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Jul 23, 2020
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Bards languish telling the tales of magical spears and divine blades that sing in the air and wail as they cleave through steels. Some call them simple tales, but the wise know better than to think just that - Product of the very stars, this iron sings in one’s hand; An ingot of brilliant life. Jagged and unfamiliar, this alien but normally typical material seemed to hum a dulcet, constant tone from its surface, gently and beautifully ringing.


Known best as the brother of the more popularly known Cold Iron, originating in fallen stars thought to be gifts from the heavens, Astrum is often overlooked as an inferior compatriot of the far more effective Cold Iron - However, that’s not so.

The acquisition of Astrum is rather simple - First, to brave the dangers of the meteorite it comes in, and then second, to mine it out. That comes with its own risks, however - Mainly the fact that Astrum absorbs magical power, transforming it into vibrations, and vice versa, turning kinetic impacts into magic, which is then stored within it.

Astrum is a largely fragile material, and is, for the most part, easily capable of breaking apart. When it does, however, it shatters, releasing thin dust into the air from its destruction. This thin dust, if inhaled, can be fiercely dangerous to any creature of a magical kind and even mortals, inflicting them with Astrum Poisoning.

— Abilities of Astrum —

Astrum Poisoning
Caused by the inhalation or ingestion of Astrum particulates like dust or similar, the effect of Astrum entering the body was a popular deterrent of magically attuned in ages past.

Consuming even a spoonful of Astrum dust inflicts the poisoning on any Mortal or magically attuned individual immediately, and consuming more than that can prove fatal as the illness caused by the Astrum takes greater effect - Needing to pursue magical or mundane means of removing it from their system.

  • The “zero-phase” symptom of Astrum Poisoning takes immediate effect on mages who utilize Primal or Arcane essence - Immediately, they’re incapable of using any magic, and their symptoms last twice as long.

  • The primary symptom of Astrum Poisoning takes effect within a minute of ingestion, which is violent shaking of the hands and arrhythmia of the heart.

  • The secondary symptom of Astrum Poisoning takes place a day after ingestion - a pain in the wrists and forearms, alongside joints in the legs, shoulders, and arms. Not unlike carpal tunnel, this causes pain when moving one’s fingers or doing any especially dexterous work.

  • The third symptom of Astrum Poisoning takes place a week after consumption - a loss of grip and feeling in the hands and arms; Almost entirely incapable of holding anything with any great strength, the hands grow cold and shake violently, rendering a person incapable of even tying their shoelaces or holding a drink.

  • The fourth and final symptom of Astrum Poisoning, taking hold two weeks after consumption, is total paralysis of the hands and arms, rendering them completely slack at a person’s side, along with total body fatigue and convulsions.

  • After this, a period of two weeks passes where their symptoms slowly wind down back through the previous stages, before the Astrum Poisoning leaves their system entirely.
Magic Absorption
Astrum and Astrum Ferro can absorb spells inflicted upon them, producing vibration, but they have a limitation; Should they absorb too much at once, they will crack, break, and excessively vibrate, being destroyed by the excessive buildup of magic within whatever shape or form they take. Using more Astrum or Astrum Ferro in an object's creation pushes this limit, but does not make it impossible to reach.

To note, Astrum and Astrum Ferro on a person acts as if linked - If one object made of Astrum is impacted with magic, all pieces absorb it to some degree, the effect spread across every piece present on a person. Specific tables of spell-absorption are listed below, irrelevant outside of combat as Astrum progressively balances itself when inflicted with spells outside of combat, but still necessary to be aware of.

Astrum Object StabilitySpells Absorbed
No vibration
Low vibration
Significant Vibration
Volatile, loud vibration

Astrum Ferro Object StabilitySpells Absorbed
No vibration
Low vibration
Significant Vibration
Volatile, loud vibration

Other than the natural danger of Astrum Poisoning, Astrum bears inherent and latent properties - In its raw form, solely its inherent abilities are made clear. Refined properly, its latent powers come to the fore, creating an improved product with its usually subpar material.

Inherent Properties


Fragile8 g/cm3???

WeakVery FragileYes

  • Raw Astrum, also known as Meteoric Iron, is a jagged and errant metal by nature. It emits a low hum at all times, not unlike a tuning fork.

  • Raw Astrum is about as brittle as gypsum, hardly durable to any extent. If hit with any great impact, it’d shatter, producing dust from its metallic surface and - If inhaled by a Mortal - causing Astrum Poisoning. It is identical to iron in weight.

  • Raw Astrum, if in contact with a mage utilizing Primal or Arcane essence, or a person with any form of magical creature, feature or perk bearer, causes them to be incapable of utilizing their powers or casting, a pin pricking sensation emanating from the point of contact. The moment they are out of contact with it, they are capable of casting once more.

  • Raw Astrum is incredibly sensitive to magic in any place. Having an object made of Astrum on one’s person (in a bag, in a bottle, in a sheathe) renders them completely incapable of casting magic or using any form of enchantments unless they desire the Astrum to react.

  • When in contact or in close radius (0.3m) with magical objects, Raw Astrum vibrates significantly. If in contact with an extremely powerful magical artifact, it is liable to shatter.

  • Creatures cut with a blade made of Raw Astrum are inflicted with Astrum Poisoning.
Latent Properties


Difficult10 g/cm3???


  • Requiring a careful process to be refined, Astrum in its true state, Astrum Ferro, is far more concentrated and capable of being used to a degree that is not liable to immediate shattering.

  • Astrum Ferro, if made into a weapon, is slightly more durable than steel, emitting a gentle white-yellow glow and subtly vibrating the air around it. Being struck by a weapon made of Astrum Ferro is an effective weakness to all creatures, spellcasters and feature or perk bearers, preventing spellcasting, otherwise the spellcaster risks advancing their Astrum Poisoning symptoms.

  • Having an Astrum Ferro object, much like having Astrum on a person, prevents use of magic or enchantments, or it is absorbed and made useless. Regardless of size, objects made of at least 1 whole piece of Astrum Ferro will still act this way.

  • Touching an armament made of Astrum Ferro produces a vibrating, odd sensation that sends pin pricks all along someone’s body or point of contact, and swinging one creates a sonorous, vibrating tone unique to the length and width of the armament.
    • Longswords, and other large metallic weapons create low, deep tones.
    • Spears, daggers, or arrows create shrill, high tones like tapping glasses.
  • If one was cut by an Astrum Ferro sword or pierced by an Astrum Ferro arrow or spear, they would suffer Astrum Poisoning as if the point of entry was suffused with the Astrum’s dust. A wound inflicted by Astrum Ferro is accompanied by shaking, significant pain like electricity, followed by numbness.

  • Armor made from Astrum Ferro actively vibrates and absorbs magical effects inflicted on it. It bears the same effects as bearing an Astrum Ferro object on oneself, and requires padding to prevent its wearer from suffering Astrum Poisoning and or constantly shaking from the metal’s vibrations.
    • Spells must make direct contact to be absorbed by Astrum Ferro.
  • Astrum Ferro cannot be enchanted in any way.

  • Objects made of Astrum or Astrum Ferro must be significantly large to absorb spells or magic inflicted upon them - Requiring more than 1 piece or ingot of Astrum Ferro to be utilized in their make.
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