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Jun 14, 2020
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Klaus Monroe
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“In a world with limited knowledge, innovation is the only way to reach enlightenment.”

Subject Revamp
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As change and challenges wash over Enarion’s people, so has a time of reflection. Raymond’s Academy faced moments that tested its progression, however some solutions for these quarrels proved impractical. The remaining leadership decided realigning their logistics, objectives, and studies would prove beneficial for currently enrolled and prospective scholars. They, the Master Council, spent their efforts into ideas that coincide with not only their kingdom's interests, but interests for those around them.

Thus, the academy revamp led to the creation of Rheynland’s Sanctuary of Scholars, an organization holding their initial academic goals and striving towards greater ones. Despite secrets and shadows looming in an unknown darkness, the academy shines as a beacon of discovery for those eager to join their ranks. The researchers and scholars within these walls believe and pursue that opportunities are only plentiful when they are sought out, whether through ongoing or newly created endeavors.


Subject Revamp
With a revision to content, the areas of interest portray a dual sense of academia and adventure. Classroom sessions will continue their supplemental support as subjects continue to develop or be newly created. Collaboration is encouraged, but a sense of independence must also be maintained within the aspiring scholar. Subjects are then essentially the path one may take to grow and expand their knowledge of the world around them. The following areas are current fields of interest for the Fellowship of Scholars, the official academy guild that explores and studies under the institute’s name:

Herbology Studies
The foundation to both combat and medicinal applications, Herbology Studies delves into the purposes behind tonics and their alchemical processes. Led by wise physicians and healers, scholars will find sanction within the greenery and herbal laboratories, whether it be within the institute’s walls themselves or in a given clinic. Experiments for research are naturally conducted amidst this work while those eager in the art may learn how to set themselves up for their own independent creations. Alongside these endeavors, practitioners may hold themselves to their own field tests, whether it be to heal a wounded ally or to retaliate against a common foe.

Creature Studies
The lands around us hold fauna that range from harmless coexistence to harmful territorialism. Whether it be simple insects that lounge in Aellen’s forests or large, winged wyverns that were brought down by Rheynmark’s might, these creatures are worthy for archiving and investigating. While groups dig into current bestiary content, some actively search fabled whereabouts whether with clues or wild goose chasing. Academia holds insight to its name, but bravery does so as well.

Exploration / Historical Studies
Enarion holds an abundance of mysteries after the Calamity’s destruction. With that, comes a sense of rediscovery and retribution. Our lands and settlements aged long ago must be investigated and uncovered for their past functions, purposes, or meanings. Thus, researchers and scholars under this wing will delve into the past, illuminating what the Calamity once hid. As the forgotten saying goes, the light is coming to give back everything the darkness stole.

Crystal Sorcery Studies
Arcane properties and secrets imbed themselves within their mystical homes, whether it be within runes that dot Enarion or in other hidden pockets within the realm. Through theoretical experimentation and hypothesizing the future, these academics will learn and explore the meaning behind this special gift. Only those keen on pursuing answers towards these prospects can follow the magical path before them.

Research Board
For those within the institute, they’ve a plethora of resources at their disposal besides colleagues and parchment. The academy holds a “to-do” list for scholars who wish to be of service to specific studies, whether regarding herb collections/volunteers for Herbology Studies, joining a Crystal Sorcery Studies water rune party, or architecture designing for Historical Studies. Whatever the objective, you are still able to contribute to the institute’s growth and success by completing these tasks and notions. This Research Board will be promptly updated when new tasks are completed/requested.

[!] Despite the number of fields looking as a rather small handful, the academy holds a prospective sense of flexibility. Each area holds strong willed, capable Adept, Expert, or Master Council scholars who have proven themselves through their efforts. The academy always looks forward to new research grounds, either through experimentation or exploration. Looking to the bigger picture holds more power than a specific detail, a mindset that proves fruitful for any scholar that seeks to learn from the institute.


