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May 24, 2020
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6th of the First Moon, 14 AC

At the pinnacle of society in the Kingdom of Rheynland is the government, without the government, the lands would not be able to function efficiently. The Kingdom of Rheynmark is ruled over by the Monarchy with the Lord King holding the highest authority. The monarchy is charged with the duty to rule, and to ensure the integrity and function of the Kingdom.
The king is surrounded by a Privy Council which acts as an advisory board in domestic, diplomatic and strategic affairs. The City of Avengard, the capital and crown jewel of the Kingdom, is governed by a City Council, composed of citizens led by an elected Mayor. The City Council is responsible for the stewardship and maintenance and daily needs of Rheynmark’s subjects. The members of the council are elected by vote of the common folk.

The Privy Council has been hand-picked by the Lord King to act as his most trusted advisors and counselors. Each member of the Privy Council is responsible to look after a variety of duties regarding domestic and foreign affairs. Most often the Privy Council oversees what is essential to ensuring the Lord King is able to be an efficient ruler.


The King’s most trusted advisor is the Chamberlain, who foremost oversees the treasury and domestic affairs of the Kingdom. The Chamberlain is tasked with overseeing and managing the Privy Council and City Council, ensuring that they are operating efficiently and taking care of their duties when the King is indisposed. The current Chamberlain is Saoirse de Retford [[Cepheid]].
Knight Paramount
The King’s personal guard force that is tasked with protecting the Lord King first and foremost. The Knight Paramount is in charge of this elite guard force, ensuring they are properly trained and doing their daily duties. The current Knight Paramount is Harald Ragnarsson [[BardMainHere]].
The Marshal is one who has proven their loyalty to the Kingdom and being adept when it comes to militaristic matters, capable of leading the Royal Army of Rheynland. The Marshal is charged with administering over the army and being consulted for matters regarding war, should there be a need for such. The current Marshal is Alberic Farnham [[arabiaa]].
Chief Emissary
With the constant turmoil outside of the lands of Rheynland, the King needs a steady hand to guide him to making strategic choices regarding foreign relations. The Chief Emissary is responsible for overseeing the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and acting as a consultant for all matters concerning diplomacy. The current Chief Emissary is Klaus Monroe [[andydreww]].
Chief Justiciar
It is the responsibility of the Chief Justiciar to ensure justice is carried out through the lands of Rheynland. The Chief Justiciar is tasked with making fair laws to govern over the subjects and presiding over trials to bring about swift justice to miscreants. The current Chief Justiciar is Altria Melromarc [[ArtoriaSensei]].

The City Council is composed of nominated and elected officials who work together under the Privy Council to handle the domestic affairs within the city. They overlook the day-to-day operations within the city of Avengard such as guilds, events, steward and the likes. The only officially elected position is the position of Mayor, the rest are nominations which the Privy Council and King choose from to take their positions. The Privy Council and Lord King reserve the right to veto anyone who is elected into their position if they see them as ill fitting for the job.


The position of Mayor is one that is elected by the people to serve as the head of the Avengard City Council for four years. The Mayor is responsible for holding and planning City Council meetings and administering over the City Council to ensure they are doing their work. The Mayor reports back to the Chamberlain for any immediate issues that need resolved from the Privy Council. Should the elected Mayor be deemed as ill-fitting for the position, the Privy Council will be able to veto the vote and pick from the second-place candidate.
Head Steward
All matters regarding stewardship and mercantilism are directed to the Head Steward. The Head Steward is responsible for appointing and dismissing stewards, managing taxes, and assisting the Chamberlain and Mayor with Guildhall needs. The Head Steward is nominated and then chosen by the Privy Council, they remain in their position for as long as seen fit. The current Head Steward is Flemius[[FlemishSupremacy]].
Head of Ceremonies
The Head of Ceremonies is responsible for hosting events within the city of Avengard or assisting those who wish to host various events within the city. Their job is to ensure a calendar is posted yearly or every two years to ensure the citizens are entertained and happy with the quality of life in Avengard. They are responsible for having people beneath them to assist with running the events. The Head of Ceremonies is nominated and then chosen by the Privy Council, they remain in their position for as long as seen fit.
The Temple of the Five Divines needs a leader of the clergy, that leader is the Archpriest. The Archpriest holds ceremonies in the Temple and is responsible for the administrative work of the clergy, inoculating individuals and bringing them into the Temple. The Archpriest is nominated and then chosen by the Privy Council, they remain in their position for as long as seen fit.
Guild Leaders
Guild Leaders are entitled to a seat on the City Council should their Guild reach that of a Gold Tier rank. Guild Leaders bring up grievances to the City Council that need to be addressed and have a right to attend City Council meetings. The leaders of the Guild are decided within the Guild itself, the only requirement is that they must be a citizen of Rheynland.


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