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May 24, 2020
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Guilds of Rheynland

With the influx of guilds in the Kingdom of Rheynland, the Chamberlain has seen fit to organize such a system of tiers. The system is based on how each Guild fits into the Kingdom of Rheynland, their size, and their needs. It is a way to recognize the larger guilds for their hard work as well as allow the smaller guilds to have more to work for.​

Gold Tier
Costs: 5 Gold​
This is the highest possible tier for a guild to reach, with all the perks of the lower tiers and more. The Gold Tier allows for guilds to advertise within the Kingdom, have a building of operations, and a seat on the City Council. They may also petition for funding from the King should they need resources. Currently, the requirements for this are paying the five gold permit fee, having a large enough guild, and residing within the city for five or more years.​

Silver Tier
Costs: 2 Gold​
This is the second tier for a guild to reach, this includes all the perks of the lowest tier and more. The Silver Tier allows for guilds to advertise within the Kingdom and have a building of operations. They may also petition for funding from the King should they need resources. Currently, the requirements for this are paying the two gold permit fee and residing within the Kingdom for a year.​

Bronze Tier
Costs: None​
This is the lowest and introductory tier for a guild and has the basic perk of being able to advertise within the Kingdom for recruitment. Currently, there are no requirements for this tier for a guild and is the most basic tier a guild may have. The guild must register with the Head Steward or Chamberlain.​

Current Guilds
Oakleaf Rangers
Gold Tier
The Oakleaf Rangers are a guild with the goal of defending against monsters and bandit, that terrorize the people of Enarion. Many Rangers are taught highly advanced skills, such as tracking, concealment, and unseen movement. They have four different units that work together to ensure this goal is completed.​
Leaders: Tom Shadow & Scrap Vexen

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Artisans Guild
Gold Tier
This guild shall be a place where you can improve yourself and if you put in enough effort, you may perfect your craft. There are a multitude of jobs that require the acquisition of resources for the guild; so selling your resources to the guild will not only help you in the long run but also assist the guild itself!​
Wanting to put your skill on display and sell your loot? The guild's storage will comprise of many resources to help assist any eager artisan, however, selling your gear will mean that whatever you sell, a small portion of it must return to the guild treasury.​
Leaders: Altria Melromarc

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Adventurer’s Guild
Silver Tier
The Guild's main function is to repel the monstrous forces of Enarion, wherever they appear, through the use of bounty and quest boards. For those less combat savvy, the Guild also offers quests focused more on exploration and the gathering of rare materials. Want to do quests and fight monsters? All while being paid for it and having a steady progression system? Join the Adventurer's Guild!​
Leaders of Rheynland Branch: Meredith de Retford & Ed​
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Silver Tier
From the golden seas birthed the blessed hands purposed to amalgamate wood and iron, producing wondrous creations for the realm to see. Generations upon generations of the seafaring wiccans bred a unique type of man, one capable of seeing the world differently than those with ordinary eyes, one with unrivaled creativity dedicated to naval advancements. Such are the traits of the dewi as well, famously known for their development of machines that possess intricate mechanisms.​
Leaders of Rheynland Branch: Milo Mythrilpouch and Lidmann Cooke​
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Sanctuary of Scholars
Silver Tier
Holding both as an academy for education and institute for research, the Sanctuary of Scholars offers a place for those wishing to dig further into uncovering secrets and their answers. With the Fellowship of Scholars guild mainly residing within these halls, other citizens are welcomed whether with intentions of joining the institute's ranks or aiding these efforts in other manners.​
Leaders: Klaus Monroe​
Savory Sun Guild
Silver Tier
The Savory Sun Guild of Avengard supports, promotes, and celebrates the culinary arts within Rheynland’s borders. The Guild is a hub for chefs, bakers, farmers, and culinary educators, among other professions, committed to bringing Avengard’s people from all walks of life delicious food to eat.​
Members are primarily employees of either the bakery, tavern, or suppliers, though all enthusiasts of the culinary arts are welcomed to join. Connect with master chefs and bakers, and other innovative folk who wish to elevate the culinary arts and bring a variety of dishes to the denizens of Enarion.​
Leaders: Kalliope Rigael & Anatasyia​
The Post Office
Silver Tier
The Post Office allows and ensures an efficient method of short, medium and long distance communication across Rheynland and beyond. Offers several services like courier service, goods transportation, mass advertisement, issuing stamps, renting mail boxes and selling books and quills.​
Leaders: The Plow Brothers​
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