Karl Mannhardt.


Dec 7, 2020
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Known as: “Sir Karl Mannhardt”
Full name: Karl-Hanselt Johannes-Alexandre Mannhardt
Nicknames and Aliases:
'Lord Mannhardt'
'Sir Karl'

Age: Twenty four years old.
Gender: Male.
Race: Human; Wiccan
Social Status: Knighted; Banner-Sergeant in the Royal Calendale Army.
Sexuality: Heterosexual.
Marital Status: Single.
Height: He stands at a proud 6'1, in full battle array.
Homeland: The village of Aldburg.
Current Home: Westholm, Capital of Calendale.
Religion: Karl tends to lean towards the worship of the Five Divine, with adoration for the teachings and lessons of Itaos.
Voice: [x]
Noble Lineage: First knighted by the former Rheynish queen Meredith, Karl is one of the few of his family to acquire any sort of title. After entering the service of King Richard the Second, the title became restored and was later raised after he captured the Tsarina of Fyrmana, and for his actions of valor in combat.

""Why did you stay? Why did you not go with her?"



Karl does not lie, not even to his opponents.


He understands that some things take time.

Brave. [citation needed]

This come from his fear, which he does not try to hide.


Karl has never once had a romantic partner or companion.
For the better, likely.


Karl loyally serves the king of Westholm as one of his diplomats, on top of his military service.


Karl has served Calendale with the same loyalty as he did Rheynland.


Karl is eager to trust others, to assume the best in them.
Sometimes, this has negative effects, and makes him gullible and arrogant.

"May the Five smite you, Sir Karl."
- Enrico.


Karl was born and raised in a family of scholars, resulting in many of his early years being surrounded by books and tomes. Some of these pieces of work were truly considered ancient- some of the folklore pieces being thought to hail from centuries prior to even his grandmother's childhood. At first, he was sheltered, resulting in Karl developing an interest in fantasizing about characters he had read, often sketching poorly made images of scenery with various heroes depicted in them. Thinking that this hobby would be a potential career for the youth, his father encouraged him to take lessons as a painter. After around three or four years, when Karl was about eleven, he dropped the pursuits and instead opted to plead with his father to find him a fencing master. The young boy would be rewarded on his twelfth birthday, now able to begin training his body and mind in the art of combatives. This was far from an easy journey, and for most of the time he

When he was around sixteen, Karl decided to up and leave the family home. He did such with the permission of his grandmother, his de-facto parental figure at the time. His journey took him to Westholm, then hailed as Avengarde, and it would be here that he first swore his oath and enlisted within the Rheynish army. He would fight on behalf of Queen Meredith, going so far as to be knighted by the monarch, yet chose to remain within the city after the 'rebellion' had been concluded. With Meredith now as an acting chamberlain, Karl tried to try and meet with the new king- yet was often met with the similar treatment he received from the first monarch he had served: cold shoulders. Retiring to his own studies, he spent much of his time attempting to perfect different dialects, acquiring an interest in blacksmithing for a hobby as well. After the suicide of the second king, Karl would be one of the very few who remained loyal to the wounded nation and state, while others (including Meredith) fled towards the north. Now hailed as Calendale, King Richard the Second accepted the young twenty-year-old Karl's oath of allegiance, maintained and even raised his title, and tasked him with helping manage the kingdom's foreign affairs. Through this action, and the following years, Karl's loyalty and beliefs would come to favor that of the Myrfeld line- thus motivating most of his actions in the coming age of strife.


For a time, Karl remained without work. Vetroy had already been dealt with once after threatening Princess Esma when she invited the Vozhd to her father's own coronation, and with talks of the human summit going smoothly there was little reason to worry or be concerned. This changed, however, with the insults thrown against King Richard the Second, against Calendale, and dissent was sown between various leaders of towns and fledgling nations alike. Hubris seemed to be the primary contributor to such, permitting past grudges to grow as a cancer on the minds. Calendale would later withdraw from the summit, and yet disregarded much of the banter from others. This changed, however, when the Vozhd decided to murder two noblewomen- one of Calendale and the other of Veldenz. When news reached of how he burned them both alive, the army was mustered and sent forth. Karl was part of this warband.

