you" Yeah no kidding! gah damn. Even t9p was there to witness it. Horrible.

A small message or anything else you'd like to write about FRP?

Odium: Not particularly, thanks for this opportunity 🙂

Bearshark: Nothing save for a thank you. It's a great community and staff does a fine job running the show.

STBNL: nar sa daal

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Oct 15, 2020
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Morwen | Becky Buckley


Jun 7, 2020
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Fighting a dragon, getting rid of the spiral, fighting Bizarro Keno

Golems, the contributions to the bestiary by An_Dr

Making deals with demons, magical artificers, talking to godly beings, fighting monstrous beings, fighting cultists, searching for lost lore

The death rune being overtaken, a lich that risks life for all

Where is all the stuff we've done this summer? All the things we've participated in? I see player events that've been done with otters or parrots or something, a man throwing a cookie into flames, and one event ran many moons ago


Idk. I think I need to rehash if any of my summer actually happened or if it was only the past few days that mattered


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