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Jul 3, 2020
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“To pursue excellence in strength, spirit, and mind.”

Academy Introduction
Arts & Subjects
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Academy Introduction
The world of Enarion is filled with mysteries, tucked away either in the peaks of the highest mountains or below the greatest cave chasms. As a means to unearth these treasures of knowledge, the Kingdom of Westholm has gathered its brightest civil leaders into a conglomerate of educational studies. Raymond Academy, founded by Headmistress Lady Tasia de Blackford, has sought out these instructors in hopes of providing opportunities of scholarship and training for Enarion’s ambitious populace, wherever they may come from. The academy values integrity, commitment, and honor not only within the school’s activities, but as a mantra for all to follow and uphold. Admission into the academy isn’t very complex or difficult, but still a necessary process. Raymond Academy is structured based on the following entrance format:

Academy Students
No matter where you reign from, admission into the academy is free. The only thing restricting a student from taking part in the academy’s teachings would be a current track record of crime or violence. For the less fortunate students who don’t have a legal guardian, you must be permitted access into the academy by either an instructor or another adult.

Scholar Education Program (15-18+)
Klaus Monroe is the head of The Future Scholars of Westholm program at Raymond Academy. No matter if you’re recommended to him or specifically picked out, you must go through a small task to enroll in the class. The examination is to see if you’re serious about the program, capable enough or willing to take on that responsibility. The task/exam will fluctuate based on the topic that’s being assessed.

Older Students (18+)
Through tough decision making from the instructors, we have decided that all ages will be allowed to participate in all classes. The Scholar Education shall remain the same, but overall, students of adulthood may take the same subjects of learning as the minors.

Arts & Subjects
Alongside the academy’s core values, the institute also upholds a complete sense of safety and sanctuary for all enrolled students. No foolishness is tolerated, whether within academy classes or walls, so students must respect each other to create an environment for all to flourish and succeed. For each subject within Raymond’s Academy, Lady Tasia and her instructors create their classes to pursue specific careers and cater to the interest of all students. The following classes/responsibilities are penned below:

Physical Arts
[Horse Riding] - Knowing how to tend and ride a horse is essential not only to transportation, but to understanding a foundation of cavalry. These instructors task students on how to grow a relationship with these mighty animals and the details behind healthy diets and grooming. These classes will mostly be held out in Westholm’s stables and fields.

[Farming] - Every settlement needs a stable source of food and to Yvanne de Blackford, her golden wheat fields attest to that. Proper tending to all sorts of crops and harvesting techniques lead to a student’s understanding of the agriculture around them. Her classes will focus on these main ideas as well as the hands-on application of farming itself.

[Basic Swordsmanship] - Defensive or offensive, basic swordsmanship is a valuable skill that would help students hold their ground outside of the school grounds. We wish for them all to be prepared for whatever hardships they may encounter and with that, training of various weapons will be conducted. More often than not, Westholm’s military will also assist with both learning and sparring sessions.

Civil Arts
[Fine Arts] - Respect is a cornerstone to relationships in Enarion, and while chivalry is a core value, creativity is as well. Students will learn how to improve these intuitive talents while polishing their perception and appearance to those around them. These classes range from proper etiquette and conduct to talents such as dancing and artistry.

[Culinary Arts] - Improving the practice of cooking leads to many beneficial avenues, whether for communal or personal reasons. Instructors will teach how to build a culinary mindset from the ground up, instructing on how to conduct oneself within a kitchen environment. Sessions lead from utensil usage to recipes of increasing difficulty.

[History of Westholm] - The development of Westholm is nothing to turn away from as the kingdom faced adversity time after time again, always rising to the challenge. For those that wish to study Westholm’s history, instructors shall discuss historical events and timelines that the kingdom experienced while also addressing key figures, whether from noble or common origins.

[The Five Divines Teachings] - As the Five Divines are significant to Westholm’s practice of worship, the clergy believes students should also seek religious education should they choose so. At that, instructors lead both prayers and lectures on Westholm’s divines and the beliefs behind them. Classes are seen as opportunities to find peace in oneself and find sanction with the blessings that support Westholm’s populace.

Academic Arts
[Alchemy & Herbology] - With Enarion filled with herbs and other apothecarian reagents, alchemy is a stalwart subject to both mind and might situations. Students will learn how to grow and become more adept alchemists, learning the concepts of potion crafting for either combat or medical purposes. As this is seen as a rather harmful class given the combination of herbs and brewery, caution is advised for students on the younger end of enrollment.

[Library Management] - Raymond Academy holds an open library to those that wish to pursue their archive studies or seek advice on aspirations. While instructors hold reign over the library, distinguished staff will manage tomes and projects done by either staff or students. Along with that, students are encouraged to promote and use this resource amongst themselves whenever they find an opportunity to support their work.

[Scholar Education] - Within Raymond Academy, scholarship is seen as a necessity to Westholm’s economy, politics, and ongoing research. Leaders of Westholm’s highest academia have decided to host this intricate subject and teach these higher educational paths to only the most apt and ambitious students. These paths include either diplomacy and court training for foreign relationship affairs or finance training to conduct trade within Westholm territory or other settlements.

Subjects are substituted whenever the instructor believes their teachings are complete. A council meeting between Headmistress Tasia and the other instructors will be held before a new subject will be announced to the academy’s students.


Scholar Supplement
As stated above, diplomacy and finance are central to the teachings within the Scholar Education branch. While Westholm opens this opportunity to those that seek enrollment, this subject is explicitly difficult to enter as students must be at the top amongst their peers. These classes are not a simple enrollment compared to the rest, as a trial must be passed before admittance. As such, students should be ready to face fierce competition and challenges set before the instructors. There is no tolerance for complacency here. Requirements to apply for the Scholar Education subject also have to be completed before being accepted.

  • Firstly, the applying student must ask each of their instructors for a note of recommendation and present these letters before the Scholar Education instructors. Each note should highlight the student’s abilities and potential for the specific track they wish to pursue.

  • Next, the Scholar Education instructors will host an examination based on the specific field the students wishes to pursue. For example, a diplomacy initiate may be tasked to present an agreement or discussion based on a given scenario. Based on the student’s performance, this will impact the instructor’s following meeting over their recent applicants, deciding whether they deem a student strong and worthy enough for this education.

  • Finally, a notice will be delivered to the student, either accepting or denying them access to the class. Should the student be rejected, they may reapply next year if they wish to try again.

Opening Ceremony Day
To welcome Raymond Academy’s prospective students, an Opening Day Ceremony shall be held by Headmistress Tasia and the other instructors and staff. During your first day at the academy, the instructors, students and spectators will all gather in the front courtyard. The Headmistress herself will stand in front of the crowd, greeting the students to the academy. After a good-sized speech, Tasia herself or Saorise will set off fireworks in a celebration. Shortly after the firework display, the students will be welcomed into the academy and come into the mess hall for a meal. After the small feast, the students will be allowed to attend any classes currently going on or speak to free roaming instructors.
(OOC Note: Opening Ceremony Day will have a separate announcement whenever the Westholm revamp build is implemented.)

Credits & References

Logo: andydreww, Cubicitas
Writers / Reviewers: andydreww, Cubicitas, Koodini


Penned By:
Lady Tasia de Blackford, Head of Royal Household, Lady of Ceremonies, Headmistress of Raymond Academy
Klaus Monroe, Head of House Monroe, Head of Scholar Education

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