Martial Sorcery | Unlocked Souls

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Martial Sorcery | Unlocked Souls
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A Martial Magi exhibiting their unlocked powers.
Table of Contents:
  • Virtue Struck: Origins
  • Unlocked Potential
    • Inner Feedback
  • The Different Stances
    • Brawler Stance
    • Light Stance
    • Dual Stance
    • Heavy Stance
    • The Schools Of Many
  • Absolute Abandonment
    • Blackened Souls
  • Credits


Virtue Struck: Origins
Since the very beginnings of time, chronicles have stated that the descendants of mortalkin alike will always be weak. This sentiment was decided by the natural order of all things, the one which configured that Spirits, Gods, and Holy Concepts alike in the many planes would reign true over that of lesser beings. With how the Divine are instated, and their endless capability to revive themselves from the grave, Mortals are pretty much playthings and momentary distractions that can come in to stop their rules.

As a result, Mortalkind has always been forced to slave away and either achieve their powers from some form of patron deity, or learn from the different Planes in order to sap wizardry from such in order to cast forth light effigies of magical happenstance onto their enemies. Alignments, runes, gems, gods, divine, religion, wizardry, sorcery, followers, sanguine, planes… the natural pecking order always places the average medieval knight below them all.

“Tossed around like scraps in the wind.”

This line was uttered by a man who lived at the further reaches of the North. It’s not known exactly where this story originated, what continent, or what town even… just that it was Winter. A bitter winter, which froze over the many lakes of this town and caked the landscape in a thick layer of white snow. A speckling frost which plumed down over the houses and structures of this peaceful village in the North, though, was soon interrupted by the prospect of flames breaking out across the landscape.

Screams blasted into the windy horizon, as today was the 3rd time in his life where our vocal man had been forced to witness an unearthly beast which ripped throughout his town once amore. Every 10 years, this dainty village would be forced to sacrifice onto a misshapen beast, offspring as to some type of bastardized union between two divine. A creature with 3 heads, four arms, misshapen and putrid teeth, and the strength able to break apart a house in one blow if they so wished.

“Slaves, under the whims of irrational false idols.”

Echoed throughout his mind, as the man remembered his time in youth, wherein he watched his mother be ripped apart by this chimera-like entity merely for being unlucky enough to be in its rough direction. Then he remembered the time 10 years later, wherein his spouse had their intestines strewn out like noodles merely for this creature’s own entertainment. And now, the man sat about the very snow in the center of his town… watching as this wretched monster had decided to take his daughter’s sewing kit… and pull a threaded needle throughout her cheek in order to merely see how she’d react.

The people of this town merely would cower and look on, for those who had gathered knew themselves unable to deal with this beast. Even if they could kill it… it’d kill almost the entire town, and then come back 10 years later nonetheless once manifested again in order to wreck an even more cruel havoc. There was no Cold Iron, no magical helpers, it was merely a town that was pushed around by quasi-divine alike… all because Mortalkind were unable to do anything about them.


Was the thought that dominated this man’s mind. His breathing staggered as he’d been forced to live in this harsh and grueling climate with status much worse than this cryptid had ever faced previously. The man’s figure already bloodied and beaten as a shrapnel of wood had already pierced through his thigh, leaving him to merely watch the happenings about the square with baited breath to see if this beast would come after him next. Until then, something changed. Despite what people may believe, within all mortalkind exist batteries… magical batteries. These things which in fact make us human, make us what we are. The Soul of a human is hard to explain, with only vaugish understandings across modern magi literature able to decipher such. However, in this moment, the man decided he no longer wished to entertain the idea of growing stronger via learning from these beasts that wreaked havoc upon his homestead, instead… he stoked the power of his very soul.

