No Honor Amongst Dealers


Aug 1, 2020
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No Honor Among Dealers


The Capital of Calendale, 12th of the Season's Turn, 27 AC

A fervent storm was rampant throughout Calendale. The interior of the city lay bombarded with an unnatural cusp of lightning and thunder. The renovations and eviction of all previous tenants bore fruit to all who remained, with loot and baubles for the new seat of power to behold. The Free Company was gone, and the dungeon below, remained an infamous figure of renown: The Laborer. The Free Company, failing to possess the space to move him, left him to rot. The man displayed sores, gashes, a tortured and brutalized body for all to see. He lay upon the soggy and damp cloth, his cage rusted and chipped.


The Dungeons of the Company Hall, 17th of the Season's Turn, 27 AC

Days and nights passed, clamor as scavengers continued to break into the remains of the hall, sacking and looting all that they could find. This became commonplace, and the Laborer simply continued to sleep through what he could, his broken toes and fingers forming into a malunion. His beady eyes would often center on the desk across from him where the Sentry sat, empty. One night, a hooded figure stopped at the cellar door, peeking in unlike the usual miscreant.

You. You are the Laborer, aren’t you?The man inquired. A subtle nod was all the caged brigand responded with. The hooded man wore ragged cloth, a sack of coin hanging loosely at his belt.I’ve come to free you. The new king wishes to sow dissent in the other nations by establishing the drug trade once more,” The man claimed, beginning to fumble with the lock.Piss off. I know you don’t work for no king. Even rats like you are given more than a small sack of coin to do their bidding,The Laborer stated confidently, folding his arms. The hooded figure failed to respond, opening the cellar door and gesturing him out.Look, I don’t care what you say. You want out of here or not? I hear the Fisstuck that used to be so widespread have all been but stomped out. Perhaps you could use this as a new opportunity, eh?He’d respond, chuckling as he sauntered down the hall.

Slowly, both the hooded man and the Laborer looked out to the continuous roar of rain and lightning that continued to pound the ground they trod upon, tears from the sky bathing the Laborer with its acidic feature.
I guess you’re serious, aren’t you? I really am free. Well. I suppose I will have to make use of this opportunity. What of my hideout?He’d inquire, oblivious of it’s standing after the band of mercenary's assault.It’s fine, but I don’t think you should go back there.The Laborer looked at him with an unscrupulous glare as they approached the rowboat that lay ready at the pier. The large ship that was previously moored there gone, with no one to guard the empty docks.I have other plans for it, beggar. Don’t you worry. Fisstuck will never be stamped out of existence, not with the boss still about. Let’s go.
He concluded, the lack of fetch keeping their rowboat from being capsized as they escaped the kingdom, heading north..

OOC Note: This is the beginning of a wide spanding eventline that involves crime. The drug Fisstuck is now an item that, through events or buying from other players, you can acquire. Find a member of the Thieves Guild (Contact myself or Gored to interact) and give them the drug. You will receive an item in return. What does the item do? Find out in roleplay.​


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