Inauguration of a new Jarl


Aug 27, 2020
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The citizens, enjoying their daily life on the streets of Nordavik, to none of their anticipation, are met with the newly formed Army of the Stag, marching in synchronized form, led by the 4 Hersirs. "pffrom, pffrom, pffrom, pffrom". The steps of the army can be heard in ever increasing intensity, on all 4 corners of the Jarldom. The Army congregates in the town square as the citizens open their windows and gather outside. From the shadows cast by the trees of the great hall, emerges Ubbe & Valkorion von Archimetheus. With a clench of his fist, the 4 armies halt to a stop. The hersirs, on the corners of the town square. The citizens stare up to Ubbe, and the grey cumulus clouds above in eagerness and awe. Ubbe gives Valkorion the stage. The air remains in suspense in the silence that hovers over the town square.

"Attention Citizens of Nordavik. I am certain the news of our former leader, Regulus of Tarragon, has come to us all. By the will of the gods, and on behalf of Jarl Ubbe, it is my honour to decree a formal proclamation of his successor, Vintas of House Frostfall. These are times of struggle, but our beloved nation will not fall. All citizens and people of Enarion, are invited to the inauguration of our new leader, from within, and from beyond! Let us not forget ....that our glorious leaders will lead Nordavik to prosperity and to VICTORY!"

Vintas Frostfall emerges from the shadows as Valkorion gracefully bows his way backwards, to make way for the Thegn taking the attention of the stage From behind, Valkorion raises his fist in the air. Ubbe follows. "Skól Vintas, Skól Ubbe! Skól our people. Skól Prosperity!" Valkorion exclaims. The Hersirs and citizens raise their fists, chanting Vintas's name and repeating after Valkorion amidst Vintas' presence, cheering with joy. The syslumaders (administrator) begins distributing invitation letters with details .

[date of inauguration: 20th oct. 3pm EST.]
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