In the next moment, a mist of energy surrounded the man. His feet gritted into the ground, making a crater about the chilling landscape as he flung forward like a bullet. Snow and the like followed him as he clenched his fist… and then swung true. He didn’t aim for the beast itself, instead he aimed for this beast’s very soul. Using it all, the blow which then connected was such a bright and loud blast that it almost broke the ears of everyone else who was within the town. They watched, as everything within began to see the birth of the first ever Martial Sorcerer. The beast never returned.


Unlocked Potential
Martial Sorcery is the prospect of using the power in one’s own soul, to engage in insane feats of strength, dexterity, or arcane happenstance. Tapping into the essence of one’s figure is dangerous, and has directly negative influences upon that of the caster’s body, given that souls do not easily regenerate their own figure. However, the harder part about engaging in Martial Sorcery in general is simply the prospect of unlocking such.

In order to be a Martial Sorcerer, you first must have intensive experience within some form of combat. Whether this be ranged, hand to hand, or via using blades, etc. Second, you must be willing to toss away your ability to have armor in order to allow yourself the ability to channel your soul. Heavy clothing and armor disrupts the natural flow of energy in one’s body, and directly conflicts with the magical output able to be enforced. And lastly, you must be under a situation of great stress. This is by far the most subjective portion of this list, as the soul will only truly allow itself to be stoked when there is a logical chance that one’s body will die. When one’s life is unable to overcome the situation in a positive outcome without the use of the soul.


  • Martial Sorcery can only be achieved through interactions with ET or LT. Whilst a Martial Sorcerer can always teach you the steps to try and recreate this original ‘Unlocking’ process, it is different for each and every person who engages within such.
  • Upon properly succeeding in getting attuned to Martial Sorcery, you must choose a Stance. This Stance can be changed once every 2 IRL months.
    • You must make an LT-req in order to change your Stance for the sake of logging purposes.
  • You cannot be wearing any form of armor more durable than soft leathers whilst using Martial Sorcery. Yeti Leather, and Orichalcum do not provide extra benefits and stop the flow of magic.
  • The different stances of Martial Sorcery can only be used combatively in events, or LT interactions. You can RP using the techniques of Martial Sorcery in regular RP, or the aesthetics of such assuming it is not used within a combative scenario with another player.
    • If the players involved in that combat are fine with a player using advanced Martial Sorcery, then a player is able to RP such.
    • The ‘General Techniques’ of Martial Sorcery can be used in regular CRP and outside of events without issue assuming one follows their regular mechanics.
  • All Martial Sorcerers must be 16 years of age or older.
  • Martial Sorcerers are held to a higher standard of RP with their CRP, thus you are able to lose your magic if you incorrectly abuse the mechanics, or break lore maliciously.
  • Via becoming a Martial Sorcerer, you are unable to gain Religious Blessings, or any other form of standalone magic/playable. (Rune Magic, Elemental Magic, Vampirism, etc).
  • A Martial Sorcerer is able to drop this magic at any time without any massive debuffs, however you must talk to an LT/ET to ensure that it is logged that you’ve lost your abilities beforehand. Then you could theoretically put your soul to other magics/boons.
Inner Feedback
As stated previously, all spells within Martial Sorcery have a direct feedback upon the caster in general. While souls can find a way to regain themselves with time, and somewhat adjust into a homeostasis after being used for combative means, this does not mean that it’s for the best to use them willy-nilly. Things such as swinging a sword at 100mph, or being able to curve an arrow shot throughout the air with nothing but your muscles has a legitimate negative reaction upon the physical body of the Martial Sorcerer. This prospect is known as Feedback, with the stats of such below:

