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Oct 21, 2020
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Standardized Combat Roleplay Rules

The following are standardized rules that may be utilized by players in combat roleplay. It should be noted that during roleplay combat participants may agree to change up or disregard any of these rules. Additionally these rules are not comprehensive and it is recommended to always communicate with other participants about performing something that is not covered.

Turn - A person’s opportunity to perform their attacks, movement and general combat emotes.
Round - Is the cycle of a combat that dictates who’s turn it is. (Bob ---> Joe ---> Jim). Bob starts the round and Jim ends. After Jim’s turn it resets to Bob’s turn to perform his emotes.


  • You are allowed to perform one emote during your turn and round of combat. During your emote you must emote both your attack and your reaction against an opponent’s attack, this is to prevent clogging chat and keep the flow of combat smooth.
  • During your turn’s emote you may perform an action and a movement.
  • An action is your primary move during a fight such as slashing, firing your bow, taking out/and or drinking a potion, charging a spell etc. While a movement is defined as changing your position by (moving blocks).
  • You are allowed to move a maximum of 10 blocks worth of movement per emote.
  • Using a bow and arrow in combat requires two emotes to use. One emote to knock an arrow and a second emote to fire.
  • Using a crossbow requires three emotes to utilize. One emote to load the bolt, a second to crank the crossbow back, and a third to aim and fire. (Note: You may enter a fight with your crossbow having been previously loaded and for the first pre-loaded shot you would only have to do emote for firing the crossbow bolt.)
  • When using a ranged weapon you roll a d100 and have your intended target roll a d100 to determine whether it hits or not. (Of course this may be ignored if honor CRP is being performed or participants may decide outcomes)
  • Arrows and Bolts have the shout chat range.
  • Miscellaneous throwables have a range of 10 blocks. (I.E. throwing daggers, wildfire elixirs)
Minor Wounds - Small cuts and piercings (dagger, knife, spear), minor scrapes (falling, sliding on rough terrain), small bruises (black eye, punches, kicks), fractured bones (small cracks), first degree and superficial (skin layer only) second-degree burns, and dull pain.

Major Wounds - Large cuts and piercings (sword, axe, glaive), major scrapes (ex. those caused by road rash or similar), large bruises (warhammer wounds), broken bones (breakage), second and superficial (skin layer only) third-degree burns, head injuries, and sharp pain.

Mortal Wounds - Impalement, bisection, dismemberment, shattered bones, destroyed extremities (eyes, tongue, hands), severe impacts (falling from immense heights), critical cuts or blows (cut in the throat, stabbed in the heart), third-degree burns, beheading, (or other things that involve the killing of a brain) instant destruction (obliteration, disintegration, incineration, and smashing as examples)
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