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May 24, 2020
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History of Myrfeld
Customs of Myrfeld
Credits and References


History of Myrfeld

Many long years ago, Myrfeld prospered within an unknown realm, fields of green slow-dancing within the wafting wind as their impressive castle established the foundation for their fortuitous existence. Rows of horses strode upon the frail soil as knights carrying a turquoise-silver flag scurried across the lands to further expand their evermore growing importance. Flat planes and walls of native stone encompassed the Myrfeldi, riches blocked from their sight for pink-gradient granite towered above them. Ironic it was, for it seemed what limited them for ages would broaden their wealth all along. Groups of pitmen dug away at the thick layers of granite, only to find large clusters of Mithril. These blue-tinted gems aided them in proving House Myrfeld’s importance to this day.

Time flew by, their crops growing, as did their noble family. Although it seemed fate was against them, when goddess Viela cast a ruthless plague upon their little realm. Their grains slowly withered, and so did the people of Myrfeld shortly thereafter. Miners, masons and nobility fought together against this seemingly unbeatable antagonist. It was only when their horses halted their gallop and fell to the plague that a dark cloud of depression was cast upon the citizenry. Pines of red and orange blossomed from the fertile soil, man-made forests of fire searing the landscape whilst bandits pillaged the nearby villages.

Alas, prestige and life of many luxuries ran short, pestilence and plague taking hold of the house with talons of despair. A mere few of the strongest survived, a small fraction of the founders blazing forwards into an unknown realm, hopes of regaining their initial strength driving them onwards.


Customs of Myrfeld

Plentiful riches and wealth sprawled throughout Myrfeld, such wealth being induced by the numerous citizens which dug for minerals within the mines. Found by a group of miners upon one fateful dawn, these materials would allow Myrfeld to thrive. The riches that Myrfeld had only supplemented its growth, contributing to the rapid erection of homes and infrastructure, such wealth and opulence enticing new visitors and residents.

Those which gained most from this wealth, however, would portray it in spectacle. The esteemed ladies of Myrfeld adorned their bodies and attire with jewels of a most precious variety. A lady would never be seen without countless diamonds or rubies twinkling over their frame. In stark contrast to the delicate gowns and jewelry of the ladies of Myrfeld, the most prized and elite soldiers would be plated with armour of almost impenetrable status; Mithril armour. Such a robust plate would contribute to countless successes within battle, only furthering the fame and growth acquired by Myrfeld.

Men and women of Myrfeld could be perceived as rather blunt and straightforward, their swords damaging to the skin as their words are to the soul. Riches have not influenced the manners of the Myrfeldi their but humble history laying the roots for their strikingly simple-minded demeanour.



Gathering resources however came with an enduring expense, the human skeletal system simply far from efficient in transporting these ponderous materials. Eadwulf of Myrfeld lingered in thought for many a week, meanwhile their means of production still decalerated and inept. Yet an elementary solution promptly struck his mind, one of more zoological kind. “Why not reach for aid within bearing such a demanding task,” the man wondered and pondered. And so it was decided, for not a day had passed as battering hooves orchestrated a loud rhythm of percussing within the valley. Stallions of gold and silver pulling carts filled with blue hue towards the Myrfeldi Castle.

It didn’t take long for the iron-clad men to master this magnificent mammal, the horse becoming the one and only ally of the Myrfeldi. Horse-riding quickly grew on the citizens, soldiers now not only equipped with weapons, but with transport of the highest velocity. Bandits fled in fear as rows of cavalry arose from the distant horizon, glimmering shimmers of Myrfeldi armour painting a rather intimidating panorama across the sky. Story tells of veteran hobelars clenching to their horse with nothing but their legs, in hand not one, but two weapons to slash down their inferior rivals.

Although the Myrfeldi could be perceived as nothing but elegant, their riding certainly was. Women retained balance as they gracefully trotted within the castle walls. Meticulously braided horse manes, and splendidly dressed nobility almost seemed to hover above the castle grounds for their horses seemed near silent.



Chant of Hooves

Horses would be veiled in ravish caparisons this day, much more ornate than ones that accompanied horse barding in tournaments and battles. These festival equestrian garbs were often embroidered with the Merfeld crest, the more elaborate the caparisons, the finest caparison reserved for the family’s patriarch. Even allies would be encouraged to dress their horses dawned in cloth displaying their respective crest. A day filled with brutal competitiveness yet ever so elegant riding, hooves masterfully resounding within the castle walls, creating a pounding chant for all to hear.

Casting of Coin

Perhaps the cornerstone of the Myrfeldi existence is celebrated on this day, ores of plenty finally shoveled into furnaces in large quantities. Clouds of stygian smoke erupt from countless smokeshafts at once this day, unions and families come together to celebrate their craft. The tavern fills to the brim and the barrels of beer are emptied to the bottom. A joyous day shrouded by plumes of smoke and thunderous singing as Myrfeldi celebrate the riches of labour.

Feast of Fortuity

Celebration is key on this day, women show off their jewelry and men show of their most treasured belongings. Gold, Silver and materials alike are sold on this day for staggering prices as nobility expand their evermore growing collection of jewelry. Myrfeldi wealth is immeasurable but comes at a price, therefore Yondo, artificer of destiny and fate is prayed to during this festival. May he promise them a fortuitous future and riches more to come.



Patriarch (Eadwulf of Myrfeld)

Head of the house, a respected lord that through fighting and judgement in commanding gained him the right of leading the house.

Advisor (Leofric of Myrfeld)

Gives advice on each decision that is made by or to be made by the Patriarch. At times he is also the second-in-command of the House when the Patriarch is unavailable. The advisor uses knowledge and experience to make clear-headed decisions.

Nobility (Kullahan of Myrfeld), (Reynald of Myrfeld), (Eadric of Myrfeld), (Beornfre of Myrfeld)

Nobles of the House, each individually supporting the Patriarch's decisions, enforcing and abiding by his unquestionable ruling.

Lady in Waiting (Saoirse of Nansing), (Iola o Ceallachain)

Ladies of the House that are under the Patriarch’s care, most probably due to their family being close to the family of Myrfeld.


Credits & References

For more information or if you are interested in joining the family contact the following:

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