  • All spells amongst Martial Sorcery have a specified ‘Feedback Number’, which equates to how many Feedback Points they get within a combat encounter. Every Martial Sorcerer has a total of 20 Feedback Points that they can attain, before they get knocked out unconscious.
    • If you ever use a spell which would put your Feedback above 20, you instantly not only go unconscious, but die 3 emotes later as a PK.
  • Upon reaching 10 Feedback in one specific combat encounter, the muscles within one’s body begin to unnaturally tighten up and feel excruciating pain. Tendons begin to hyper extend, and pain liters about the person’s body.
  • Upon reaching 15 Feedback in one combat encounter, internal bleeding would begin to spiral throughout the caster’s body. This’d cause blood to spit out from the Sorcerer’s maw, as a Major Wound opens up internally throughout the Sorcerer's figure. Specific limbs may even grow disabled upon the Sorcerer, turning them bruised and disabled.
  • Healing Magics and Potions do not decrease Feedback. Whilst healing magic can heal the injuries on the outside that one gains from engaging in the techniques of their Martial Stance, they are unable to directly heal the unstable fragmenting of a user’s soul.
  • Feedback Points go back to zero after 1 IRL day.

The Different Stances
Upon becoming a Martial Sorcerer, the first requirement is to go through and decide which style of combat it is that you wish to follow. There are multiple differentiations, which were all originally crafted by that of the original ancestors who crafted these techniques. Despite such, there are a few general techniques which all of the Stances follow, aka ‘General Techniques’. These are the simple movements that can be summarized down to basic components, yet still find themselves commonly used in a general Martial Sorcerer’s arsenal.
General Techniques


The martial artist focuses their power into their legs, and dodges away in a great movement of speed. With this, the martial artist can move straight in any direction 5 blocks in addition to their current movement speed. This movement requires entire dedication to dodging however, and prevents them from attacking for that action.

The martial artist focuses their power into their core, preparing themselves to take on a powerful blow. The martial artist is capable of preventing themselves from being knocked backward or forced prone, standing their ground. For the duration the stance is held, the martial artist is incapable of moving, or the effect ends prematurely as the stance is broken. This effect ends after 2 emotes, if the martial artist performs another technique, or if the martial artist moves.

The absolute abandonment in battle is not always the best for more long winded endeavors. Should it be within a Martial Magi’s best interest, they can take a break from battle in an attempt to mitigate severe damage to their soul via a process of trying to imperfectly pull back the energy they’d expanded back within their form. This will always lead to a net loss in rejuvenation, however can perhaps buy the Sorcerer a bit more power to expend. Upon taking 3 emotes to focus and channel forth one’s mana, a Martial Magi can get rid of 4 feedback points. This spell will not put them under ‘0 Feedback’, amd can only be used once per IRL day.

Upon focusing on one’s heart-rate and biology, the Martial Magi is able to pinpoint certain injuries along their body and expel their mana into those specific locations in order to stop bleeding and stimulate the regrowing of wounds. This takes a Magi’s entire action in order to cast, and does not work on Major Wounds (lost limbs, deep cuts, etc.)

At the end of the day, Martial Magic is the ability to channel forth ‘force’ from one’s very soul. The Stances and techniques that people use are merely a tool to make use of this power in such a way to mitigate damage to the self, and effectively channel energy. However, at a base one can pull this ‘energy’ out at any time in order to bring about strength in their body and put it into their blows.

  • Whilst outside of events, one can activate this spell in order to have their next action act as if they had just downed a Draught of Vigor. This technique has a 3 round cooldown.
  • Whilst inside an event, one can use this technique in a much more creative fashion. They can choose to take on as many feedback points at once as they wish in order to bring about an extreme power. Whilst generally these are more ineffective than the regular techniques, the true power of ‘Raw Force’ comes down to the creativity of the user.
    • The ET gets to decide the Feedback of Raw Force on the user, alongside the physical wounds that’d open up relative to how much Feedback is said to be added. That being said, there are no limits as to what this spell could theoretically do as long as it uses the body as its vessel and is willing to take the pain in tow.
    • The more Feedback points one gives up, the stronger the effect could be.
Brawler Stance
The Brawling Stance equates to those who wish to engage in bare-knuckle fighting. Considered the most pure form of Martial Sorcery, the techniques within focus upon the prospect of close range yet flexible movement. When a Brawler swings their fists, upon connection it always comes through as if their fists felt like iron gauntlets blasting into whatever stands before them.

