Lost in Time

Jul 3, 2020
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Mythri E. Melodine

Lost In Time

Art Link: https://www.reddit.com/r/Art/comments/br9gaq/ancient_indian_ruins_me_digital_2019/.

Above would be a painting as of 32 A.C, depictions of a city broken down into shambles are shown. Those who remembered the once-bustling Republic of Valora would recognize this painting to be of Valora’s Ruins.

Lost In Time

Nature prevails through all. Once a city came from, is where it shall return. The Republic of Valora is a great example of such. A once bustling nation is now reduced to only runic buildings. Standing tall in glory are the remains of what was. It was less than a decade ago when you could still find the buildings standing strong. However, as mortals age and conflict arises, the nation stood no more. Though the Nation of Valora is no longer among the standing, its buildings represent it well enough. Still intact and representing the history of some of the very first settlers to reclaim Enarion after the many generations that lived within our refugee lands after the great storm of Calamity. The Order of Druids recognizes the ruins of Valora to stand as Dairlwen does, a symbol of the past.


Art Link: https://www.deviantart.com/tomprante/art/Nature-623084375

EVENT: Reverse the Times

The Order of Druids invites Enarion, despite you be Dwarven, Elven, or Human, you are welcome to join what will be the reverse of time. Starting at the Sacred tree of Annumara, the current Archdruid will take those who’ve shown up on a tour. A tour throughout the ruins of Valora, stories will be told of what was the buildings that now fall into shambles. The Archdruid will point out certain standing buildings and state what it once was, a story to go along with it. From a rat stealing Fisher to a lovely tavern brawl to even a group of sleeping warriors resting until the day, when they will march to Ordhiem to be rid of an undead hoard that plagued Enarion. We welcome the past citizens of Valora, whether you be a late-valoran council member or simply a citizen to join the Order of Druids and the visitors to tell your stories, what was your favorite memory of Valora?

Why this event? This is a good question, the Order of Druids is a religion dedicated to nature, upkeeping a balance between the spiritual and mortal world, often doing this by communicating with intelligent fae and vaettir, even being Guided by a Dryad. The ruins of Valora are not the only ruins within Aellen, however much like the ruins of Bawric, Lotheila (The Old Kingdom), and Dalirwen it serves as a reminder of history. It shows how nothing is permanent, that one-day things shall return to the earth in which they came from. Enjoy the life you have been gifted and celebrate the chance you’ve gotten.
The Order of Druids hopes to see you there.

Archdruid Mythri


Personal Invitations would be sent out to:

  • Pre-Citizens of Valora
  • Those who fought in the Undead war
  • Those who are within the Adventure’s guild

However, all are welcome.


OOC Info:
We’ll be gathering at the Kingdom of Aellen’s Sacred Tree of Annumara (giant orange tree). We’ll head out at 4:30pm Est on 3/26.
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