During the assault on the town, Karl had found himself alongside a dear companion known as Alfred of Myrfeld. When the knight drew close to Alfred, he saw that the individual was overtaken by grief with the loss of his lover. Karl put a hand on the man's shoulder, beginning to speak before the heartbroken Wiccan took his own life with his own sword. Karl, having now lost a personal companion and directly witnessing such an act, would be struck with immense grief and misery. For three days, he was confined to his study, meditating and attempting to make sense of the matter. When he accumulated a plan to prevent the needless deaths of innocents, Karl rode north from Calendale. He intended to speak with the wife of the Vozhd, to bring her to the capital and permit her the chance to sue for peace and cause the war to end.

When he arrived at Vetroy, he was greeted first by a guardsman named William. After speaking of his intentions honestly to the man, the noblewoman was fetched and came of her own accord to meet with King Richard's foreign dignitary. Karl pleaded with her to come with him, guaranteeing her safety via his own word if she would comply. He pleaded for her to rethink her actions, giving the message of potential, and begged for her to rescind the lies plastered about on noticeboards, and even continued doing so when another bloodthirsty guard came up and drew his blade on him. William, however, would come to side with Karl, not finding any sense of honor in the killing of a messenger. Of the three who stood against them, Karl killed one and beaten another. The noblewoman fled, hiding and cowering behind her locked doors and gates while permitting her people to suffer.

William would arrive to Calendale with Karl, and promptly enter service with the permission of King Richard and swearing in of Sir Karl. In due time, the pair would become loyal to one another. News of other nations across Enarion taking up arms in defense of Vetroy, citing "honorable pacts" and "warmongering of Calendale" as excuses would then begin to emerge, prompting the young knight to ride out and meet with any foreign diplomats and emissaries which he could. Unfortunately, most of these people turned their backs to talks, and the knight was left up to his own devices. Karl would partake in the following attacks on Tor Ascara and Promdor.

After repeating victories, and zero defeats on the field, Karl took part in a roaming patrol near the castle of Barwic and Gates of Reyn. With the help of Solaad, the knight found three suspicious looking individuals crossing the bridge from the north. After interrogation was done by Hetman Ivan Bavar, weapons were drawn due to suspicious demeanor and a fight ensued. Recognizing the armor type, voice, and build of one of the figures, Karl shouted the identity of Tsarina Katerina- leader of Fyrmana. Both he and Solaad would be successful in her apprehension, while other men of Calendale ran interference against the few who showed up to contest this engagement. Now hogtied, the Tsarina would be taken to Calendale- where she would remain for most, if not all the war. During this time, Karl met with her, informing her of why he did not flee with Meredith, the woman who had knighted him four years prior. In addition to this, he shared with her the truth of the war, and why it began.

For his actions in combat, integrity in diplomacy, and for his efforts in the capture of the Tsarina, King Richard the Second granted Karl land- thus raising his status. During this moment, he recognized Karl's dedication was not just to the king, or to his family, yet of the country and people of Calendale itself.

Not too long after this, the now Lord Mannhardt would be part of a retinue who caused disruption along the borders of Aellen and Glarenydd, apprehending several elves for interrogation and slaying a few others. One of these elves that had been apprehended was named Zetari Reykian, the mother of the queen. Having spoken with her at great lengths, both Karl and Princess Esma concluded her death or mutilation would reap no benefits to just Calendale, yet of Enarion. Karl, having been courteous and kind to the prisoner, set her free and later developed a friendship with the elf. Around the same time, Karl would become friends with an elfess dubbed Nyanna Nevrakis, a diplomat of Aellen.

The war would be over not too long after, with Karl charged with the honor of the defense of Westholm, alongside Lord Marshal Ulfvgar and several other Vlachians. The men of the west managed to defeat the other nations of Enarion, those who so greatly outnumbered and out equipped them. After this fight it would become known that most Reynish and Wiccan forces were equipped with the weapons of their foes, adding further humiliation to the opposition. With the war over, and with Calendale's legacy set in stone, opportunities for peace and prosperity would now rise.


[more soon, maybe even relations idk if i feel quirky enough]

IC articles:
Of Traitors and Victors.
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