Those amongst this stance are said to feel a bigger level of honor for combat, and want to fight merely to fight. Death in battle is stated to mean less to them, as they thrive off the prospect of glorious, reckless abandonment.

A staple for that of The Brawler Stance, via unlocking one’s soul they can use its power to begin and clench the muscles throughout their body. Via doing such, the tendons and flesh amongst them begin to become as hard as regular iron, making it harder for damage to get through the caster, and allowing the caster a sense of resistance. It takes 1 whole action to enter this stance, and can be held for however long the user wants, with 1 Feedback being applied to them each turn that it’s active.

The Brawler focuses upon the air, and the force that they can exert onto their surroundings. Via a small amount of focus, and careful practice, the Brawler can manage to swing their blow forward, and have their fist carry throughout the air onto others. The range of this technique is roughly 10 meters, and would hit straight on wherever the Brawler were facing at high speed. Despite being a bit translucent and hard to see, there is always some type of visual tell to this technique that could allow it to be dodged as it zips amongst the air.

In one sudden action, the Brawler can channel forth the power into their legs, and have it burst forward in one concussive swing. This swing comes out in 1 action and slings forth like a bullet straight towards whoever is before it. This kick has enough power to dent through steel and cause concussive forth to any bone and the like within. After this attack, the Martial Sorcerer would find their movement speed halved for the next 3 rounds as their calves begin to feel torn.

Upon seeing an attack come forwards onto the Brawler, they can channel into their figure in order to sling forth a counter onto whatever is coming towards them. Catching the attack with one hand, and then smashing their other palm onto the center of the enemy or their attack in order to blast a concussive force strong enough to send the target aback about 10 meters. After this blow, the Brawler’s respective palm would have the flesh cut open, as certain fingers might even be twisted the wrong way. This counter has enough power to break through iron armor and the like.

The brawler takes a moment, and concentrates upon their upper mass. Allowing their shoulders to make a form of fluid movement, as they pull forth mana into their core. After taking 1 action to charge, upon the next round, the Brawler is able to sling forth a volley of punches within the span of a few seconds. 10 sudden strikes sent forth all in one go onto their opponent. If the Brawler moves from their position during this technique, it instantly fails. After a successful technique, the Brawler would feel their shoulder’s muscles begin to tear quite harshly.

The martial artist concentrates on their flowing stance, becoming like a dancing, constant flux. The martial artist is capable of making themselves an unrelenting, oppressive force of combative prowess. With this active flow, the martial artist can string together strikes perfectly, attacking with a greater wounding capability, as their fists strike like iron warhammers swung by orcs. The Magi is able to sling forth both of their fists for strikes in 1 action with a deep heft.

After taking a moment of rest, the brawler can pull back their fist and begin to engage their entire soul. Channeling forth the mana within, to produce itself within one of their fists. After channeling for 2 emotes, on the third a veil of orange mist would trail from the Brawler’s arm. Upon connecting with anything, the arm would suddenly speed up and skewer through most anything within its path. This fist is able to pierce through most metals, rocks, and even flesh beneath mithril armor. In exchange, the Brawler’s arm is immediately broken after this spell. The bones cracked in multiple positions.
Light Stance
The Light Stance equates onto those who use a singular, 1 or 2 handed weapon. This category can range widely from katanas, to greatswords, to even things such as shovels. The ranks of techniques within this stance have always come from a place of people trying to stay strategic with their battles, and mitigate the amount of Feedback that they’d suffer in exchange for a consistent and well balanced offense and defense.

Those amongst this stance are said to treat their battles in an extremely prideful manner, oftentimes believing their way of fighting to be openly superior, and seeing the battlefield as a way to exemplify and show their skills as superior over that of their opponent.

