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Dec 13, 2020
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MC Username: Lyte0_0

DiscordTag: Lyte#4842

Timezone: I can work with BST and EST timezones

How many hours will you be able to contribute to the team? (average per week) I will be able to provide at least 40 hours per week

Have you had any previous staff experience? If so, please elaborate. N/A

What made you consider joining ET? My friends and I had a discord server that we loved to roleplay on. We were at least 9 on a regular, myself and one other person were the Gamemasters so we did the storylines and events for the players. I found the experience very fun and enjoyable so I thought that I could continue this by joining the Event Team on FRP

What can you offer to the Event Team that is unique? I Could go round bringing up events for people depending where they are at the given time. For instance if a player was going around on his horse exploring the land I could pop in with a *As Terrance made his way through the looming woods under the bright light of the moon he would begin to hear a singular howl of a Wolf, after a while a pack of wolves counting 4 in number would be seen in the distance somehow blocking the path of the Rider*. I feel this would make the Server more lively and encourage people to go round investigating different places. Also I would happily work with other Event Team members to dive into more Creative and well thought out events cause two heads are better than one

What are some themes/genres of interest that you'd like to develop into events?

Write out an extensive idea for a small event, directed towards a group of 4 players.

Supposed Convict
A weary old Sorcerer in no shape to fight has been accused of a terrible crime. He finally has the evidence he needs to clear his name but the journey to the city of Aellen is not safe for him as his enemies want him to rot in jail. He has paid a few young adventurers handsomely to escort him From Hazduun to Aellen so he may be free.

Once accepted the group would begin escorting the man on horseback. [The way the Horses are positioned for the trip would matter, but I'll just be taking a situation where the man rides with one in front, another at the back and one by each side]
Word had somehow managed to get out of this Man’s new found evidence for as the Group of adventurers were on route they would see their path blocked by some people. No matter how hard they try to talk to the people blocking the path they would not listen and would instead prompt for the Sorcerer to be handed over. The adventurers would fight back and if successful they would remove the logs used to block the path and continue the journey to Aellen.
Another attempt like this was made on the Adventurers on their way to Aellen. Once arriving at the City they would be approached by a group of Bribed Guards who led the Adventurers with the man to an Abandoned Alley with full intent of making waste to them and taking the Sorcerer away destroying his evidence and locking him up. The Adventurers fought back in this long Alleyway keeping the Sorcerer at the back of their force. Once successful they would finish their work by taking him to a proper court for him to be judged with all fairness. {Just a simple Event for a group of friends to escort someone across Enarion}

Write out an extensive idea for a medium-sized event, directed towards a group of 8-10 players. Thieving Ritualists
An old looking woman wearing stitched rags wandered into the city. Tears streamed down her face as she approached a group of well built men and women that were seated in the Tavern discussing something unknown to her.
"Please- I need your help!" She exclaimed towards the group.
Enough was heard and she explained what had happened to the crew. On her way back to her hometown with her husband a group of Masked bandits surrounded the mules they rode on, they were quick and quiet killing one of the beasts and taking the old Man as he tried to fight back. She saw them head Northwest towards Zhul on fierce horses.

The Crew packed their gear and set out to rescue the man as they headed towards the direction she had told them of. At the edge of a sandy beach they would arrive seeing a few boats enough to carry at least 20-30 People in the distance they would see some islands, soon after they would hear distant chattering and sobbing. The ones with keen eyes saw Prisoners bound up with chains heading towards the boats being escorted by Masked men 5 in number.

Should they choose to come out and fight the Masked Bandits they would almost easily Win the battle depending on how well they fight...The crew would now see all the Prisoners counting up to at least 15. But no sign of any old men, there were no Women or girls among the prisoners, just Middle-Aged men and young boys. With some Investigative Roleplay with the Prisoners they would discover that they were to be shipped towards the Island that sat in the distance. None of them were sure why..
The Crew would then set out towards the Island to rescue the ones that had already been shipped. But what they saw was horrific, A Lot of Men and boys alike were locked up in wooden cages. The other Masked Men that were on Guard Duty had been waiting for a boat of the New prisoners that were to arrive, but upon seeing the Group of fierce warriors they would definitely be surprised as one would hurry to sound the Alarm! If not stopped he would sound the Alarm successfully alerting all nearby guards to the common area leaving for the Crew to fight a dozen Masked men.. After hacking and Slashing their way through the bunch they would be faced with a much Larger man who seemed to be the leader of this /Society/. After a fierce and long Boss Fight they would all be exhausted and take a break before going to release the Prisoners. They finally laid their eyes upon the Old man they came looking for and asked him all manners of Questions

Should the Crew choose to hide and observe here is what would happen:
As the various Prisoners were bored upon the boats the Rescuers would watch curiously from where they hid. It would appear that a singular boat remained for them. The 10 would all get on having to squeeze a bit as they began their row to the Island.
{!} At the main docking spot there would be various Guards stationed to keep watch, if they docked at this point they would blow their cover and have to take on many guards! If this was the case they would be wiped of before even getting towards the Wooden cells as now the Masked Group was prepared.
{!}Around the Island would be a steep path that can be easily climbed if careful leaving the group at the Back of the holding cells now Closer to the Boss and Prisoners. Some more Masked Men would be on standby as the Crew sneaked around the Camp, they would take them out as quietly as possible before arriving at the Wooden Cells. [Depending on the Time this Event takes place would affect the outcome. For this instance I would go with it being night] As the group snuck towards the Cells they would see the Old Man they came to rescue! One of them would go to break the lock on the Cage but the Old Man stopped them and pointed towards a tent, he explained how the Tent was the place where the Leader of the group slept....

The Crew would then go to take out all remaining guards in the area as Quietly as they could before sneaking into the Tent to kill the Leader in his sleep. Depending on how they go about the Assassination they would be successful and begin to free all the Men and Boys. The Old man Explains how these were a group of Cannibalistic, Idol worshipping group that planned to Sacrifice the Men in the morning and eat the boys by dawn. They would finish of the Mission by taking all the Prisoners back to the main land so they could return to their normal lives.

What is your take on item rewards? I feel item rewards are necessary in events, depending on how they were played out. It reminds Players of the adventures they had and depending on the use of said item they would be able to make other roleplay opportunities for themselves, whether it be using the item to make a magnificent weapon or showing of the item in a tavern for the customers to ask about or even reusing the item to resolve matters with different entities.

What is your vision for FRP’s narrative? I would want to shift the story of FRP to a very intense and in depth world where every action a person makes has its consequences. With this the land would come to life and people would be eager to learn more and more like an endless puzzle piece.
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Sep 27, 2020
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+1 Adorable person to be around and has great entertainment value in RP! I think with even just a tiny bit of polishing he could be a great contribution!


Jun 14, 2020
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Klaus Monroe

Your application is being reviewed. Expect a decision within the next couple of days!
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