Hierarchy / Leadership
Renovating subjects lead to renovating structure, and for the academy, this definitely holds true! Core concepts such as enlightenment and education have still been kept at the heart of current and future mindsets. However, the notion of students and their progressions have not been completely thrown out the window, but rather converted into a different manner. With that said, the following structure has been implemented to replace and enhance the academy:

  • Initiate: An individual who requests further information on joining the academy. With this information comes their individual freedom to join a subject’s planned day/event, whether that be only one or a handful. Once finalized on a specific subject, an application must be passed before officially joining the institute’s affiliation.

  • Novice Scholar: Now officially a part of the Fellowship of Scholars, Novices may now contribute to the subject they’ve aligned with. However, they are still under a watchful eye both within the institute’s walls and outside in the field. This mainly consists of being supervised during their training/beginning research before being given further responsibilities/permissions.

  • Adept Scholar: After contributing to the institute’s efforts/research and establishing trust amongst their peers and superiors, one may then be promoted to Adept. This unlocks a few luxuries for the ambitious scholar, including access to the library’s archives and creating content for it, creating a field proposal for research, and further independent abilities. This field proposal serves for new grounds the scholar wishes to delve into. Whether working on it alone or with a team, they may present this idea at the next stage of their promotion.

  • Expert Scholar: To achieve this status, one must pass a study examination proctored by some of the Master Council, the Headmaster themselves, or a mix of the two. This examination consists of a small silver fee (to be discussed beforehand) and mainly revolves around the studies/research the scholar has done during their time at the academy. Mainly, a presentation of their studies, their current goals/progression, and their future logistics. If suitable enough, the judges will either promote the scholar or deny them, allowing them to try again at a later date.

  • Master Council: A collection of some of the top scholars in their given fields/studies, representing high standards all scholars should follow. Should the Headmaster decide a specific scholar holds the attributes for this rank, they shall cordially invite the individual for a private interview. After some deliberation, a final decision will be made for either acceptance or denial.

  • Headmaster: The leader of the academy and the scholars holding the institute’s name. They represent the final judgement on certain decisions, whether regarding council matters such as discussions and academy logistics or public matters such as announcements of new studies, acknowledging great efforts from certain individuals, etc. Alongside that, they also serve as the main contact point for any academy activity/content.


Future Plans
With current events circulating around the continent, the academy wastes no time and hits the ground running with their notions and studies. The Master Council and Headmaster are currently seeking scholar enrollment with citizens of all kingdoms and settlements, any who are eager to join the academy’s ranks. Establishing connections to Rheynland’s guilds as previously mentioned and plausible plans for joint efforts with other circles/organizations also fall within the academy’s plans. While expansion is far off from the institute’s capabilities, it’s not impossible. To reach new wonders, one must always remember to build strong, sturdy bridges.

Should you wish to join Rheynland’s Sanctuary of Scholars, send notice to Headmaster Klaus Monroe as he and his council prepare a proper opening day ceremony for initiates and current scholars. Further details regarding this event will be sent out as preparations become more concrete. As well as that, areas of future interest include aquatic/nautical studies with Rheynland’s ocean, religious studies as parallel conduct with those delving into history, and more. Given the opportunity, a scholar may seek an audience with the Master Council and Headmaster to propose their own idea.

There is much to do, but adversity is the first trial for any aspiring scholar. Once overcoming that, you can only go up from there.

Credits & References
angielulu & andydreww

Writer / Reviewers: andydreww / Sanctuary of Scholars Staff

Screenshots: Koodini


Please contact andydreww#8816 if you have any questions or wish to join!
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Jul 3, 2020
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"Raymond Academy... a place meant for comfort and an educational hub for all." During her time of reading, Lady de Blackford simply frowned, shaking her head in shame. "Oh... How things have changed for West-Rheynland. Such a lovely place I left. If only the school remained the same, the children cared for, and Raymond's name in honour rather than changing it all. I wish the best for this group and my old dear friends that I abandoned for the sake of my children." Tasia lifted the information sheet, dropping it off the balcony and observing as it flew through the wind.


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