A staple for that of The Light Stance, via unlocking one’s soul they can use its power to hyperfixate onto their surroundings. This allows the user to feel as if attacks come towards them in slower motions, the Magi able to react quickly. This however does not make the Sorcerer faster, just merely makes them able to react to blows quicker. It takes 1 whole action to enter this stance, and can be held for however long the user wants, with 2 Feedback being applied to them each turn that it’s active. If held for longer than 4 rounds, the eyes of the Martial Sorcerer will begin to go bloodshot and leak blood.

The martial artist focuses their strength into their feet and heels, pushing ahead in a sudden burst of speed. With this, the martial artist can move straight in any direction 10 blocks, in addition to the regular movement speed of 10. At the end of this movement, they can perform a sudden attack with their weapon. After this attack, the Martial Sorcerer would find their movement speed halved for the next 2 rounds as their calves begin to feel worn.

Upon taking 2 emotes and crouching down their legs, the Light Stance fighter may be able to channel forth their power right into their legs, as they focus upon springing forth to deliver a sudden attack. The movement is as quick as an arrow, as the Light Stance user can go up to 35 blocks in a line, and deliver a sudden slice onto the center mass of any who are within that line. This blow is able to cut through iron armor with resistance, and dent steel. After this attack, the Martial Sorcerer would find their legs aching with a deep pain, going limp for the next emote as the tendons within one’s legs hyperextend and pull in various locations.

The Martial Sorcerer focuses upon their surroundings, and begins to try and flexibly move themselves to allow contortion and momentum to carry through their figure. Upon taking 1 action to focus, the Sorcerer’s blade would glow with a light aura towards it. The shoulders of the Sorcerer activate, as in the next moment they can strike three times in rapid succession with their blow towards various points on an enemy’s figure. After this attack, the Martial Magi’s shoulders would tense up, causing increasing pain as they’re forced to use their arms.

Using one’s extensive knowledge of blindspots in battle, the marital sorcerer unleashes a swift and decisive blow. This strike is mundane in force, but due to its near perfect degree it will always hit true in its direction. It can be blocked or parried, but cannot be dodged by even the fastests of foes if one is in range. After this strike, the Martial Sorcerer would feel their wrists beginning to crack, an increasing pain running amongst their palms and fingers as they’d continue to battle due to tearing the muscles in their hand.

Upon taking 2 emotes to focus, a martial sorcerer raises their weapon and cuts faster than light. This cut seems to morph through physics and mortal boundaries themselves, piercing through any material regardless of its make. The strike itself is slower than an average swing with one’s blade, and can be dodged with ease if one is expecting it. Should this blow land, the leading wrist of the Martial Magi’s attack would entirely snap in two, disabling it until healed.

After channeling for 3 emotes and entirely devoting one’s self to this technique, the martial sorcerer can begin to hyper analyze the vital points and put their all into ‘pre-striking’, or deciding exactly how they will follow up their attack relative to the reactions of the target. After preparing their path, within the span of a second, all attacks would sling out towards various points on a monster… causing 15 separate slashes to dig through the flesh of the respective enemy. After the final swing, all the damage would come through, often causing a blossom of blood and ichor to splay from the respective target. Immediately after the lungs of the Sorcerer would give out, causing them to fall over for the next 3 emotes stunned as their lungs would be unable to contract, alongside various torn tissue and internal bleeding in the shoulders and diaphragm of the Martial Sorcerer.
Dual Stance
The Dual Stance is reserved for those who use two, 1 handed weapons whilst within combat. The fighters that use this stance often use lightswords, sais, two smaller axes, etc. Within this rank the blows are made to be quite brutal, for both the person being attacked, and the Martial Sorcerer themselves. Often gaining a disgusting amount of Feedback and major injuries quickly if they aren’t kept within check.

Those amongst this stance are said to put their everything into attempting to massacre the opponent before them. Blind rages, and anger is known to show forth in their way of fighting, as upon unlocking the potential of their soul they see nothing but red. A commitment to striking down the beasts before them.

