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Jan 21, 2020
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Here on FantasyRP, there are a wide-array of complex systems put on to the server to maximise the player's overall utility and experience. Hence, here is a compendium of all of the accumulated guides.

The most important guide, here is the application guide.

A guide to help people apply to the server.

Server Guides
These are guides relating to most aspects of the server - from roleplay to applications.
A list of all user-commands present on the server for general use.

An in-depth explanation on the philosophy behind nations, and some key features behind them - mainly Imperium, Influence & Diplomacy.

Related to the various additional ways in which players may acquire items.

Plugin Guides
These are guides relating to the various assortment of plugins that are usable on the server

Related to the management of settlements, ranging from diplomacy management to player management of all within.

Related to the way characters are stored, maintained and switched.

Related to the skills that can be advanced and trained.

Related to general commands that assist in immersing players with certain actions.

Relating to the rename of items for aesthetic purposes along with auto-formatting.

Relating to the ability to trade with admin shops across the map that change their prices based on demand and supply.

Related to the way in which to team up for combat and other PVP related activities.
Related to the way in which players interact with ruins and points of interest.
Related to the way players team up en mass, and how it ties in to the status system.

Related to the various channels for chat (RP, OOC, etc).

Related to the automated systems in place for raids, wars and other combat related activities.

Related to way in which custom items may be repaired.

Related to the way in which people can be rewarded, as well as a store to spend the reward points gained.

Related to the way in which people can manage their friends across the entire network.
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