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Mar 27, 2021
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Magistrate of Health:
20th of the Last Offering, 54AC

  • Intro
    • Abschnitt Ein: Research Director & Chief Consultant.
    • Abschnitt Zwei: Employment Roles & How to Apply
    • Abschnitt Drei: Clinical Authorities
    • Abschnitt Vier: - Case & Medicine Management and Employee Limitations
    • Abschnitt Fünf - Further Notes
The Association of Westholm Health & Research Institute hereby adhere to the mandatory rules and regulations governed by the Codex of Godfrey under which the King/Queen of Calendale. The article will include a set of laws and boundaries that further reflect the medical practice of medieval medicine and research innovation for the advancement of medical technology. The document is created for those who wish to join the institution either to practice medicine or be interested in medical research studies. The Head Chief Research Director will be taking charge and ensuring the whole hospital runs operatively. For those who wish to question the document please do not hesitate to approach the team.

Abschnitt Ein. - Research Director & Chief Consultant. (Dr. Albrecht ‘Doktor’) (@TheVoiden#8514/Dancan1)

-Is highest position in the Calendale medical institution, which hereby has the full authority over all medical and research staff, which oversees all work that is conducted in the hospital.
-The Doktor has the authority to recruit any potential staff and give the proper appropriate rank within their ability and has the full authority in dismissing any hired employees.
-In terms of practice- they can perform medical tasks if needed, if no other physician can handle the tasks, the Doktor may overtake and lead in completing the task. In terms of research practice the Doktor is the head of clinical research. All reports conducted in the institution are sent and peer reviewed with the Doktor himself. Employees may volunteer to assist the Doktor’s work if only requested.

Abschnitt Zwei: Employment Roles

The Institution has a hierarchy of titles, ranks, and responsibilities listed down below.

A brief description of each rank:
  • Head Research Director & Chief Consultant (Owner of the establishment)
    • Residential Secretary (Mostly Administrative work and in charge of hiring new workers into the area- and providing pay to workers)
  • Senior Medical Personnel
-Specialist Consultant (A senior advanced doctor expert in medical & surgical Medicine)
-General Practitioner (A senior specialist registrar- over 10 years studying medicine-they also have trained in general surgical procedures)
  • Junior Medical Personnel
-Specialist Registrar (Someone who has been working for 5 years* and specializing in a specific area of medical study)
[Years based on IC Calendar not IRL]
-Senior Resident (Someone who has worked over a year of experience in their study)
-Resident (A newly qualified starter in the institute to join the team to treat new patients)
  • Medical Deputy Officer (Junior to Advanced)
    • (A specialist personnel with first-aid medical and *surgical experience)
      • [*ranking up to 'advanced' will have to undergo in combat surgical first-aid training and anodyne management training.]
  • Caregiver
    • (Nurses who take care of patients and report any problems to their Doctors)
  • Medical Student
  • -Intern (Medical Student learning and training to become a physician)

  • Alchemist (Researcher)
    • (Supervised by the Doktor Himself- they can work with if requested, or produce research reports for the Doktor. They provide various work from creating ailments such as medications, sterilisation of surgical equipment's, embalming the deceased.)
  • Botanist
    • (An assistant to working with the Research Team, they manage the lab- growing cultivating and collecting herbs, storage management and also provide other labour work to assist the Research Team)

How to apply:
Please locate the Application box in the front of the hospital in Calendale and fill out the form-

Sign and place it back in the box- the team will review your forum via mailbox and will get back to you as soon as possible.

(Waiting time for Application)
From instant up to
1-2 IRL Days. (Please check your mailbox regularly- If the team is unable to find your house- will deliver via Messenger Bird or the secretary will DM Uno/ OHITSUNO#2299 via discord [Even if your playing a different character])
If you have not received any letter back- please do not
hesitate to msg either the conversation forum post or his discord direct messages.

Employment Roles Available:

Starter Medical Personnel's (Physicians/Junior's)
Medical Deputy Officers
Alchemist (Research Team)

Those who apply for medical personnel roles in the institute- A letter will be sent via Mailbox/Messenger bird for an arranged Entrance Exam RP which will include the location, date and time.

Once passing your exam- an interview will be commenced with one of the team. Passing your interview will grant you the access in working in our prestigious institute.
For any non-employees with previous expertise in their area and who would like to work in a section, please ask the team for an arrangement for an interview.

(Open to all players of FRP)

Those wishing to become a Student or apply as a senior medical personnel, please speak with the Secretary or the Doktor himself.

Abschnitt Drei: Clinical Authorities

-In regards to Fees, all ages of patients are given free treatment except when the usage of Greater potions in treatment they will be charged.
-Any visitors who are visiting the Urgent Ward Unit with their patient- they will be sent to the reception or outside to wait,- disobeying the order is classed as trespassing and may be fined under the council within the Codex of Godfrey.