A staple for that of The Dual Stance, via unlocking their soul the Martial Magi is able to channel prowess and suppress the ability to feel pain, fear, or any emotion other than bloodlust. As long as this ability is kept up, the martial artist is capable of making themselves unnaturally resilient, a burning rage filling their heart. For the duration of the rage, the martial artist does not feel damage (but can still be damaged), and cannot feel fear - To their benefit, or detriment. The martial magi can keep this technique up for as long as they want, gaining 1 feedback per round that it’s active. And, can even engage in other techniques whilst using such.

Utilizing multiple weapons, the Martial Magi unleashes a savage attack upon their opponent. One after another, the strikes are driven down in a swift motion. Using this ability, they are capable of performing two consecutive attack actions in one turn rather than over the course of two turns. Such an attack is traditionally utilized to rip into limbs before tearing - though bears regular-tiered strength when doing so. The only difference to such strikes is their agile, swift speed that follows the savage attacks that follow one after another. Deep muscle strain would be felt amongst one’s arm as they finish this technique

Gaining a flurry of momentum, the Martial Magi quickly pivots and spins around whilst brandishing their weapons. With the weapons brandished, they’re positioned in such a way that causes anything within 3 blocks around the Martial Magi to be struck. When an opponent is struck by the Sharpened Tornado, they’re attacked by an onslaught of sharpened blows - though none too fatal in damage to be mortal. However, following the swirl of motion being completed, the Martial Magi is susceptible to being struck until they gain the ability to quickly solidify their footwork once more.

One of the more gruesome attacks in a Dual Artist’s arsenal, the Martial Magi reels back both of their blades and violently lunges forward in an accelerated, wretched motion. The momentum of the blades cause a torrent of vibrations that temporarily create a chainsaw-like effect. The results of such a serrated strike are excruciatingly painful and dangerous - given it is capable of piercing plates of iron and heavily denting steel. Following the completion of the accelerated lunge, the Martial Magi’s blades ring throughout the air for a few moments before quieting, as the muscles amongst the Magi’s wrist begin to tear and shake from such sudden shaking.

Grappling onto the hilt of both weapons in one hand, the Martial Magi is then able to use them whilst within melee range to block an incoming blow. Then, sliding off the momentum of the blocked attack, the Magi can feint an attack to throw off their assailant. While performing the feint, they can use their free-hand to quickly draw a throwing dagger to strike the vital area of a target within 12 blocks. Should the feinted strike land, it is able to cause a major wound with little effort from the Magi. The pain from such a blow is agonizing, often due to the lethal nature of the dagger’s struck location.

Upon focusing for 2 emotes, a Dual Artist is able to prepare themselves for an executing strike. After the two emotes, the Martial Magi would sling forward up to 6 blocks in an attempt to jam one of their blades into the target before them. Should this blow land, the next action the Martial Magi’s wrist would cock and twist, exposing the neck of their opponent so the second blade can sling towards the neck like a guillotine. This blow to the neck will land and cannot be dodged, however it does not necessarily mean all enemies faced will be decapitated instantly. Should the initial stab not work, the spell fails and no feedback is gained.

  • A version of this spell can also be used against independent arms/legs instead, in which the Feedback cost is 8 instead of 10.

Channeling the essence of their very soul, the Martial Magi spends 3 emotes entering a combative trance to concentrate and condense their mana into a singular source. Then, at the start of their next emote, the Magi uses their weapons to destructively surge forward and arc their blades in an ‘X’ formation. By targeting a specific location on their opponent’s figure, wherever the lines meet from the formation and impact, an explosive volley of pure mana blasts forward. The attack violently impales through the opponent, going all the way through. After the explosive surge has been completed, the Martial Magi’s arms are both broken in several different locations - rendering them incapable of combat without mortal risk.
Heavy Stance
The Heavy Stance is reserved for those who use large, two handed weapons such as warhammers, battleaxes, mauls, or other such sluggish weapons. Those who use the Heavy Stance often use their techniques as a way to ensure that they can both take and output a large amount of force, in exchange for their much more sluggish movements and way of fighting.

