[Open Event] Cheese Rolling Competition

Jul 3, 2020
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Ranger Thomas Smith

Since 10A.C. Thomas Smith has invited all to his Wiccan Challenge, The Wiccan Cheese Rolling Competition.

Event Date: Tuesday 13th April


The Following Nations Are Invited To Participate
All vassals and people of Calendale (Promdor, Vlachia, Elfmarch, and Reyn)
The Kingdom of Shroomden
The Duchy of Novengrad, and Her affiliates
The Meritocratic State of Lothelia,
Karak az Angril,
The Reclamation Collective,
The Estvo of Vetroy-Zapad,
The Triumvirate of Glarenydd,
The Village of Heiyeong,
The Kingdom of Aellen,

The Tsardom of Fyrmana,


The game originated, due to the creation of Giant Cheese Wheels made by Lidmann Cooke during the days of Barwic. These cheeses weighed 7-9 pounds and mostly known either as Wiccan Cheeses or Double Wiccan Cheese's.
After the end of the Westholm tournament in 11 A.C., Tom Shadow led the audiences and the participants of the tournament to Barwic, where the rules of the event were explained.

The first original cheese was placed on top of the hillside and rolled down three times with other members chasing down after it. On the fourth time, the cheese flew into the wooden pillars holding up the hay that stopped competitors from flying across the grass and receiving fatal injuries, The cheese smashed into pieces, therefore meant that a lighter cheese, Lidmann prepared as a back-up that weighed 4-5 pounds was used for the final round of events. Many participants were eager for the cheese so, at the end of the event, the cheese was picked up and split into different pieces and given to those who wanted it. Even though they were warned about the cheese being rolled along the dirt floor. Members of the public took away pieces.


What is the Competiton?

The competition is simple, grab a cheese Wacker Blade and run after a cheese, dodging the stones and not falling over whilst tumbling down the hill.


The Player as the Cheese will begin a Timer, once it gets 3 they will begin to run, whilst the chasers will have to wait until they can final chase after them. Whoever downs the cheese, will need to carry the cheese back up the hill and the others MUST roll 20 to receive their injuries by the Event Runner, which is normally done by ImmortalShadowZ.

Winners will receive coins and a trophy, whilst others will face injuries which could possibly break their bones.



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