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Jan 30, 2020
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As of recent, the lore team has developed a new team (similar to magic and tech) — we finally wish to present it to all players, and begin running a new system for religious interactions: the deity team. Everyone in this team is actively working on the religious lore presented on the server, and now, will be working with players who run religions (or wish to make their own); we are the helping-hand that will guide them to successful, immersive religious roleplay.

In this post, we will detail three main criteria: explaining what a religious interaction is, explaining how to register a religion officially under the lore team, and a roster for who to contact for your religious interactions.

Just a reminder, however: if you would like to keep your religion mysterious and abstract (i.e no actual interactions with the deities listed), you do not have to register below.

How do you register a religion officially under the deity team?

First and foremost, religion is a key aspect to the server as a whole— it is a focal part of diverse cultures, and is important for those who wish to have a goal, and a drive. You must first have a religion that has: rites and rituals, prayers and worship, depth and knowledge; a religion that is too simplistic offers nothing but blandness, and the lore team sadly is not always present to fill that hole (though, we will offer ideas).

If you would like to write and register a religion, ensure you have people willing to follow it. We also monitor the activity of religions, and based around it, we offer placement for interactions: we will not register a religion with one, lone follower.

To register, contact: @Gaelic#2009 on discord.
You will be offered a step-by-step guide on how to go about it.

How do you request a religious interaction?

Upon registering your religion, you are eligible for a religious interaction. Religions are made by the players and are made for the players. The only ‘objective’ for the deity team is a correct portrayal of the deities and spirits being worshipped (under the guidance of the lore manager and admin) and the blessings offered through rites and trials.

First and foremost, you must have an organized group of players to request religious interactions. Deities and spirits do not appear before small, independent worship— you’ll find many gloats at the sight of larger numbers.

If you have the set amount of players as stated in the requirements, look at the bottom of this thread and pick out the lore team member who runs for those specific interactions. Barter a time with them, and they will handle it.

In the roleplay itself, ensure you do your rites, rituals, and prayers; no interaction will be done if you stand and look innocently with no roleplay or effort to provide.

Example: Aldric del Riviere observes the night sky, for then he clasps his hands together; his gray-hued orbs sparkle with but the enlightenment of Itaos— his wandering breath of law and servitude, for he prepared to chant a simple prayer. Behind him, a group of nine other followers stood, ready to trail behind his worship. “Lord Itaos, Harbinger of Law, Slayer of Demons. Beseech our worship, and show us but your caring embrace, as we took to shepherd the realm, and rid of those against the righteous rule of virtue and grace.” His prayers ended, with others echoing behind him. Slowly, he’d place a burning incense before the shrine of Itaos, and awaited for his lord to come; any sign of the deity would satisfy his mind.

What are the current existing religions?

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