Those about this stance are quoted to put a much heavier emphasis upon stalwart defense. Oftentimes existing in these ranks to be protectors, or guardians rather than existing to force ire and death upon their opponents unless required.

A staple for that of The Heavy Stance, via unlocking their soul they can use its power to begin and loosen the muscles throughout their figure. Via doing such, the ligaments in one’s body begin to become easier to swing with an increased momentum, causing blows to land harder and have more intensive damage. Comparable to an Orcish beast slinging its warhammer around. It takes 1 whole action to enter this stance, and can be held for however long the user wants, with 1 Feedback being applied to them each turn that it’s active. If used for longer than 5 emotes, muscles will begin to pop out of place on the Magi.

Gathering the essence of their soul together, the Martial Magi spends one action preparing to release it. Upon their next turn, the Magi exerts the mana towards their legs - enabling them to slam onto the ground. Releasing a wave of rumbling vibrations, anyone within a 5 block cone of Magi’s seismic slam are knocked prone - unable to get back up immediately afterwards. The only targets that are capable of resisting the Magi’s toppling slam are large creatures.

Condensing the essence of their soul into the core of their body, the Martial Magi spends one action preparing to release the mana in one-go shortly after. Upon their next turn, the Magi releases the built-up mana in their core and rapidly charges forward. If their target is unable to dodge, they’re grappled and tackled up to 10 blocks away. While the charge is considerably defensive in its abilities, the concussive impact of it can be devastating should there be a solid surface to slam against. Disorienting the target if impacted, their reaction speed is delayed until their next turn - given the debilitating effect of such. Upon completing this rush, small cracks could be felt throughout the ribs of the Martial Magi.

As an immediate reaction to an attack, a Heavy Artist is capable of steeling their body with magical essence to prepare for sudden force, and as a result can mitigate 80% of the damage in an attack. Bladed attacks bounce off, and despite the power of a blow, one would shrug it off better than taking it normally. You cannot attack or move as you receive this blow, as well you don’t become entirely invulnerable during such, as oftentimes the blows one sustain will cause the Martial Magi’s heart to quake, leading to internal bleeding and coughing up blood.

Upon charging for 2 emotes, the Martial Magi can pull their weapon up into the air and put energy into their swing, before then sending it cascading onto the ground. Upon hitting the earth, the force would disperse in a straight line, causing cracks to ripple about the earth before then a 3x3 concussive force would smash around a specific target. The power breaks the earth, as it’s akin to being hit by a warhammer normally if you are within such an area. It is still possible to dodge and cracks show up amongst the area as it travels forward in a maximum spell range of 10 blocks. Immediately after such a blow, the stamina of a Heavy Artist would drop quickly, leading to heavy breaths and staggered movements.

Through hardened resolve, the Martial Magi concentrates on gathering the essence of their soul to charge their swinging-arm. Taking two actions to prepare, and able to unleash the attack on the start of their next turn, the Magi empowers the might in which they can swing. The force in which they slam down their weapon onto an opponent is capable of effectively ignoring a layer of armor. Smashing into them, it renders any bones directly impacted by the charged swing shattered. Additionally, if the attack is centered, it is able to shatter boulders into smithereens. Following the finality of the attack, however, the Magi’s swinging-arm cracks - sprained and broken.

