September Westholm Events


Jul 3, 2020
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A messenger is seen strolling in the walls of the city, pinning letters onto nearly every open area.
Within the letters, a schedule would be written.

Tourney for Usyl
In order to please one of our five divines, The Kingdom of Westholm shall be hosting a tourney in honor of Usyl, The Warrior God. The nation invites Valora and Tor Ascara to enjoy the festivities of this tourney. Archery, single combat, and Jousting shall be observed as well as drinks for all!

The invited nation leaders will be given a opportunity to offer three contestants in which shall battle for a winning prize of
5 GOLD COINS. One member for Archery, one member for single combat, and finally one of Jousting. Continuing on, for those who shall not compete, there shall be a market area to sell goods. If you are interested in a stall of sorts, please inquire Lady Tasia de Blackford.
[Saturday, September 19th, 2020 @ 4pm EST]
Giornata in Spiaggia a Valora
Alongside Valora, the Kingdom of Westholm shall be celebrating a peaceful year with a ever so relaxing retreat. Both nations shall be provided with food and drinks with multiple activities to participate in!
Madame Nysa and Lady Tasia advise that you bring along a blanket of sorts on your steeds for a comfortable stop on their beach.
[Tuesday, September 22nd, 2020 @5pm EST]

Servant Enrollment
Lady Tasia de Blackford invites all into the keep for an informational announcement concerning the kingdom. During this message, there will be an opportunity to find employment as a servant of the castle!
[Wednesday, September 23rd, 2020 @4:30pm EST]

The Ball of Eternity
In Celebration of the marriage between Romund and Kalliope, an elegant ball shall be held in their honor. All nations are invited to dance, drink, and congratulate the lovely couple.
[Will be announced ASAP.]
Westholm Carnival
The Kingdom of Westholm shall be experiencing their first ever carnival. Many entertainers from over the nations have arrived to entertain all! Food, Games, Drinks, Activities, and more shall be at your fingertips. There shall be no time for rest as this is a full day event, allowing no citizen to work! Other nations as well as Westholm are available to attend.
[Sunday, September 27th, 2020 from 4-7pm EST]

Pig Race
For all children of Westholm, The Raymond Academy shall be hosting a pig race located at the Westholm Stables. Each child shall be given a pig to use as they race for a prize of 3 grand toys! Small collations (snacks) shall be given to each child upon entering. Though this is a children’s only event, parents and adults are allowed to observe.
[Monday, September 28th, 2020 @ 4pm EST]

Raymond Academy Fundraiser
The Raymond Academy invites all citizens of Westholm to attend a multitude of activities on the night of the fundraiser. This event is meant to provide funds for the Academy’s teams, education, and land retreats (Field trips). There will be stalls run by students, a bake sun run by Sun Bakery, and a Silent Auction to end the night.
[Wednesday, September 30th, 2020 @5pm EST]

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Jul 14, 2020
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Cadlaouen heard the Consul's dulcet voice in his ear as he swiped at the imported novelty sand stuck to his sheets. The stuff was everywhere now. It had been months since he stopped working on - well, she asked him to build a beach? He had a hard time explaining it and sounding sane.

The sat up, feeling a sudden cold spread across his skin, raising goosebumps. Teeth chattered in his mouth as he stared across the room. Sickly pale light filtered in through the moonlit window, casting the room in shades of gray and blue.

"More sand," he heard the woman whisper in his ear, sending a shiver up his spine, then, just as suddenly, a yell - "Less sand!" The elf tensed up - his knees came to his chest, and he stared forward with a pathetic, childish grimace. He could only sit, and wait for the voice to quiet.


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