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Kingdom of Calendale

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May 24, 2020
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Kingdom of Calendale: Job Board

"Long have we been divided by barriers that care not for our similarities; placed there by the house that once sat on this very throne, entrusted to unify, yet chose to divide."
- King Richard II, 27 AC

The Royal Army of Calendale
The Royal Army of Calendale is the central pillar of military might in the human realm. It is the first organised human army formed by King Eadwine in the beginning years of reclamation. As a process of its institution, it has turned the human realm into a formidable fighting force that has seen few defeats and has been dominant on the battlefield. At first, an army solely of Wiccan peoples has come to be the home for professional soldiers of all cultures.
Find employment by speaking to soldiers of Calendale.

Marshal: Godwine (@Ryanark#9337)

The Wicc’Inn
The Inn is a centre spot for Calendale news, entertainment and a lot of alcohol. The Wicc’Inn is looking for staff to help maintain the endless requests for drinks and food, you never know when dwarf travellers will turn up to have some Vlachian Vodka.
Seek employment today by going to the Wicc’Inn and talking to the tavern workers

Inn Owner: Aethlul Avery (@Spicii#8894 )

The Rangers of Enarion
The Rangers are skilled in the arts of alchemy, wood-working and herbalism - they are well trained in forestry combat, scouting, and Stealth, they are also able to spring unnoticed from the forest to surprise and vanquish unruly intruders. Rangers have concerned themselves with the defending Enarion as a whole, watching for those who disturb the peace.
Seek employment by speaking to a Ranger, found either in Calendale or Promdor

Leader: Thomas Smith (@Shadowz#8490)

Twin Helms Forge
The land of Calendale honours those who perform the highest in their skill or workplace, in particular, is the Twins Helm Forge, it’s the central shop for many travellers and citizens, located opposite of the Wicc’Inn. They don’t just make weapons but nails, furniture, locks, horseshoes, and armour. The blacksmith became essential to any town, and their techniques improved accordingly. Their skill to make the greatest armour, and the sharpest blades, is unmatched by others. Seek employment with them today in Calendale.
Seek employment by going to the Forge, located in Calendale

Leader: Reylin (@Villainilla#0933)

Wholm Apothecary
The Apothecary Guild is a small herbalistic community that maintains a focus on the study, handling, and distribution of herbs. They seek anyone who wishes to find herbs across Enarion or wish to work in the shop, stacking up herbs or potions and selling them.
If you wish to join the Apothecary Guild or Donate herbs, potions, etc please head to Wholm Apothecary located opposite the Wicc’Inn.

Leader: Athelu (@Spicii#8894)

Blossom Bakery
The Blossom Bakery is a new industry set up in Calendale that sells baked goods to those who wish to buy them. Located by the stablemaster, the bakery is looking for staff to help gather the ingredients to make delicious food. Come to Blossom Bakery in Calendale to seek employment.
Owner: Taffeta Sheridan (@Tammy#2624)


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