The will of those who practice the Heavy Stance is protection, and so their ultimate technique is the essence of such. As a reaction to a physical attack, no matter whether magical or mundane, one practicing the Heavy Stance is able to loft their weapon into the air. Then, upon receiving any blow, the damage they face would be converted into force within one’s body. After a moment of internal redirection, the Magi could sling their weapon downwards, as the attack they just took would reflect back upon the caster in the manner of pure unadulterated power. The injuries of this spell are to be decided by the ET, and if the attack is powerful enough, sometimes the Martial Sorcerer may just die soon after. However, 99% of attacks are able to be deflected. Any who are behind a Magi using Absolution Reflection, are not affected by the attack tanked by the Magi.
The Schools Of Many
Despite the Stances which are listed above, Martial Magic is not specifically confined to that of just a few various abilities. It’s a system of techniques which have been passed down and modified based on the user throughout history. Twisted and changed based on the supernaturals that one must try and dispatch as they see fit.
  • It is entirely possible to make a lore submission for a different ‘Stance’ which can then be added to this post as one of the applicable stances.
    • Writing a lore submission for a Stance to be added does not mean it’ll be accepted instantly. It must still abide by the formatting of the style that Martial Magic is made of. Wherein between 6-8 techniques are within a specific stance.
    • If you write lore for a stance and it gets accepted, it does not mean you’ll immediately gain Martial Magic or even per say be promised it if not gained through RP.
  • Because multiple techniques exist, that also means it is entirely possible to see event characters with different and variant styles of Martial Magic. However, an ET using such does not mean it follows the exact same systems as the normal player stances… as detailed later.

Absolute Abandonment
The variety within this rung of magic is heavily limited to that of just combat, however there is always a purpose to that of these Sorcerers. It is impossible to gain this magic without some form of virtue, without some type of goal. One who shows sloth, or disinterest within the world, would find themselves being completely unable to gain this magic. This magic is born from the wound of being trampled on by the higher beings in this world, and so the upper echelon of this magic acts as a stopgate, and a final solution to dispatch those who trample on the lives of others.

By one unlocking their soul entirely, a Martial Sorcerer can momentarily trap a Spiritual Entity, or creature of divine nature, and force them to be unable to flee by magical means (such as teleportation), and leave them face to face with the Martial Sorcerer before them until one or the other dies. The soul of the Sorcerer would burst aflame, as all the magical energy from within begins to spindle out in a brilliant fire for the prospect of trying to destroy the soul of the creature before them, in exchange for the Magi giving up their own.

  • Absolute Abandonment takes 3 Emotes of focusing before being able to be put up. Often being described as a wild aura of energy pluming from all about that of the Sorcerer in question. Veins popping out on their figure, and glowing eyes as the Magi’s own essence begins to explode out their own body.
    • After activating absolute abandonment, no matter what, you will die after 20 emotes. Life Magic cannot heal you, your soul entirely flares up, and then burns out.
  • By activating Absolute Abandonment, you put your processes into a state of overdrive for the next 10 emotes. In that time, you are able to move with extreme vigor, do any technique within any stance, and have your Feedback Cap brought up to 50, as well as no longer needing to charge any techniques.
    • Injuries are passively sustained on one, and Feedback continues to break down your body whilst in overdrive, however the suicidal nature of such a last-effort attack blocks such out for the purpose of dispatching that before you.
  • If you kill a creature whilst having activated this ability upon them, that greater being’s soul entirely dies and cannot come back, ever.
  • After the 10 emotes are up and assuming your character does not die of blood loss or other injuries from battle, your character has 10 extra emotes where they are pretty much sapped of all strength and power, falling over unable to move. This is effectively a state to say any last words.
  • If the creature’s soul is too extreme to kill, even with Absolute Abandonment (whether they have a cheeky way to survive despite death, or because the creature is just that conceptual and powerful), then Absolute Abandonment will not go off in the first place.
Blackened Souls
In some certain cases, there do exist people who’ve used the prowess of Martial Magic against its intended form. Those who’ve been corrupted and given up the sanctity of their will in exchange for an ability to pull more power, without having to face the consequences of a confined limit. This is done through patrons, deific enhancers that are placed within one’s figure in order for them to rack up insane amounts of Feedback without too much to show for it on one’s body. The only issue being, that the Feedback must be switched off onto someone else.

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