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Roza C

Oct 16, 2020
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MC Username: RozaC

DiscordTag: Roza#5768

Timezone: CEST (GMT +2), Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Europe.

How many hours per week can you dedicate to the team?: I can probably be at least 2 hours a day available (now probably more with Corona and being stuck in quarantaine again). Whenever I have school I believe school is mandatory and goes in first place, any free time left I can spend on dedication to the team! So I would think around maybe 8 hours minimum in a week! It will probably be more since I'm lazy and I play a lot now too, as I became familiar with roleplaying in FRP!

In your opinion, what are the duties of an Application-Team member?: I believe that the duties of an Application-Team member is that they are requiered to be serious when checking the applications, people are really motivated to join a server and whenever you are lazy when checking the application you probably won't be accepting much. It's really important to get new players and let them be happy when they start. If the applyer got a fairly good application, but the AT-member is too lazy to check it (or of course something else) the applyer won't be satisfied and they probably will not re-apply. The application team is probably the first people an applyer meets from the server and in this way they make an impression about the server, if a player likes the server they would tell their friends to join and that would be good!
Another thing that I believe is really important is not to be biased, whenever you hear a -maybe-not-good-story about someone from another server and they apply for FRP, you need to give them a fair chance, maybe the person where you heared the story from just made something up. Everyone deserves a chance! Also that if I would be in the players shoes and a staff member is biased I wouldn't feel on my place and feel not free to talk about any topic, so open arms! And the last thing that I would like to point out is to have team-work. If you are not sure about something, I am sure your fellow AT-members are willing to help. Everyone is in life to learn several things and this is probably one of those things! Everyone makes mistakes, but if it happends too much you need to be open for critique, maybe not negative critique, because no one would like that. Positive feedback is something you also need to be open for, especially in a team.

Do you believe that you are good with assisting newer players? (E.G. Providing correct information on Applications, Providing in-game help, and answering frequently asked questions): Yes, I think I am. I am fairly new to the server, but I already learned A LOT! In the past days people were really open to me and explained to me what I was able to do. I know of course not everything yet, but I know enough to let a player get started. I pick up things in my knowledge up very fast and I think that is one of my skills, and if I know on a moment something not I am sure there are a lot of people who do know it. And of course there are already a lot of files who could explain it to me and to the newer player (again, when I don't know the things). I have a lot of roleplay experience and I think that would be my strongest point to help a person with. I am myself also a huge fantasy and roleplay nerd and can bring my experience over to other people! I loved the warm welcome of every player and the support they offered me, now I want to do it back and gain more people to the server to reach the ultimate knowledge of the server!

Why do you wish to join the Application Team?: As I stated in the last question I really loved the warm welcome of what the players gave me when I joined FRP. I really would like to give new players the same experience and help they deserve. I also would get the new experience of joining a new team, and at this moment I believe that the application-team is the best for me! I love writing myself and I would look forward to reading what people have in their minds, people really can express themselfs in the applications and I enjoy to read what they have in mind. I believe this is a way to also learn more things, not only about the creativity, but also about maybe fantasy and what people have in their heads! I would also like to meet more people, the application team is already a team and I would enjoy to join it, to again- learn more people! I think I would suit the application team in this way, because I like socalizing, I have experience and I like to learn more things! What doesn't let me suit more? So the biggest gain for me to join is first, the experience and second, teamwork! Both of the things are things that I enjoy and that I won't stop doing, ever again!


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Jan 22, 2020
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Glad to hear that you assimilated well in to FRP and have been enjoying it so far. Also very good to see new players with a drive to assist the server and be apart of our staff!



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