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May 13, 2020
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Lore Team Update

The Lore Team currently has multiple projects on the table that are either being worked on or planning to be worked on, with @AGiantPie stepping down and passing on LT Lead to me I hope this post will serve to keep all players informed on what is being worked on, their progress and what to expect for the future! Below is a generalized overview of the projects and posts that will be posted on forums and what is to be expected.

In Progress
Not Started

Formulate Direction for Playable Creatures
The direction for playable creatures can be found here but the purpose of making it public is that the community is informed about the intent and purpose of playables and what they are designed to offer. Additionally, the process of revoking a playable creature is covered within the post above in hopes of improving transparency with those utilizing a playable creature.

Vampire Rework
The vampire creature has undergone multiple reworks and changes especially recently, we have finally released what we envision our final form for vampires to be in cooperation with our direction for Playable Creatures as a whole.

Will be updated and reworked under @Dairsad

Be reworked and discussed as a whole with the entire playable team.

Player Submission Guides
Currently, a lore template is only provided for bestiary and general lore suggestions however we have decided to write up and release a more in-depth template for certain areas such as playables and the like to help those that write up suggestions. This is to not discourage creativity but acts as a guide for players that are unsure how to format certain aspects.

Deity System Rework
The rework for our current Deity System is still underway and is not in a state where we can promise a deadline. However, the rework is currently one of the Lore Team’s top priorities before we branch off to other areas so that players are not blocked off from their Religious roleplay. Our announcement pertaining to the rework can be found here. There will be another announcement to explain the changes and how this part of lore will be handled in the near future.

LT Roster
Similarly to the ET roster we are drafting one for the Lore Team which is where a list of the current members of the team and their respective sub-teams is so that players can have an easier time finding who to contact for a specific type of lore interaction (i.e. magic, tech, etc.).

The Magic System will be receiving additional tweaks & updates, most notably to spells as well as the introduction of tier 3 sorcery. There is still more to be done for the magic system but you will simply have to wait to see what comes!

Beastiary Rework
All beastiary are going to be edited and redone to be posted as IRP posts.

Written by @IndeanaJones
Edited and reviewed by @Phaeondra
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