Jan 22, 2020
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"There is nothing impossible to him who will try."

From the golden seas birthed the blessed hands purposed to amalgamate wood and iron, producing wondrous creations for the realm to see. Generations upon generations of the seafaring wiccans bred a unique type of man, one capable of seeing the world differently than those with ordinary eyes, one with unrivaled creativity dedicated to naval advancements. Such are the traits of the dewi as well, famously known for their development of machines that possess intricate mechanisms. The Guild of the Iron Cog, informally known as the “Engineering Guild,” is the product of a friendship forged between dewi and man— Milo Mythrilpouch and Lidmann Cooke. The Guild was founded on 19th of the Season's Turn, 16 AC, and sought out to promote the engineering craft. Due to limited sponsorship and advertisement, the duo saw little to no success. However during the year 18 AC, the Guild was formally recognized and sponsored by King Richard I, and the incumbent guildmaster was granted the title "Habourmaster" of Calendale Landing.

The guild constructs naval vessels and siege weaponry, as well as miscellaneous devices.


Guildmaster - leader of the Guild and master of his craft. It is his duty to direct the Iron Cog engineers, and to execute the regulations respecting the use of the harbor. Only the guildmaster may handle commissions requested of the Guild.

Incumbents: Milo Mythrilpouch, Lidmann Cooke

Shipwright/Engineer - individually skilled craftsmen who are able to produce works of quality. He will often be called to work on commissions.

Apprentice - fledglings of the craft, yet to prove his credibility. He shall go under the wings of a master for a duration of two years— during which he must hone his skills before given a test. It is during this test he will submit his best work for judging and prove his worth.


The Guild will accept all and every commission sent its way, provided the shiny coins and that the request does not conflict with the interests of the Lord King. However individuals wishing to own a naval vessel must acknowledge that the capacity of the drydock only allows for a single ship to be constructed at any given time, which unfortunately results in extended wait times.

Below are the ships and weaponry available for commission, alongside a brief description and its respective pricing in silver coins.


Upon payment, the customer will be provided a signed document that will act as the proof of purchase. This document is to be returned to the Guild once the commission has been completed to redeem the ship. The loss of said document results in a failure to complete the commission, and the ship will be seized and no refund shall be given.

Small Cog - a single mast vessel with a single sail, roughly 15-20 meters in length

  • upfront cost of one thousand (1,000) pieces of silver coin.

Cog with mounted castles - a larger version of the small cog, with mounted forecastle and rearcastle. Roughly 25-30 meters
  • upfront cost of one thousand, six-hundred and sixty nine (1,669) pieces of silver coin.

Three-mast caravel - a highly maneuverable sailing ship with a triangular sail on each of its masts. Roughly 32-40 meters
  • upfront cost of two thousand, two hundred (2,200) pieces of silver coin.

Stallion-of-the-seas - three masts with a fore-and-aft rig on its mizzenmast, carrying six sails; and one square-rigged spritsail. Roughly 50 meters in length.
  • upfront cost of five thousand (5,000) pieces of silver coin, with additional costs for custom painting.


Carroballista - a cart mounted ballista, mobile and effective against personnel.
  • for two-hundred and fifty (250) pieces of silver coin.

Wildfire Launcher - a modified ballista able to launch custom wildfire rounds without accidents.
  • for exactly three-hundred (300) pieces of silver coin.

Mangonel - A catapult that utilizes torsion to launch rounded projectiles.
  • for exactly three-hundred (275) pieces of silver coin.

Heavy Catapult
  • for exactly four-hundred (400) pieces of silver coin.


Blaedswith ‘the Magnificent’
Snekkja by Lidmann C., 6AC
status: destroyed by kraken

Small merchant vessel by Milo M., 10AC
status: docked in Calendale Landing

The Oswaldine
Castled Cog by Osgar, 14AC
status: destroyed and sunk off western coast of Ynslee

Stallion-of-the-sea by Lidmann C.
status: under construction
Borgina ‘the Beaut’, mangonel
status: destroyed by Wyvern

Beomia, mangonel
status: destroyed by Wyvern

Borgina II ‘the Ugly’, mangonel
status: scrapped for parts

Bordan ‘the Commoner’, mangonel
status: stored in warehouse

Broga ‘the Terror’, heavy catapult
status: stolen by undead, later retrieved

4 carroballistae lost in battle


For aspiring or experienced engineers who are interested in joining the Guild, seek out Lidmann or Milo in Avengard, capital city of Rheynland.
((or contact Awhoo/Horton#4181 or cowmoonist/vic#8186))


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