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Nov 7, 2020
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Lugash Isilme
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Rejoice you astromancer of TYTH, you champion who suffers the crucible of WISDOM, you erudite,
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artisan, thinker, and knower! Rejoice, you painter who bears the torment of the brush, you philosopher who drowns beneath the crushing waves of speculation, you scholar flayed by the turning of the next page! ACADEMIA is here! Soothsayers and wisemen, occultists and theists, apprentice, masters, rise one and all to greet the oaken doors of the FREYIC ACADEMY OF ESOTERIC TEACHINGS, for F.A.E.T. demands it!

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s one final decree of the late Godfrey of Myrfeld, I - Lugash Isilme - was charged with the unlikely duty of heralding the construction and institutionalization of a great place of learning which would be no mere ‘Research Guild’ of yore but a full and proper school, host to lectures and evolution of thought not yet seen by the likes of Calendale, or any nation! Herein do I open her to the world, named in memoriam to that righteous and wise King of Men. This shall be a place where the mind is set loose, to gnaw itself raw in singular pursuit to the betterment of our world. Medicine, alchemy, metallurgy, politics, religion, arcana, all and more are available to you shouldst thou align your mind amongst our own! We require teachers, we require resources, we require much! But in the pursuit of KNOWLEDGE is there no further need for delay. Pledge yourself and your skills to the F.A.E.T. and you may advance not only yourself, but your fellow brethren -- blossoming with insight!

Next week, when the stars are brightest, look for our hallowed congregation in Ynslee and you
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will be welcomed amongst us for the opening ceremonies. There shall be dance, and song, and drink, and goodly merriment, and most critically of all -- there shall be ritual of the highest order. We shall call down TYTH from the heavens and entreat him to questions both banal and astute. Here will he touch upon our minds and treat us to his mysteries through grand exhibition of cosmic power! All that we ask is you bring an offering. Offer to this Lord a mote of your wealth, your passions, your creations. All that is made of you, touched by you in its shaping and identifying, made yours by the claiming and knowing -- all and more are righteous and goodly to the Master of Fortune, the Archscholar of All. TYTH does not favor the wealthy, he favors the impassioned! What is a symbol to that which you love, erudite? That is what he favors! Set your heart to spill, and like shall meet like.

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{1 EST at YNSLEE, Sunday June 27}



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