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Jan 21, 2020
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Imperium, Influence & Diplomacy

Nations are a mechanic on the server that refer to groups of players that own land through our own nation plugin which ties together the diplomatic and management side of running a nation with an elegant land claiming system. This guide will be a more in detailed look on the concepts of nation, and what being a nation means.

If you're looking for how to use the plugin itself, then please check this thread here.

  • Influence - A nation's currency gained weekly, described in the post.
  • Imperium - The nations level, gained based on weekly activity , described in the post.
  • Diplomacy Pact - A mechanical pact issued through the plugin between two nations, described in the post.
  • Vassal - A nation that is underneath another.
  • Overlord - A nation that has a nation underneath it.
  • War System - The way in which wars, and the rewards of such, are handled - link to the war system here.
  • Nation Plugin - The plugin which ties in a lot of systems regarding nations, an extensive guide to this plugin can be found here.
Nation Influence:
Influence is a currency that is associated with a nation, it is gained weekly - it is dependent on your Imperium level, which will be discussed after. This currency is one that is spent on aspects of nation management. This can include, but is not limited to, additional mining space, wars or diplomacy.

Nation Imperium:
Nations will have an "Imperium Level" attached to them, this is a level representative of a nation. The process of gaining, or losing, an Imperium level is based off of activity. This activity is derived from a formula that takes total weekly playtime of all souls (characters) within your nation.

As a note, you may only ascend or descend one Imperium level a week regardless if you meet the requirements for a higher level, and if your nation does not meet the requirements for level 1 for several weeks in a row - then you maintain the risk of losing your nation.
Insignificant (Level 1)
  • +4 Influence/week
  • Access to 75x75 plot of land.
  • Requirement: 150 Hours/week (120 if vassal)

Aspiring (Level 2)
  • +8 Influence/week
  • Access to 100x100 plot of land.
  • Requirement: 300 Hours/week (240 if vassal)

Noteworthy (Level 3)
  • +12 Influence/week
  • Access to 150x150 plot of land.
  • Requirement: 500 Hours/week (400 if vassal)

Impressive (Level 4)
  • +16 Influence/week
  • Access to 200x200 plot of land.
  • Requirement: 750 Hours/week (600 if vassal)

Supreme (Level 5)
  • +20 Influence/week
  • Access to 225x225 plot of land.
  • Requirement: 1050 Hours/week (840 if vassal)

Nation Diplomacy:
Through the nation plugin, under the “Diplomacy” menu, there is the option to maintain active pacts with other nations. Most of these pacts come into play during a period of war.

Diplomatic Pacts
  • Non Aggression Pact [-1 Influence Initial Cost | 0 Influence/Week]
    • This pact dictates that you may not declare war with a nation while you have an upstanding pact of this kind with them.
  • Travel Pact [Free | -1 Influence/Week]
    • If you hold this pact with a nation, their nation-pillar will appear as an option to teleport to when you use your warpstone.
  • Alliance Pact [-6 Influence Initial Cost | -3 Influence/Week]
    • If a nation you hold this type of pact with declares war against another nation, or is aggressed upon, then you are legible to come to their aid during that war for an influence cost.
NOTE: If a pact is broken with a nation, then any war battles that either nation post/declare upon one another - if declared within the subsequent week - their war goals would cost twice as much influence.

Vassal System
Through the diplomacy plugin, you can submit vassals under your nation too - whether this is willing through the plugin, or unwilling through the war system. The results are the same. These vassals have key points.

  • Half of the influence a vassal gains, weekly, will be automatically paid to their overlord.
  • It functions as a defensive pact, as detailed above, as well as a one-way alliance. By that, it means a nation can force it’s vassals to join their offensive wars - with the condition that the overlord nation must pay for the inclusion of it’s vassals in the war.

  • A vassal cannot pay it’s own way to join it’s overlords war, the burden of payment is on the overlord nation.
  • Lastly, there are no inherited diplomatic states between two vassals that both serve the same overlord nation. If a vassal-nation wishes to declare war, it may, and it can bring in other nations - or vassals (excluding their overlord) if it has its own diplomatic pacts with them.
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Edit: 08/08
+ Updated the "Imperium Levels" section to include accurate information regarding land and Influence per week that is gained.


Edit: 13/09
+ Updated the "Imperium Levels" section to include accurate information regarding the amount of nation hours required for each level.


Edit: 26/12
+ Updated the rewards for each tier to represent their new amounts - lower imperium/week, lower hour requirement for vassals and land amounts changed for each tier.


Oct 21, 2020
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Edit: 10/10
+ Updated the nation hours for tiers 2-5 along with vassal hours requirement.
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