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Rheynland Culture
Home of the Nornman Folk

The human Kingdom of Rheynland is the home of the humans and the prosperous citizens of Avengard and its region. Its predecessor, The Kingdom of Westholm was founded on the 4th of First Moon in 0 AC by King Edwyn I of Thorp, and was founded by previously nomadic and pastoral humans who survived the calamity and thus stepped into a new world of possibilities. After the rise of the Nornman family de Retford the Kingdom was refounded by King Richard de Retford I under the new nornish name, Rheynland. The pagan beliefs which the people inherited are based on tales of peace through helping their people succeed and thrive at any cost.
On the land and climate,
Betwixt rolling hills in the East and calm sea-side beaches to the West lies the nornish Kingdom of Rheynland. The city itself is surrounded by vast farmlands which flourish in the temperate summers. The summers are warm and perfect for cultivating land and the winters are harsh and frosty, all four seasons being prevalent and apparent in the lands. In the southern region of the nation, rivers originating from underground springs flow through the valleys of the rocky hills and wind down to meet the sea. Along the northern borders there is a river filled with a variety of fish which is adjacent to a jutting pennsensulia. The capital city of Rheynland, Avengard, is set within large walls of stone and brick, set with various defenses to safeguard the people of the city. Within the sanctity of the walls is Avengard, it is a city full of radiance and brilliance, colors of banners that line the city and the bustling market district that livens up the daily lives of the people.
On social norms, beliefs, and values,
It is no secret that the humans of Rheynland pride themselves on their honor, loyalty, and work ethic. Their disciplined nature clearly stems from the military being an epicenter of Rheynland. Both men and women are expected to be able to take up arms to defend their homeland if the need ever arises, defending what they believe to be right. The militaristic nature of those from Rheynland does not mean that they are not hospitable, however, they pride themselves on welcoming guests to the nation. Whether it be through having drinks in the tavern and sharing stories, or lavish festivities in the palace, they intend to ensure the guests they invite feel welcome and have an enjoyable experience in the borders of Rheynland. Most are taught proper manners at a young age and know that it is offensive to speak anything but common or a human dialect in public settings, seeing it as disrespectful to those around. Familial structures vary from house to house, however a recurring theme is that children are held in high regard since they are the key to securing the future of their lineage. Women are expected to dress modestly as it is a sign of self-respect to take care of one’s outwardly appearance. The current fashion trends being set by those more affluent, women are often seen wearing dresses of fine silks and fabrics during formal events and for more casual wear it depends on their occupation.
On diet and cuisine,
Vast fields of wheat and barley spread out on the open farmland have been attributed to the hearty diet that the populace of Rheynland is accustomed to. In the lands of Rheynland, one would find that at the center of every Nornmen person’s diet is an assortment of viands stocked with protein. The close proximity to the seaside allows for fish to regularly be brought into the markets by the local fishermen, along with the availability of mutton and beef roast from the surrounding farmlands. The lands teem with free-range livestock grazing over the hillsides and in the clearings, between the mills of Barwic and the capital. Oftentimes the locals are seen enjoying drinks of wine, mead, and ale at any sort of social gathering as Rheynland is renowned for the substances they brew. The Nornmen folk enjoy yearly feasts to celebrate the bountiful harvesting seasons which the lands and the farmers procure.
On the Monarchy,
The lands of Rheynland are ruled over by the Monarchy with the Lord King who is surrounded by the Privy Council which acts as an advisory board to the Lord King. When the Lord King is indisposed, the Chamberlain takes over his duties as the second to the Lord King. The Marshall and Knight Paramount act as heads for the militaristic body that makes up Rheynland. It is the Marshall’s duty to oversee the Royal Army of Rheynland who protect the people and the Knight Paramount’s duty to oversee the knights who act as the King’s Guard. Overlooking the day to day domestic affairs, the City Council is composed of citizens who have been voted into their positions, this ranges from a collection of stewards to guild leaders.
On the populous,
The old Kingdom of Westholm was founded by the Holmish folk that returned after the Calamity, however a variety of other cultures quickly assimilated into the kingdom calling it home. With the reformation of Westholm into the Kingdom of Rheynland it has become apparent that the populace shifted toward mainly that of the foreigners, namely the Nornmen which make up the Royal Family. The Norns have attributed to many of the main hubs of entertainment, such as horseback riding, and important values of the kingdom’s populace, such as valuing honor in high-esteem. There are many other cultures apart from the Nornmen and Homish folk that have made Rheynland their home including the Nordyr and the Wiccan people. There is no definitive social hierarchy in Westholm other than that of the Royal family and the large number of working class citizens. Under Lord King Richard de Retford’s reign many of the impoverished were able to find ample opportunity for jobs due to the large spike in commerce within the city, diminishing the numbers of the peasantry heavily.
On language,
Rheynland hosts a wide variety of different races and cultures within the walls of Avengard, though most use common-tongue and the native language of the Nornmen. Education is held in high regard and therefore most promote and suggest the learning of the human-tongue to those who do not already know such.
On religion, ethics, and moral standards,
The people of Rheynland are apt followers of the Faith of the Five, believing in the Lording Sun and the Five Divines, each having their own virtues and what they are the Divine of. The Lording Sun is the main Divine, ruling over all the other Divines and everything in between. There are only a few exceptions to not worshiping the Five Divines, those being granted by the Lord King. Regardless of their religion, the people of Rheynland have a strong sense of morals regarding being honorable folk and having loyalty to their kingdom. The Nornmen stick to their word and are known for being fair and honest people, though fiercely protective over their people if one strikes against one of their own.
On everyday life,
When the Sun rises over the ocean surrounding Enarion and the distant isle of Ynslee is when the day begins for most in Rheynland. Merchants begin to open their shops and stalls, the Town Crier shares the news for the day, farmers begin sowing the fields and the crops, alchemists start off towards their laboratories, blacksmiths hammer away to form their weapons, and everything in between. Oftentimes the square and tavern are filled with music and the citizens moving throughout their days. Though, apart from work, the Savory Sun Tavern is considered a major social hub for the denizens of Avengard, hosting a variety of fêtes, feasts in the festival grounds, and providing provisions for tournaments. Another pinnacle of entertainment in Rheynland is horseback riding, one will find that the Royal Army has a large cavalry as a part of their collective and citizens riding leisurely outside of Avengard.


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