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Feb 5, 2021
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MC Username: somehippie_

DiscordTag: HippieJesus#4481

Timezone: EST

How many hours will you be able to contribute to the team? (average per week) 50

Have you had any previous staff experience? If so, please elaborate. I'm LT/ET on another server (CNC), I've written a few pieces and have given thought to the events to come with the servers age.

What can you offer to the Event Team that is unique? I feel in it's current state the ET is already really diverse and extremely strong but I feel I can perhaps offer as another pair of hands, and of course another mind to share ideas and help keep the server seem.. alive. When I first began roleplaying I was walking around the map in the wilds, and an ET member had tp'd to me in vanish, he /emoted one of the servers creatures that dwelt in that selective biome and it sparked an immediate interest in me. While I've had the chance to apply to other servers in the past, I took a major hiatus for irl stuff and gave up on trying to fix my pc which at the time couldn't properly run anything, only recently have I returned.

Write out an extensive idea for a small event, directed towards a group of 4 players. The Caravan
[A forum post linked in game where given permission.]
A rather fancy looking scroll is pinned upon the message boards of many settlements.
“Seeking the able bodied to protect me and my caravan on the way to the Estvo of Vetroy-Zapad
From the Tsardom of Fyrmána, I offer mostly trinkets in which usually I would charge a healthy price for.. But if necessary can offer silver, I have heard a thing or two about bandits and the occasional troll and such an encounter would perhaps be a little more retained with suitable company, Please contact me at your earliest convenience if you find yourself interested - Vledimir du Witt of Fyrmána.”

Once four individuals rather they be a family/guild/friends or complete strangers have taken interest and a date can be agreed upon by all parties oocly, the following would take place within Fyrmána.

Not far beyond the gates of Frymána a man dressed in thick high-quality furs adorning a feathered-hat and a masquerade-esque mask and three donkeys stood in position before two carts excluding the wagon which the driver and passengers would accompany a few bundles of fragrant herbs in.
The two carts behind the wagon were connected by a sturdy metal contraption between each of them, and carried multiple different crates and trunks which held all sorts of interesting yet mundane items, from perfumes and nesting dolls to jewelry and expensive looking blades.

Once the group was ready, they’d proceed some down the road at first rather smoothly experiencing the colorful and talkative personality of the wealthy masked merchant. Though such color came to dull as the caravan was forced to a stop, three dwarf sized figures stepped out of a nearby brush and into the path of the caravan.

Draped in thin brown robes three pink skinned pig nosed creatures now refused to let the group pass without turning over the carts, each of them adding to their threats by displaying their weaponry as means of intimidation.
One of the pig-like creatures which was notably a little taller than the rest spoke for the other two, and upon being denied became hostile.

CRP - any items taken including their custom weaponry would be given after the fight before they continue.

The rest of the trip was calm beyond Vled’s excessive reminder to not get blood on him, and once reaching Vetroy the merchant would reward them with one item from one of the carts and a small sum of silver.

RP items will be made that they can choose from. Including the blades and other goods listed before.
The rest of the items will be up for sell through RP interaction with the merchant who will stay in Vetroy for a few days(an hour or so after the trip) before returning without the need of guards “having sold all his inventory.”

Write out an extensive idea for a medium-sized event, directed towards a group of 8-10 players. Wheel in the sky of Tor Ascara
[Forum post.]
Those of Tor Ascara found themselves brought to a momentary halt as a large wheel appeared suddenly above the city, the structure was made of seemingly wood and stone and were decorated with large blue crystals grown from the center of the wheel, it were those magical crystals which kept the wheel suspended, and any attempts at getting rid of it proved futile, though soon the wheels purpose will become uncovered.

An elven man with long white locks and a whimsical appearance starting from his oversized top-hat down to his curled red striped leather shoes.
He carries with him a long cane which he brought along only for fashion as he seemed completely healthy beyond his cries in which the man advertised his presence.
“The Master of the Wheel!”
The large wheel churned at the mention of the man’s name, and the massive structure’s clock like hands began to rotate.

The man explains the following.

The Wheel and him are one in the same - magical to the core, but seek no evil upon anyone here.
The wheel is a game, and it won’t disappear until it’s been played.
The wheel somehow controls reality on a small level, and has two sides.
One side ‘gold’ and the other ‘dirt’ each side has four possible outcomes with two on both sides being ‘mystery’ spots.

Either side held different outcomes, Gold was positive, rewarding the ‘wheel contestant’ sometimes even rewarding those who were simply watching nearby,
Dirt was negative, though not inherently harmful, often being comedical and never meant to truly hurt someone.
For example
On gold - ‘Silver shower’ where a few hundred coins randomly drop out of the sky, providing a slightly dangerous yet fruitful experience’

And on Dirt - ‘Eternal Dancnation’ where the ‘wheel contestant’ is forced to dance by a sudden loss of control over their own body, this dancing last only for a short period of time and will never indirectly or directly harm the person it effects nor those around them

Once everyone has had a chance to spin the wheel will slowly start to lose it’s form, becoming transparent until it completely dissipates.

The Master of the Wheel who had been a loveable and outgoing ‘Game show host’ like elf offered his appreciation for their participation and rewarded them each with a model of the elven man standing on top of the wheel with a silver plaque that read “The Wheel in the Sky!”

What is your take on item rewards? I believe they're one of the things that serve as both history rply and oocly but also offer unique interactions and or experiences caused by the event even after it's passed. Nothing that gives anyone any clear advantage should ever be given away left and right, but instead things which perhaps add flavor. Meanwhile small amounts of silver depending on the event (meaning if it makes sense, not someone killing a giant bird and finding 10 silver on it.) But overall I think that the items shouldn't be the sole purpose of the event, and instead the rp it brings, keeping the players entertained and entranced for as long as possible, and rewarding their personas according to the rp.

What is your vision for FRP’s narrative? I hope for a server that in it's later years can have a rep-sheet of events and lore to have built an amazing experience for everyone, I hope people will feel as if they can come here and truly build the foundation of this server with us through getting out and rping, a world effected by the actions of each player who came into contact with it - I feel like most people love the ideas of if they communicate with the Big bad Enemy at an event they might say something that effects the course of what later on will be history., if that makes any sense. (Gn I believe I sleep now.)
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Oct 29, 2020
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Katerina Dragić
+1 I've seen this guy rp and holy shit they'd be a great fit for e.t. Their double appends are genuinely faster than a lot of players on the server and I can see them working well! Hire this dude!!!


Jul 8, 2020
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Ilus 'C' Athalos'
This is a very good application, a one that I wouldn't be able to do no matter my dedication.
I will stay as a neutral rating, due to you joining in February but nice application.


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