Herbs of the ol Hamlet


Jul 11, 2020
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Hamlet Herbs

Hamlet Herbs is an apothecary hidden within the walls of Rheynland, its name a testament in reminiscence of the Hamlet of Jorrick that once stood where this small herbalistic community now thrives.

Entering under the archway to the apothecary, one would see small farms on either side, leading to the doors of the shoppe. Upon entrance one would be greeted with the strong scent of Valoran incense, calming the clustered mind. Theological, botanical, and medicinal texts lay spread about, with plants and vines hanging from the alcove above. Potted herbs and flax tied bundles settled on shelves, creeping out from the nooks and crannies about the store, along with the odd dried bundle hung from their stems.


Hamlet Herbs maintains a focus on the study, handling, and distribution of herbs, with the exception of the odd burn, bruise, and rash treated within its doors.

Bundle orders may be requested through our apothecaries, and upon request delivered through Rheynland’s new postal service, although an additional fee may be charged.

Head Apothecary & Owner - Zinovia de Retford
Apothecary - Zuri Alkaline
Apothecary - Que Taitin

Big thanks to @honeybee for helping me edit / write the post & @Koodini for the images.

This shop is used purely for roleplay purposes, with the intention of generating more roleplay around the practice and use of the herbal items provided by the lore team's hard work so far. Therefore, if one wishes to purchase huge bundles of herbs at once, and we are already low on stock in order to provide for rp purposes, this request may be denied.

This may be quite confusing, but the term “Apothecary” is used not only to name the establishment and its intention, but the type of workers within it who practice the study, handling, and distribution of herbs.

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