-Visitors are allowed to visit the health ward- the institute may restrict visiting times if there is an outbreak of disease in the ward.
-Article VIII from the Codex of Godfrey still applies in the institution in regards to any theft/tampering of medical supplies.
-Any unauthorized personnel attempting to break into restricted areas will also be classed as trespassing and will be held by the council under the Codex of Godfrey.
- If any person attempts to disrupt a physician from providing treatment, then they will be dealt with whatever force is necessary.
-Any physician who mistreats and causes harm to the patient, they will be held responsible under Article IX of Codex of Godfrey and will be interviewed by the Secretary and have their title revoked in working in the institute.
-If the patient intentionally causes any harm to any staff member, they will be subdued and will be refused treatment.

Abschnitt Vier: - Case & Medicine Management and Employee Limitations

Case Management

  • It is a requirement to log every case in the clinic this includes medical and surgical consultations. Each Case is to required to include the following;
    • Name of the physician with signature
    • Initials of the Patient
    • Diagnosis
    • Treatment with Rationale
    • Patient’s Signature
    • Clinician Signature
  • Caregivers are allowed to document/record observations frequently as they would be monitoring their patients most of the time giving the care they need.
  • Medical students are not forced to take part in medical clinical routines/procedures as they are only supernumerary in their placements. They are encouraged to shadow with their physician in clinical procedures.
Medicine Management
  • Registered Physicians, are the only registered personnel to prescribe treatment for patients in the institution- third party physicians practicing outside the institution are not included and cannot be covered for patient mistreatment. Furthermore they must ensure they provide the correct dosage and frequency of the medication. They also are in charge of reviewing their case every week to ensure the treatment is working as it is planned. The Residential Secretary will be auditing every month review case per case.
  • For Medical Deputy Officers, they must go through anodyne medical management training in order to be competent to safely use it during combat.
  • Caregivers are allowed to dispense medication to patients that has been signed by the registered physician of the Institution. They must ensure it includes the right patient assigned for the medication and right amount of dosage and the check the expiry date of the ailment.
  • The Alchemist team are in charge of creating any ailments needed for treatment.

Abschnitt Fünf - Further Notes

-Human Experimentation is heavily discouraged. Practicing harmful medical experiments will be questioned by the team and will be held into court by the council under the Codex of Godfrey.

-Only in extreme and dire circumstances anyone outside the kingdom can reserve appointments for the Doktor. Please consult the Secretary and Physicians first.

-In an event of a fire, please use the nearest exit- ensure widows are open, evacuate all staff and patients, do not collect any belongings, and gather by the designated safety point (By the Town Square)

-In an event of a potential plague, the Institute will stop accepting new patients and the whole building will isolate itself from the outside. Selected Practicing physicians will travel to their respective patient houses to be seen.

-In an event of the whole city being under siege, everyone will be evacuated to an undisclosed location. Temporary Accommodation will be set up. The Research Team will terminate all physical reports to prevent information being leaked.

-In an event of a natural disaster, relocate all staff and patients to the Outdoor Royal Barracks. A temporary accommodation will be set up for the hospital. The Research Team will terminate all physical reports to prevent information being leaked.

-Any intrusion of the Doktor’s work will be dealt with by the Doktor himself. Kindly please do not interrupt him while he is currently busy working.

-Any new artifact or document that may be potential to the Doktor’s research can be submitted and reviewed. Please do not waste his time and bear in mind, if it does not intrigue with his outcome it will be discarded.

-Doktor’s students will still be under his lessons and protection. Any harm to his students will be dealt with himself without a warrant.

-The constitutional article will be revised yearly by the team.


Dr. Albrecht (Doktor)
(Head Research Director and Chief Consultant)


Uno De La Gilroy
(Residential Secretary)

(OOC: The medieval medical roleplay still complies with the rules of fantasy role play abiding Rule 1.8 & 2.0. We will try to provide the most accurate medieval medical roleplay for those who are interested- however, there are some medical areas of study that will not be implemented in our medical roleplay as they will breach the roleplay rules. Any members caught practicing illicit medical areas which may even slightly hint the rule of 1.8 and 2.0 is broken. Consequences will result in being reported to the moderators.)
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Jun 27, 2020
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Ign: S_W_I_F_T_Y__SAM
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Irp name: Doctor Davidson the 2nd
Background experience: Son of an ex clinic owner of Brenna. His expertise exceeds that of the regular Doctor, as he is a trail blazer of new medical practices...find out irp.


Mar 27, 2021
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Character Name
Uno|Theodas Erryss
Ign: S_W_I_F_T_Y__SAM
Discord: You got it
Irp name: Doctor Davidson the 2nd
Background experience: Son of an ex clinic owner of Brenna. His expertise exceeds that of the regular Doctor, as he is a trail blazer of new medical practices...find out irp.
your suppose to write that in irp there’s like a box outside- I swear you didn’t read how to apply properly smh- but all good 🙄 claimed. Please wait for a response through mailbox/ Traveling herald aviary messenger bird.


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